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Playing Roulette online is fun because of how easy the gameplay is, especially when you use sites with cool interfaces like W88. Not only this but what makes the game more fun than other casino games is the different betting options that it comes with. However, if you are here, you would want to know which number is the best number to bet on the Roulette table and is considered to be the best bet in Roulette, so let’s find out. Using these 10 best numbers on Roulette would help you win some cool payouts in the long run.


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1) The Best Spot in the Roulette Wheel goes to 17

Although there are many numbers on Roulette wheel you can bet on, there is one particular number that is loved by most Roulette players even if they dislike the number, and that is 17. 17 is one of the magic numbers of Roulette online.


  • As the title suggests, the best spot in the Roulette wheel is taken by the number 17, making it one of the best roulette numbers to play.
  • In fact, 17 is the number out of the 36 that is mostly bet on by pro players.
  • This number is perfectly set in the middle of the Roulette Wheel is what makes people want to bet on the number.

So, when the Roulette Wheel is spun, it is most likely to stop on the number 17, thanks to basic physics, making it a best bet on Roulette table. Thus, as a beginner, you should definitely bet on this number and see how many times you win.

2) 24 can be Lucky if the Bet is Placed with its Partner

Another one of the numbers on Roulette wheel that comes in the Maic sequence is the number 24. Interestingly, this number is not really special or lucky, instead, it is more attractive. Many players that play Roulette are usually attracted to betting on 24 because of its position on the table.

  • As mentioned, 24 is not really considered to be a lucky number but more of an attractive number.
  • People tend to be drawn to this number because it is placed in a certain position on the Roulette Table.
  • Interestingly, people are drawn to this number with its partner number 23, and often place a split bet on both, and so they both are part of the 10 best numbers on roulette.

You can either bet on the number 24 alone, or use a split bet with the number 23, since they both are the best numbers for roulette games, to see how lucky you are. To do this, create an account in the W88 Register today to play endless live casino roulette games online.


3) 23 goes Hand in Hand with the above

As it is emphasized above, the number 24 is often paired with the number 23 when it comes to the numbers on a roulette wheel, which like this partner is not really lucky but attractive and is part of the best numbers for roulette games to go with.

  • Betting on the number 23 can be lucky and you definitely should give it a shot.
  • However, it is better to use the number 24 along with 23 by making a split bet.
  • 23 is also considered to be the 3rd Magic Number out of the 4 in Roulette.

Thus, in the end, the choice is yours, but don’t let these 2 numbers limit your options. You can even go ahead and make a dozen bet to get the 2 best numbers to play in Roulette in a group to increase your chances of winning.

4) The Worldwide Lucky Casino Number 7

Most online casino games are created so that you can play and test your luck in many ways. However, Roulette is one such game where testing how lucky you are can be the most fun because of the many betting options that it introduces you to.


  • In short, being lucky is the most important thing to win Roulette online, so a lucky number is a must when betting on the numbers on a roulette wheel. Thus, 7 is the last magic number in Roulette can be the best bet in Roulette.
  • The number 7 is considered to be lucky thanks to most casino games by pro gamblers who often use this number to bet on.
  • The number 7 is considered to be lucky for various reasons and most of them imply religious beliefs.

So, if you think that 7 is the number that could help you win big then you definitely should bet on it because this number is believed to be lucky at casinos and often a lifesaver religiously, 7 heavens, 7 chakras, 7 seals, etc, and is thus considered to be one of the luckiest 10 best numbers on Roulette.

5) 3 is Lucky Number If You Believe So

We spoke about lucky numbers and when playing Roulette you can bet on your own lucky number as long as it is between 1-36. If not, then you can add the numbers up and place bets on which number you get as a part of your how to play Roulette training. However, 3 is a very interesting number when it comes to Roulette and this is why:


  • The number 3 is considered to be a lucky number by many outside casinos, just like the lucky number 7, making it also on of the best roulette numbers to play.
  • However, when it comes to Roulette, this number is considered to be one of the cold numbers to bet on. This means that people tend to avoid betting on the number 3.
  • However, Roulette is a game that depends highly on Luck and like 17, the number 3 on the Roulette wheel has an oddly fair chance of winning.

As mentioned in the heading, 3 is believed to be a lucky number by many, however, 3 is not widely considered as one of the best numbers to play in Roulette. But, if you believe that the number 3 can be your lucky shot, then shoot!

6) A good number to go with is 25

This can be taken into consideration with the very first lucky number, 17. And the answer to why 25 can be a good number to go with is pretty much the same as the reasons why 17 is the number which is mostly used by pro gamblers for betting using the W88 Promo to test their luck for free.


