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Learn 12 Roulette Tips and Tricks to Win ₹3,000 on each online casino spin at W88 India. Use these best Roulette strategies to increase your real money win now.

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Whether they are novices or experts, most gamblers like playing the online roulette casino game. This is due to the fact that the game may quickly turn novice players into experts! However, this is only achievable if you play roulette online and adhere to some of the top online roulette-winning strategies. Now grab a seat as we walk you through the top 12 online casino roulette strategies, all of which may help you win every time you play at W88 India, one of the greatest Asian online gambling sites.

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1. To Increase Your Winnings, Choose the Correct Roulette Variation

The first of the twelve casino roulette tips and tricks to win is the most fundamental and is something you should always keep in mind. It is choosing the right roulette variation, which will increase your winnings and make the other eleven tips and tricks to win more manageable. Since roulette is one of the most well-known traditional casino games, you can find it at practically any offline and online casino.

  • As a result, numerous roulette varieties have been produced over the years using this winning strategy, but only a select few can ensure greater wins. The American and European roulette variations are the most well-known and ought to be utilized as winning strategies when playing roulette.
  • American Roulette: The table has 38 number spaces since you can wager on the number 0 and the number 00 in addition to the other numbers 1 through 36.
    European Roulette: This roulette table has 37 primary betting options/numbers overall because there is only one zero, which makes it a potential roulette win method to exploit.
  • You should always choose the European Roulette table out of the two because it contains fewer numbers and a marginally higher chance of winning the online roulette game.

2. Place Little Bets to Begin in Roulette Game Rooms

It’s crucial to choose a reliable online betting site that will enable you to play roulette online effortlessly when choosing your preferred online table variety. One such online bookmaker is W88 online casino, where you can find numerous roulette playing rooms that will enable you to easily execute the following roulette winning strategies.

  • Joining W88 will enable you to access online game rooms with the lowest minimum betting amounts for roulette tables, which is crucial for playing more online roulette rounds.
  • To play and win more roulette betting rounds, you can take advantage of the minimal betting rate offered by your online roulette gaming rooms. You may also employ combination bets to increase your chances of winning.
  • As a beginner, you should also exercise prudence while placing bets by starting with the lowest minimum betting amount. This will help you avoid losing more money in the event that you lose any betting rounds. This is one way to win at roulette consistently.


3. Recognize All Roulette Bet Types and Patterns

When learning how to play roulette online, everyone does this very basic method, which is one of the greatest ways to win roulette every spin roulette win trick you should look into. Understanding every roulette betting option is the key to this strategy. But when you know the betting patterns and the available bets, this turns into a profitable roulette strategy.

  • As you can see, the numbers on the roulette table are arranged in a variety of patterns that can be used as winning roulette strategies.
  • By arranging single or combination bets in a way that covers the majority of the roulette table’s numbers, one might build these patterns.
  • Knowing these pre-made roulette betting patterns will increase your chances of winning because you will bet on the majority of the numbers on the table.

4. Increase Your Outside Bet Bets Bets

In keeping with the last tip for winning at roulette, the best approach to learning about roulette patterns and wagering on the majority of the numbers on the roulette table is to use the roulette outside bets, which have the potential to boost your winning rate more than individual main bets. This roulette strategy for winning every time is really beneficial.

  • The variety of betting possibilities in roulette makes it an enjoyable game to play, but the outside betting option, which covers the majority of the numbers on the tables, makes winning more likely.
  • Because you can wager on the majority of the numbers on the table with a single wager—for example, if you place one of the dozen bets, you can cover up to twelve numbers in a single round—betting on the outside bets will therefore increase your chances of winning.
  • When learning how to win roulette every spin online, you must bear in mind that making outside bets should be done in combos if you want to strengthen your enhanced winning rate.


5. Bet Frequently on the Hot Roulette Numbers

In many ways, playing roulette online with outside bets is more advantageous than playing it inside. However, if you have played online without placing bets on the individual numbers, have you truly relished the excitement of the game? As a result, you must wager on the best numbers in roulette as well. However, because winning is the main objective, try these next tips for winning at roulette!

  • It’s crucial to aim for the hot numbers on the roulette table when placing bets because it’s risky to wager on specific numbers on the roulette wheel.
  • The numbers 7, 17, 23, and 24 are the four most popular ones on the roulette table since that’s where the ball usually stops when the wheel is spun.
  • You can be sure to win if you place individual bets on these four numbers, but you should absolutely aim to place bets in patterns that cover the majority of the greatest roulette numbers.

6. Occasionally, try placing combination bets on roulette

As previously mentioned in a how to win roulette online tip, You can raise your betting rate by covering the majority of the numbers on the roulette table using combination bets, which is one technique to reach the goal of covering the majority of the numbers on the roulette table. You can win the majority of the roulette games you play with the help of this how to win roulette every spin method.

  • For example, if you place three bets on all twelve bets, you will, depending on your roulette type, cover all the numbers on the table except 0 and 00, thus you are sure to win at least one of them.
  • But, as was already noted, it is more advantageous to place combination bets that cover the majority of the hot roulette numbers. For example, the second dozen bet includes the numbers 17, 23, and 24.
  • It is crucial to remember that you will only win one combination bet, thus you should only place one in moderation. The betting option from the combination bet that you believe will win should have a somewhat bigger betting amount. This is a useful roulette winning strategy.


