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Learn How to Win in Lucky 7 Card Game Online with 9 Powerful Ways to boost your Winnings by 98%! Earn up to ₹7,000 daily using our Lucky 7 Winning Strategy Guide.

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Gambling can be a very cool skill if used in the correct way and if you want to be known as a pro-gambler, then it is important that you begin with some of the easiest casino games out there at one of the most beginner-friendly online betting sites like W88. One such easy casino game to learn is the 7 up down game which has easy betting options you can learn in no time to help you win the game, we have 9 beginner-friendly strategies which you can apply on the Lucky 7 card game online!

Is there a Lucky 7 Winning Strategy to Win All Betting Rounds?

Before we introduce you to the 9 pro lucky 7 winning strategies, let us first address an important question which is can you really win all betting rounds using a lucky 7 winning strategy? Well, the answer really depends on how well you follow the game online. This means that you will have to first understand these pro-winning tips and then apply each one of them slowly to gradually win most of the betting rounds in the lucky 7 card game rooms online.


That being said, it is important to note that these 9 winning strategies are designed to help you win not all but most of the betting rounds, which means if implemented well, you will boost your winning rate higher than they were without these strategies. As you read more, you will learn how to select the proper playground to play the online casino game and also how to minimize loss and maximize profit whenever you decide to play the 7 up down game online.

9 Lucky 7 Winning Strategies to Turn the Game in Your Favor

Getting to the main and most beneficial part of the article, let us now introduce you to the 9 lucky 7 winning strategies which would boost your casino wallet in no time. For a better understanding, we have broken down these 9 strategies into 3 main points to keep in mind as guidelines to win most of the betting rounds in the lucky 7 game online.

1. Setting Up Your Lucky 7 Game Plan

The first and most important tip when playing any casino game is to have a good game plan beforehand, and this does not only mean placing bets the correct way. It means that you need to have the proper tools to play the online casino game in the most efficient way. To do so, let us looks at the first 3 strategies on our how to win in lucky 7 card game strategy list.

#1 Select a good online casino to play the lucky 7 game

First, on the list, we have the most basic thing you must do and that is to select a good online casino site which gives you not only many bonuses but also the most secure way to place bets online. Here, we have 3 criteria that the online casino site you select must fulfil to be deemed a good one.

  1. Legal to Use: The first thing that you must look for when selecting a good online betting site is its legality. This means that you will have to look for legal documents like the online casino’s licence which you can find at the bottom of the online casino homepage. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the licence providers are legit too to save yourself and your money from any fraudulent activities. this is why we recommend using an online betting site like w88 since it is an online casino which is completely legal to use in India because of its license by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.
  2. Safe and Secure Transactions: The next thing that you should look into is whether the online casino site you pick is safe and secure to make online transactions. This is important because you do not want to lose the money you deposit to any fraudulent online betting site as it can cause major damage to your wallet. Not only this but the online betting site should ensure that it protects your data from any third-party website. You can make sure that your online betting site is safe to use by clicking on the lock icon and checking the SSL certificate which states that the connection is secure.
  3. Easy-to-Navigate: Last but not least, when learning how to play lucky 7 card game, you should pick a site which is easy to navigate and not at all confusing. Although this sounds something unnecessary there have been many instances of people losing their money because of the difficult user interfaces some online betting site offers which makes them click on the wrong options or settings. Thus, an easy-to-use site would be beneficial to you in many ways where you can focus on finding your online game rooms easily without navigating in the wrong direction.


#2 Pick a game room with a low minimum betting rate

The next How to Win in Lucky 7 Card Game Strategy on our list is to find a good and beneficial game room in the online betting site you have selected to play the Lucky 7 game online. This means that although you have found the most perfect online betting site, you must take time to pick a game room which appeals to your gaming style in many ways.

  • Just like certain criteria that your online betting site should fulfil, the online game room you pick also has important criteria that it must fulfil to help you as a beginner, and that is to offer low minimum betting rates.
  • Having low minimum betting rates could be beneficial to you as a beginner in many ways as it will help you save money and play more betting rounds in the 7 Up Down game online.
  • Using an online game room with a low minimum betting rate would help you practice the below betting strategies well to help you maximize profit in many ways to boost your online casino wallet.

#3 Apply for welcome bonus offers in your game room

Speaking of your online casino wallet we come to our third How to Win in Lucky 7 Card Game strategy and that is to apply for the bonus offers in your game room. This is something which will again help you carry out your game plan well as you will have a loaded online casino wallet in the betting site you pick.

  • One difference between pro gamblers and regular players is that pro gamblers are very responsible with how they place bets online, something you will learn more about further down the article. And so, they make sure to spend as little as they can from their own pockets.
  • This means that they make use of the money they win in online casinos to maximize profit to the point where they win more as well as save more in any way they can, and one way of doing so is by applying to the bonus offers their online casino website offers.
  • This is another reason why we recommend W88 as your go-to online casino betting site because it is not only a legal casino site with one of the most amazing lucky 7 game rooms but also offers a W88 promotion welcome bonus of up to ₹12,000 which you can claim with ease upon making the minimum deposit of ₹500 only and by completing the easy rollover requirements to win more money!


2. Placing Bets Accurately on 7 up, 7 Down, or Lucky 7

Now, we come to the 2nd section of how to win in lucky 7 card game online and that is to place your bets in the most accurate way to increase your winning rate easily. Just like the strategies you use to set your game plan to play the lucky 7 games, here too you will be introduced to the next 3 strategies which will help you place your bets to win more 7 Up Down game rounds.

