How to play W88 Roulette Online real money – Beginner guide

Roulette online is classic casino game. Know various bets, fundamental rules & bonuses. Learn how to play W88 Roulette Online for real money with live dealers!

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Roulette game is also known as the spin of one of the most famous betting casino games worldwide. You must own a technique to confidently succeed in it. In this article, W88indi will convey to you how to play W88 roulette online for real money at a live casino along with the basic information, rules, payouts, and bonuses. Keep reading!

Introduction to Roulette online


  • Roulette game is a setup of gambling with saving. You can play this game at any online betting casino site worldwide. Specifically, you can play Roulette efficiently at W88 India, originating from the Philippines.
  • Roulette is a game of chance based on bet forecast and spins to specify winning and losing.
  • There are multiple choices in every table for punters to believe in financing and essentially, they are deemed relatively effortless to play.
  • Based on where the ball landed, it would stay in any box on the spin to see the winner that has built excitement and wonder.

3 Steps on how to play W88 Roulette online

Beginner or not or just a gamer who wants to play W88 Roulette with a live dealer? Don’t worry, the W88indi team is here to help you! Simply follow the steps below for a happy gaming and successful learning about this game!

Step 1: Go to W88, login into your account & click live casino

Looking for the correct roulette on how to play? Easy! To successfully play W88 Roulette, you must go to the W88 website via your desktop or mobile browser.


  • Once on the homepage, login into your account if existing player, if not follow the W88 Register account process with 3 steps instructions and sign up in 5 minutes. For that click the right corner button displayed in Red “Join
  • After logging in or accomplishing the registration process, head directly to the Live Casino tab on the menu bar of the homepage of W88 for the best W88 roulette online live delaer game in India!

Step 2: Select Roulette and click the preferred table

W88 offers roulette online with a live dealer casino and not just that, it directs gaming roulette online in India! That suggests, that being an Indian or whatever ethnicity you are in you can easily access one and more roulette online games here at W88!


  • W88 has a variety of gaming clubs. But if you are opting for roulette online live, you must click on “Roulette” once you clicked the live casino tab from the menu bar.
  • You just need to scroll down a little then you will see the sub-menu bar of live casino and then you will see various live dealer casino games categories – Baccarat, Roulette, Andar Bahar Etc
  • After you click the roulette category, you will find the various Roulette table list. Select the 1st table – Roulette and click on the button “Play Now“.


  • Once you clicked the play now button, you will be redirected to the Club Evolution launcher to a new tab or window. Selecting that would lead you to a W88 Roulette online game that is officiated by live casino dealers.
  • Find the proper and available game table with a minimum bet amount of ₹50 then click “Play” to enter into the W88 roulette online game.

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Step 3: Bet on W88 Roulette with a min ₹50

Follow the two roulette how to play steps and you must proceed here in this W88 Roulette online live! Now that you are on the W88 Roulette dashboard, put your waging money on the table and start betting already! Roulette online in India has never been this fun, so go and play W88 Roulette now!


  • Within the 20 seconds duration limitation, confirm your bet on the board.
  • Once you placed your wagers, the roulette wheel would be spun by a live dealer.
  • The ball will stop and land on any one of the random numbers.
  • If you assumed the proper number or stake then you would win, and the funds will be accumulated in your casino wallet.

General rules of W88 Roulette online casino game

Now that you learn how to play W88 Roulette online via a live casino, so perhaps you are wondering about the general rules to playing W88 roulette online with a live dealer. We’ll walk through the rules in significant depth so you comprehend the basics before you initiate your gameplay.


4 Fundamentals of Roulette online casino game for newcomers

  1. Wheel – A roulette wheel that rotates continually and acquires the ball as it drops from the rear trail.
  2. Betting Time – Participants get 20 seconds to determine & put stakes on the available chances.
  3. Objective – Predict the accurate number or wager on the number where you think the ball will land.
  4. Winner – Wagerers who guessed it exactly receive the respective payout for the stakes set

Online Roulette casino game betting options

Apart from betting on a single number of options, roulette bets are split into 2 classifications: Inside bets & Outside bets. Below are the odds for the European roulette version of each type.


#1. Inside Bets

Inside bets offer the most satisfactory roulette online winning odds and the most incredible prizes since the betting chip is positioned on the inside of the table’s betting spot (max payout = 35:1). The odds and bonuses of regular inside bets are displayed in the below table:

Sr No

Bet TypeDescriptionOdds


1StraightBet on a Single number35:12.7%
2SplitBet on 2 adjacent numbers17:15.4%
3Street3 consecutive numbers11:18.1%
4CornerThe intersection of 4 numbers.8:110.8%
5LineBet on 2 adjacent rows5:115.8%
6TrioBet includes 0 & 2 adjacent numbers11:1
7BasketBet on first 4 numbers – 0,1,2,36:1

#2. Outside Bets

Outside bets are set outside the edge of the betting place, which offers the most profitable winning odds but more secondary money – 1:1 or 2:1. The odds and prizes of regular outside bets are indicated in the below table:

Sr NoBet TypeDescriptionOdds


1Odds / EvenThe number is odd or even1:148.65%
2Red / BlackThe number is red or black.1:148.65%
3High /  LowHigh (1 to 18) or Low(19 to 36)1:148.65%
4Columns1st, 2nd, or 3rd column2:132.4%
5DozensFirst 12, Second 12, or Third 122:132.4%

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Real Money W88 Roulette online Betting with a live dealer

Now that you know the inside and outside boxes, you probably should know the Roulette betting. All bets inside the numbers are called internal betting, while bets on the outer boxes are known as outside bets. Let’s move to the real money betting on W88 roulette online with a live dealer below:

Round 1: Place bets

The initial step that you must do in playing W88 Roulette is placing a bet. As mentioned in the image, feel free to bet inside or outside. Once the dealer said, “No More Bets”, you are not allowed to wager anymore.


  • Be ready to place your 1st stake once you’ve entered the game. You must choose the chip size you wish to wager with.
  • After the 20-seconds of waiting time for the betting placement, the roulette would then spin already.
  • After that, put your bet by clicking on the table structure. For example, here a player has placed a wager on the Even bet option.

Round 2: Dealer drops the ball

After an assigned timer of 20 seconds, the bets are locked & set bets will be confirmed automatically.


  • The ball is fallen into the roulette wheel by the live dealer.
  • The white ball would stop in a place when the reel comes to a standstill.
  • Here, as you can see in the snapshot, the ball is stopped at 18.

Round 3: The winner will be paid

If your hit is right, the live dealer is willing to provide you with your winnings.


  • In this instance, a player placed a bet on Even & the resulting number is 18 which is an even number.
  • A player wins ₹100 and the amount is credited into the W88 casino wallet.
  • Your winning piece is confined based on the kind of bet you made and the amount of your stake.


W88 roulette is the roulette online game for you if you are looking for fun, but at the same time, big payouts. Indeed, W88 Roulette is fun because of its high chances of winning! Plus, the easy play and easy money. This classic game would feed your strategic planning brainpower. Thus, fill in your bank account!

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