7. Play Roulette Rounds, But Also Pay Attention to Them

We’ve talked about hot roulette numbers and some of the best combination bets you can place online. These are the results of careful observations made by specialists who have played the game online. Therefore, it is best to watch the roulette game before you start putting bets in order to develop your own strategy.

  • You may make more accurate bets in the online game room by keeping track of the successful side bets and often occurring numbers by watching the roulette games. Watching the games online is not only entertaining but also incredibly beneficial.
  • Having said that, you should be on the lookout for any dishonest or fraudulent behavior on the part of your online live dealer when you watch roulette rounds. This can prevent you from falling victim to online scams, and to do so, search for safe online casino game rooms, such as those offered by W88.
  • Last but not least, you should watch the game periodically rather than just before you start betting. That is to say, sometimes it’s better to just relax and watch the action while you store up some cash for more precise betting rounds.

8. Establish a Betting Limit for Yourself to Prevent Careless Spending

Setting personal betting limits can help you make the most of the money you use to play roulette, which brings us to our second and most crucial tip for winning at roulette: use it wisely. Professional roulette players use this tactic to keep control of the game when playing in well-known online roulette strategies.

  • Though it does necessitate self-control over when and how you gamble online, setting a betting limit can benefit you in more ways than you may imagine.
  • Although playing roulette is entertaining, the fast-paced and highly addictive nature of the game makes it susceptible to addiction. When you use the previously provided advice to discover how to win roulette every spin online, this becomes much more evident.
  • As a result, placing daily betting limitations would guarantee that you play for a predetermined period of time each day, or ideally, once a week. By doing this, you would be able to manage your money better and increase the amount of real money you earn from online roulette games.


9. Try using betting strategies for roulette, such as the Martingale Strategy

Winning more with the betting stake you pick is crucial, even though we’ve already explained that utilizing the lowest minimum betting rate in your online casino gaming room can help you play more betting rounds. Although nowadays they appeal to many online casino games, the easiest way to achieve this is to use some of the top roulette strategies designed exclusively for the majority of roulette games.

  • The Martingale betting system, a progressive betting system that lets you raise your bet based on your wins and losses, is one such ready-made system.
  • In order to recover the money you lost in the earlier betting rounds when you win, you must double your online betting stake if you lose a betting round.
  • Although you can also utilize this strategy backward, increasing your wager each time you win, the original method is more advantageous. Since this betting strategy was primarily designed for high rollers, novices should exercise caution when utilizing it.

10. Use the D’Alembert Technique to Preserve Equilibrium

The martingale betting system is one of the best ways to win at roulette, so yes, you should use it. However, as a beginner, you should use it carefully because the doubling-up and increasing betting stakes are meant for high rollers. If you’d prefer to try a less risky, and therefore beginner-friendly, alternative betting system, you should think about the D’Alembert betting system.

  • The D’Alembert system is comparable to the martingale betting system in that both require you to raise your wager each time you lose; however, you should only increase your wager by one unit, not by double.
  • As a result, you can recover your losses when you win, so you have to reduce your wager by one unit once more.
  • You will undoubtedly go home with more money in your pockets if you continue doing this until your daily roulette betting limit is reached. You can also attempt this betting strategy in reverse, increasing your wager when you win and decreasing it when you lose.


11. For Accuracy, Use the Andrucci Betting System

Applying the Andrucci Betting strategy to your online roulette activity is one way to achieve this, even though it’s stressed in most strategies for winning at roulette that you should watch the game before making any bets. However, you should only utilize this betting strategy when you have the time and resources necessary to play the online casino game.

  • We have already covered how to place bets on the hot numbers in one of our roulette tips and tricks to win. Still, there’s a chance that each new roulette game room may have unique hot numbers.
  • Thus, in order to use the Andrucci Betting System, you must watch roughly 36 to 37 roulette rounds and record all of the winning numbers for each round. You should identify the numbers that come up most frequently among the 36 or 37 total and start placing bets exclusively on those numbers.
  • When placing bets, you can also use the D’Alembert or Martingale betting systems. By putting bets on the most recurrent numbers you have gathered, you may ensure that even if you lose some betting rounds, you will win the money you lost.

12. Examine Free Online Roulette Forums to Get Practice

This brings us to the final tip in our article on casino roulette tricks to win: practice all of the winning strategies listed above. As they say, practice makes perfect, so if you want to become a pro player, you need to place bets in an online game room run by W88 in order to put these casino roulette tricks to win easily into practice.

  • Having said that, as you are still learning, it is OK for you to lose a few betting rounds when practicing roulette.
  • However, it is advisable to exercise caution and play and practice the games with the lowest betting rates accessible. To help you balance your winnings and losses, you can utilize this in addition to any of the other betting strategies.
  • On the other hand, you can participate in a number of online roulette forums where you can play free online roulette games and converse with other experienced gamers before you play.



This article focused on online roulette tips and tricks for increasing spin totals. With the help of these online casino roulette tips, you may win money online quickly and learn how to make precise wagers that will ensure healthy winnings that you can withdraw every day. Joining a reputable online betting site like W88, which gives you access to the greatest roulette gaming rooms online along with a welcome bonus of up to ₹12,000 to spend on online casino games, is another way to increase your winning percentage.

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