How to play W88 Roulette – Online live casino game in India

W88 Roulette is a classic casino game. You would surely understand this game—even if you are just a beginner—if you learn the steps & rules of this game at W88!

Know how to play roulette in casino, especially roulette online live games in India by reading this post!

3 steps on how to play W88 Roulette

Beginner or not or just a gamer who wants to play W88 Live Casino: Roulette? Don’t worry, the W88indi team is here to help you! Simply follow the steps below for a happy gaming and successful learning about this game!

Roulette Online Game Roulette Online Live Roulette Online India

Step 1: Go to W88 to Play Roulette

How to play W88 Roulette - Online live casino game in India

Looking for the correct roulette how to play? Easy! To successfully play W88 Roulette, you must go to the W88 website by typing in first. Then, head straight to the Live Casino tab for the best roulette online live game in India!

Step 2: How to Play Roulette in Casino via W88 Club Gold

How to play W88 Roulette - For beginner from A to Z

W88 offers roulette online live. And not just that, it directs gaming roulette online India! Meaning, you—Indian or whatever race you are in—can access one and more roulette online game or games here!

W88 has a variety of gaming clubs. But if you are opting for a roulette online live, you must click W88 Club Gold to play W88 Roulette. Selecting that would lead you to a W88 Roulette online game that is officiated by live casino dealers.

Step 3: Bet on W88 Roulette

How to play W88 Roulette - For beginner from A to Z

Follow the two roulette how to play steps and you must proceed here in this W88 Roulette online live! Now that you are on the W88 Roulette dashboard, put your waging money on the table and start betting already! Roulette online India has never been this fun, so go and play W88 Roulette now!

General rules of W88 Roulette

Now that you know how to access W88 Roulette, maybe you are wondering how to play roulette in casino? W88 India got your back though! We are here to tell you how to play roulette online game via W88 Live Casino, so stay tuned!

W88 Roulette: American or European?

How to play W88 Roulette - Online live casino game in India

In learning roulette how to play, it is important to know the kind of roulette online game you are about to play. Because do you know roulette has two variants? If not, you should read this to be informed! This is a good tip for you if you want to win loads of money in roulette online live.

European Roulette is better than the American Roulette. Roulette professional gamers know this already. But since this article is for beginners, W88indi would tell it again for you. Yay!

W88 Roulette is using a European variant. Meaning, it has 37 slot numbers of 0 to 36. Its house edge of 2.63 is much bigger than the American’s 5.26 house edge. Thus, this means W88 Roulette gives away a better payout more than any roulette online live on the Internet.

How to play W88 Roulette - Online live casino game in India

That is true: European Roulette, like the one used in W88, have higher chances of winning. Since it has fewer numbers, unlike the 37-American Roulette, players can win a jackpot easier and faster here! So if you are looking for a roulette online game with greater jackpots and checkouts, W88 Roulette it must be!

W88 Roulette Layout Parts

Aside from the roulette itself, every W88 Roulette game has a table layout that contains outside and inside boxes where players can make their deal. This part is important in roulette how to play, so take note of this!

How to play W88 Roulette - For beginner from A to Z

The boxes that contain the three rows by 12 vertical columns are called the Inside boxes. It also includes the 0 (and/or 00) on the left side of the numbers. *It is boxed as red in the photo.

The outer boxes, on the other hand, refers to the columns and rows about the red or black colors, odd or even numbers, and other group numbers. *It is boxed as orange in the photo reference.

Aside from the variant of your roulette online game, it is also important to know the table parts when learning how to play roulette. By familiarizing yourself with these kinds of elements, roulette online live gaming would be so easy for you already.

Easy Roulette Betting

Now that you know the inside and outside boxes, you probably should know the Roulette betting. All bets inside the numbers are called internal betting, while bets on the outer boxes are known as outside bets.

How to play W88 Roulette - For beginner from A to Z

Every roulette how to play differs. W88 players have a free choice on how they would want to bet on the W88 Roulette. Players can straightly bet on the numbers inside. But, players can also bet about the colors, odd/even type, and group of numbers on the outside.

To know more about how to play roulette in casino, here is a table of W88 roulette bets and their payouts.

W88 Roulette Betting Payout
Red/Black bets 1:1
Odd/Even bets 1:1
High/Low bets 1:1
Dozen Bets 2:1
Column Bets 2:1

As you can see, bet options 1, 2, and 3 have the highest chances of winning. And yes, W88 India gives away a payout rate of 1:1, so it is definitely a winning roulette online game!

How to Play Roulette Via W88

The initial step that you must do in playing W88 Roulette is placing a bet. As mentioned above, feel free to bet inside or outside. And once the dealer said, “No More Bets” already, you are not allowed to wager anymore.

How to play W88 Roulette - Online live casino game in India

After the 40-seconds of waiting time for the betting placement, the roulette would then spin already. Then, the lucky number where the small, white ball would fall shall be the winner of that round.

See, how to play roulette via W88 is just easy to understand, right!

How to Play Roulette and Winning W88 Roulette Moves

You could win W88 Roulette in many ways. You could win with a single number from inside bets, red or black color or odd or even from the outside bets.

To understand the W88 roulette online live more, here is an example of how to play roulette in casino W88.

How to play W88 Roulette - For beginner from A to Z

So for example: The W88 Roulette number fell to 29.

Players who bet the number 29 would win automatically—that is for sure. But! Players who also bet on black could win since number 29 is on the color black.

Players who also bet odd numbers could win since 29 belong to this group of numbers. Players who also bet 25-36 range could win since 29 is part of that dozen-bet group.

So see, here at W88 roulette online India, there are so many ways and possibilities of winning. This is indeed, one of the best roulette online live ever!

Spin Your Luck with W88 Roulette Online India

W88 roulette is the roulette online game for you if you are looking for fun, but at the same time, big payouts. Indeed, W88 Roulette is fun because of its high chances of winning! Plus, the easy play and easy money. This classic game would totally feed your strategic planning brainpower. Thus, fill in your bank account!

So what are you waiting for? W88 register, learn how to play roulette in casino, and play now!

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