#4 Observe the game before placing your bets

When you join the W88 Online Casino Lucky 7 game room, the thrill of the game probably gets to you first which makes you eager to place your bets on the betting options, however, this is something you should avoid doing as soon as you enter the game room. Instead, you must skip some betting rounds, be patient, and just observe the game – something which helps pro players win most rounds, no matter what casino game they are playing.

  • It is mentioned above that the Lucky 7 gameplay, which is placing bets on 7 up or 7 down is very easy as the betting options are easy to place bets on. However, what is even easier is predicting which betting option will win in the next round.
  • To do this, you should learn the art of observing the gameplay thoroughly, which means that you should skip some betting rounds and look at the gameplay to see which betting option wins most of the time.
  • This will definitely help you place accurate bets as you can even place bets on the betting option you think will win the next round. You can also do so by keeping track of all the cards that have been used as it will be easier to predict whether the next card would be a high number or a low number.

#5 Analyze the previous winning bets of the game room

When observing the game, it is important that you be vigilant of which bets win and which ones lose from the moment you join the game room. But what about the time when you did not join the game room? Well, for this you must look at the previous winning bets of the game room which will be available on your screen in any of the corners.

  • In order to do this, you should pick a game room which offers this option in the most easy-to-understand way possible. This way, you can analyze which of the betting options, both side and main, previously won more rounds than the others.
  • Besides this, using the data or statistics of the previous winning bets could help you align your observations and get even more accurate results to place bets in the Lucky 7 game room online.
  • Lastly, if you do not wish to spend time observing the game, then you can enjoy the risky thrills of gambling by just looking at the data of the previous winning bets and directly start betting from the moment you join the game room.


#6 Make use of the Lucky 7 side bets wisely

The last of our How to Win in Lucky 7 Card Game Tricks in this section is to make proper use of the available side betting options in the game room to increase the amount of payout you receive or simply to use it as a backup bet you place in case you do not win the main bets.

  • However, to use the side bets as a backup bet, it is important that you include observing which side betting option is winning more rounds as well when you observe the game before placing bets.
  • Just like the main betting options, the side betting options in the lucky 7 game rooms are easy to place bets on as you have to predict whether the next card drawn will be red or black in colour or whether the number would be an odd or even number.
  • Thus, sometimes placing bets on only the side betting options is a much better option as it is easier to predict based on your observations of the cards that have been previously drawn.

3. Making use of Betting Limits and Strategies to Maximize Profit

In the last section of our How to Win in Lucky 7 Card Game Strategy guide, we will help you understand how you can save the money you came to play with as well as double up your payouts efficiently without losing too much money. And to do this, the next 3 Lucky 7 Winning Strategies are betting systems that pro players use to save as much as they can while winning even more.

#7 Use the D’Alembert Strategy to Place your Bets

Although there are many betting strategies which appeal to most pro players, the Martingale Betting Strategy remains at the top which is also something used by many investors to invest money. This strategy helps you get back the money you lose in the previous betting rounds by doubling up your bets based on your wins and losses. However, since the Martingale Strategies is used by high-rollers, you will use the D’Alembert Betting System, which is equally rewarding and similar to the Martingale strategy.

  • There are slight differences between the Martingale and D’Alembert Betting Systems and one of the most important difference is that the D’Alembert System is less risky and thus, beginner friendly.
  • Using the D’Alembert System, when you experience a loss, you must increase your betting stake by one unit so that when you win, you can get back the money you lost in the previous round. However, when you win the round, you should decrease the betting stake by one unit.
  • This way, you can start by using the minimum betting rate as your betting stake and maintain it as your initial betting stake to not only save more money but also win more back.


#8 Set a Winning Goal with the Labouchere System

Betting systems can sometimes suck the thrill out of online gambling and so here is the next Lucky 7 winning strategy which will help make placing bets online more fun and entertaining as well as help you gamble in a responsible way by setting a limit, and you can do so by using the Labouchere betting system. This system works best when you register an account at an online betting site like W88, so make an account in the W88 Register today and apply this strategy to win.

  • To use the Labouchere System, you must first decide on how much you want to win within certain betting rounds. Once you have decided that, you must divide the amount you want to win into smaller units which equals the number of betting rounds you want to play.
  • Once done, you must take the first and last unit in the sequence, add them up and use it as the betting stake. When you win, you can cancel out the used numbers and move on to the next first and last digits in the sequence.
  • This way, you can maintain a certain number of betting rounds you wish to play and through observations, you can place accurate bets using all the numbers in the sequence. Once the numbers are over, you can stop playing for the day and come back again as a method to gamble responsibly.

#9 Observe and Win More using the Andrucci Strategy

Since observation is something that is emphasized in most of the lucky 7 winning strategies, let us now introduce you to our final How to Win in Lucky 7 Card Game strategy to place accurate bets and win real money which relies heavily on observations, and this is the Andrucci Strategy, which is usually used in Roulette games.

  • Although this strategy can help you win more money, it works as a form of investment and is thus risky, as it requires you to place bets a couple of times as a part of your observations.
  • This betting strategy requires you to place bets on a certain number of betting rounds and observe the number of times you win as well as the betting options that win. Additionally, you also have to observe how long did it take for you to win consecutively.
  • Based on this data, you could go ahead and place even more accurate bets to win online. Another thing you could do is look at the previous winning bets and see how long did it take for one betting option to win and then only place bets after the observed interval of time.


In Conclusion

So, this was all about how to win in lucky 7 card game online by placing bets accurately and winning wholesome payouts. Do this and get a chance to boost your winning by 98%. Use online casinos like W88 which help you boost your winnings even more and expand the load in your casino wallet by offering extravagant cash back welcome bonus offers like the W88 promotion of ₹12,000 you can claim on your first deposit. With this, we wish you all the luck you need to kickstart your lucky 7 gambling winnings online!