  • The number 25 is placed on the Roulette wheel to the Right side of the most sorted out number, 17.
  • The logic behind that is when the wheel is spun, the spinning stops around the number 17, giving 25 a pretty good chance of winning.
  • But interestingly, according to this logic, the number 34 has a good chance of winning too, but it is mostly avoided. So it is best to stick with 17 or 25.

The number 34, which is on the left side of 17, is another cold number. Many people consider the 34 bets to be regretful because since the wheel mostly stops spinning on 17, bets made of 34 are some seriously bad luck. The same can be said for 25, but it seems to be a better option when it comes to being one of the best numbers to bet on roulette.

7) 2nd Dozen Side Bet includes 3 Magic Numbers

Let’s be real, if you want to win some real cash when playing Roulette online by winning more and losing less, then the side betting option on the Roulette table is something you should almost always opt for. This is because side bets come in bulk so you will be betting at most of the numbers at once with one single minimum betting stake.


  • One of the best side bets in Roulette you can make is the dozen side bets as you can place 2 or 3 bets in one go and win, regardless.
  • However, the 2nd Dozen side bet has some cool numbers in its sequence and this is because there are 3 magic numbers in that 1 bet.
  • The second dozen bet in Roulette online consist of the numbers 13-24. This means that the magic numbers 17, 23, and 24 are all included in this one single bet.

The best way to win Roulette is to find patterns on the table to bet on most of the best numbers to bet on Roulette. Once you try to figure out what the best numbers are and how you can group them all together to make fewer bets, you can win more for the less amount you will be given. This is why good Roulette Strategies are very important when betting on the game.

8) 2-35 Column Bet Sequence Include 2 Magic Numbers

Another best bet on roulette you can make that follows the pattern of including 2 or more magic numbers in one go is the column bet, more precisely, the middle column bet. Not only this but using the column bet you can bet on a lot of numbers in one go, just like dozen bets.


  • There are 3 column bets that you can make in Roulette and these column bets are considered to be the best bet you can make to win more for a less price.
  • The 2nd or middle column is the best out of the three, and this is because it includes 2 magic numbers, 17 and 23.
  • You can also place a column and a split bet between 23 and 24 in one round and make your bet on 3 magic numbers in one go.

Similarly, you can use the other two, which are the 1st and 3rd column bets to place bets on the magic numbers 7 and 24 respectively alongside other additional numbers. Remember, if you want to save betting money then place one or two bets in such a pattern that covers up most numbers on the table.

9) 1-18 Side Bets are Worth the Stake

If there was a competition for the best casino game then Roulette would be a strong opponent because it is not only an easy game to play but you can also win more easily thanks to all the amazing betting options available. So, it becomes of the Roulette tips to bet on group options to bet on the best numbers to play on roulette.


  • When it comes to Roulette online you must be wondering what number you should bet on and the best answer to that is all or at least half of the table.
  • As mentioned above, you must place bets in a pattern that covers up most of the magic numbers and the high or low bets are the easiest and a readymade pattern you can use.
  • So, if you bet on the side bet 1-18, which is the low bet, then you will be betting on the most sort out number 17 as well as the lucky number 7 at once.

Additionally, the 1-18 or low bets are considered to be very beneficial as it covers half the Roulette table. Besides this, you can make additional bets to add all 4 magic numbers on the Roulette table to win instantly.

10) 19-36 Side Bets is a Must Try to Win

The reasons why you should bet on the 19-36, commonly known as the high side bet, are pretty much the same as the aforementioned point. However, with this bet, you can cover the other two magic numbers.


  • Placing bets for testing your luck on the Roulette table is fun, however, strategically placing bets on the best numbers to play on roulette is even more fun!
  • Making side bets is the quickest way to bet on more numbers for a less price, and using dozens or high/low bets is the best option.
  • If you use the 19-36 side bet, then you will be betting on the magic numbers 23 and 24, with additional numbers that can help you win.

So, regardless of which betting option from high or low you choose, you will have 2 magic numbers in each. That being said, you must be wondering which betting option is better the high or the low and the answer is the lower sequence of 1-18. The reason is simple and that is the number 17.

In Conclusion

These were the 10 best numbers on Roulette which also includes side bets that you can bet on to win up to ₹10,000 almost every day! It is important to note that betting on these numbers does not guarantee a win because, in the end, Roulette is based on luck. However, Roulette is also based on Strategy, so use these numbers as a guide to the patterns you can create to win more at Roulette online. Use W88 India and boost your casino wallet with free ₹12,000 bonus and use it to bet on every number on the Roulette table!

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