W88 Promotion Code: Get ₹250 Free bonus & 150% up to ₹15,000

3 W88 Promotions for new members: ₹250 Free credit, 150% bonus up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook & ₹12,000 on live casino. Join W88, make 1st deposit & win real money!

W88 Bonus ₹12,000  W88 Free Bonus ₹250  W88 Bonus ₹15,000

W88 is one of the best and more preferred online betting sites on the internet that Indian players can use to wager on top sports, live casino, slots and other betting products on the internet. This is something cool because for almost all the top products this all-rounder site offers, you can get a W88 promotion offer on new member account in the register. Let us look at what are the top W88 freebet code offer and also the 2 hot W88 bonus deals for new members.

Secure your W88 account and get ₹250 W88 free credit!


Firstly, let us look into one of the W88 promotion deals that is a rare find in the betting world online and that is the W88 freebet code promotion deal of extra ₹250 on your W88 account as a new member. The best part about this deal is the fact that this bonus is credited in your W88 accounts for just confirming your verification details in your profile for account security.

Like most promotion deals in the betting world, there are requirements for claiming any W88 bonus offer on this website, including the W88 Free Credit of ₹250. But these requirements are extremely simple as W88 ensures its customers have fun with it.

To claim the W88 Free Credit bonus, you must complete verifying your account details by visiting your profile right after you make a W88 register. The details that you must verify in your W88 betting account are:

  • Profile with a password question: Firstly, it is important to change your password again and add another strong password and add a security question. This should be done immediately after creating an account on the W88 website and before making a W88 Deposit to ensure that your account is secured with information only you would know.
  • Phone and Email: Next, you will have to verify your phone and email address used for creating a W88 account, at the click of a button. This will send an OTP or confirmation request message to the provided phone number and email address.
  • Banking details: When making the verification process, you will also have to add in your banking details where you can enter up to 5 banking details with accurate details in your W88 website. With the current upgrade, you can also add your PayTM and PhonePe phone numbers to make W88 Deposit and withdrawal transactions.
  • PAN number if needed: Lastly, you may have to verify your PAN number if needed. Although it is important to remember that W88 does not have a PAN number option in the account verification section. So, you can contact the W88 live chat agent to get help regarding the PAN number confirmation process.

Since this promotion applies to newly registered members online, first, you must register an account in the W88 register with all details which are accurate and up to date. We recommend filling in the details even if there is an “optional” tag. If you want to use or make a withdrawal of this promotion W88 bonus then you will have to make a deposit at least once to make a withdrawal of ₹900 as a requirement.

This promotion is renewed every month, so to make it more effective, you should apply for this W88 freebet code bonus between a day after the month starts and a day before the month ends. When you have completed the registration process, you should go to your Profile and verify all the details above to make it a full 100%.

Join W88 and claim 150% sportsbook bonus up to ₹15,000


The next bonus that is extremely appealing to most Indians is the W88 Sportsbook promotion that you can get as a welcome W88 bonus on your new account. Here, you get to choose a bonus based on your betting site as there are two W88 freebet codes for this promotion. The first one is for the a-Sports sportsbook which offers you an Asian betting view and the other one of the BTi sportsbook which has the European and Asian betting view.


WalletBonus CodeMin. DepositRollover Time


Terms and Conditions

Claiming the bonuses under the W88 promo section is extremely simple as the requirements for the W88 Sports promotion require you to have fun by wagering on your favorite sports matches by adhering to the given betting odds.

  • To claim this bonus offer, you should make a minimum deposit of ₹500 or more in your newly created W88 account so that you can make a transfer to the sports wallet as shown below.
  • The bonus amount must be transferred by using the given code for the correct sportsbook you wish to play more sports betting games.
  • There is a rollover requirement of 15 times within 30 days of claiming for this W88 promotion offer which is tracked by W88 and upon completion, you should get the W88 bonus cashback offer credited to your account.

It is important to note that the bets wagered on a match that results in a draw, bets placed on both sides, bets that are canceled, bets on matches that are canceled, and bets with odds less than 0.5 or 1.50 are excluded from the rollover count for this W88 promotion offer on the sportsbook. It is important to be respectful of the bonus and W88 rules for this promotion to ensure effective results.

W88 live casino 150% welcome offer up to ₹12,000


W88 Live Casino is another best section you will find on the online betting site as many gamblers decide to wager on the products here if not sportsbook, as you can game at rooms provided by prominent game room providers in the world. Since the W88 Online Casino game rooms are always buzzing with many gamblers playing and winning, the site gives its new members a 150% up to ₹12,000 as a W88 promotion so that they can access these cool game rooms at budget-friendly prices.


WalletBonus CodeMin. DepositRollover Time

Club W Grand

Club W Grand, Evolution, Massimo, Slots, Virtuals & LotteryINR150CLUBW₹50015x
Club EzugiClub W Grand, Evolution, Massimo, Slots, Virtuals & LotteryINR150EZG₹500


Terms and Conditions

The requirements for claiming the W88 Live Casino promotion are not very different from the ones under the sportsbook bonus section. This means that fun is definitely ensured as here you must bet on fun games in consideration of the conditions given to ensure a smooth process of claiming this W88 bonus offer.

  • This bonus offer is for new members who have registered an account in the W88 register and is applicable for the W88 live casino product only.
  • There are different codes given to play at different game rooms, Club W Grand and Club Ezugi, which you can find under this promotion section and make a minimum deposit of ₹500 which you then transfer with the code in the W88 casino wallet.
  • The rollover requirement for claiming the W88 bonus is 15 times and must be done once within the next 30 days of claiming the W88 bonus for the live casino game room products.

It is important to note that the GPI W88 slot games are not included in this promotion offer and so the rollover requirement will be calculated based on the bets you make in the games provided by the selected game room providers. Bets that are canceled, and those that end in a draw, etc. are not counted in this W88 bonus requirement process.

How to claim a W88 Promotion offer from the W88 website?

Now that you know about the W88 promotion offers that you can get as a new member, the only thing left to do is go ahead and make a W88 register on the official website. In this section, we will properly give you a detailed guide on how to create a W88 account to claim any of the above new member W88 bonus offers.

Step 1: Register an account at W88 and visit the promo section

  • The first thing that you must do is create an account in the W88 Register and for that, you must click on the ‘Join‘ button which will take you to the W88 registration pop-up form which you must fill out with accurate details.

W88 promotion w88 promotion bonus for new member step 1

  • Once done, you must go ahead and verify your account details to be eligible for the W88 Freebet code ₹250 as mentioned above. Ensure that you have logged in with your newly created login credentials by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button.
  • After this, from the homepage menubar, you must click on the ‘Promos‘ product option to get access to all the W88 bonus offers available on the official betting site.

Step 2: Click on your preferred bonus and copy the code

  • After completing everything from the W88 promotion step number 1, you will find yourself on a page with all the W88 bonus offers and W88 freebet code promotions that you can get as a member that you can make a W88 Withdrawal after successfully claiming them.
  • Here, you must filter the page by clicking the ‘New Member‘ option from the ribbon menu and then you will get all the aforementioned new member W88 promotion offers on one page.

W88 promotion w88 promotion bonus for new member step 2

  • After that, you can click on your preferred promotion to access the W88 bonus for the offers on the sportsbook and live casino bonus. As mentioned above, you can verify account details and be automatically eligible for the W88 freebet code account safety promotion but you can visit the promotion for further details.
  • Once done, you will find yourself a pop-up box where important details about the selected W88 promotion that you must read carefully. When you decide which product you want to play more at W88, you can copy a W88 freebet code from the given options as shown in the image above, and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Transfer the deposit and paste the code to claim the bonus

  • In the final step of the W88 promotion tutorial section, you will learn how to apply the W88 freebet code to claim a bonus offer.
  • As it is stated that you must transfer the minimum deposit amount to your selected W88 promotion’s wallet, you must first click on ‘Deposit‘ and deposit a minimum amount of ₹500 or more in your main account.

W88 promotion w88 promotion bonus for new member step 3

  • Then you must click on the ‘Transfer‘ option and transfer the money from your main to the suggested wallet for the selected promotion.
  • Then, you must enter the amount which should be ₹500 or above, and paste the code in the given slot. To do so, you must click on the ‘Transfer‘ option to make a successful transfer, and after some time, you will see that the W88 bonus is active under the W88 History, Promotion Claim page.

3 Must-know FAQs before claiming a Promotion

With the above section, we completed all we had to offer on claiming a W88 promotion for your new member accounts. That being said, there are other important things that you should know about claiming the promotion offers on the official betting site. So, before you leave, here are the 3 must-know FAQs before claiming a W88 promotion bonus offer on the site. Additionally, you can visit our detailed W88 Review for other things you should know about the betting site!

1. Can I claim more than 1 W88 promotion offer?

No, using the same account, you cannot claim more than 1 W88 promotion offer on the official site. This is something that is strictly adhered to, and in fact, once you claim the promotion offer, the promotion wouldn’t allow you to claim it again. That being said, there are other W88 promotion bonuses that you can find on the official betting site for exciting members including other W88 freebet code offers.

2. How can I know if the rollover is completed?

W88 is a site that tracks many players’ bets, losses, wins, and payouts in their secure database. Thus, you will immediately know that the rollover is completed as W88 will track this for your account. To know about the ongoing W88 promotions on your account and whether or not they are active or claimed, you will either receive a message and also you can ask them by contacting the W88 Live Chat agent.

3. Can I create more than 1 account for all bonuses?

Although this may be tempting, W88 strictly forbids its players from creating more than 1 account in their register so that they can claim different bonuses. This is why W88 recommends verifying your account and even offers a W88 freebet code of ₹250 for just verifying your account details. It is important to be respectful towards the betting site’s offers in order to enjoy them effectively.


This was all about the W88 Promotion bonus offers that you can claim as a new member at W88 India. Using this promotion for new members, you can bet on fun sports matches in W88 sportsbook and fun games in the W88 live casino sections. This W88 freebet code promotion offer is given to members as a welcome gift from the W88 teams and so as you continue to be a member of W88, you will get to explore more exciting promotions!