How to W88 deposit – With a minimal deposit of 100 INR only

The first step to being rich: deposit money at W88! W88 deposit for a minimal amount of ₹100. Then, play. And keep on playing. Keep the jackpots coming!

W88 Deposit Process: 3 Easy Steps

W88 deposit is very simple. It only takes three minutes to deposit your waging money. Just follow these steps and you are good to go!

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Step 1: Log In W88 account

The initial phase of depositing would be logging in to your W88 account. Upon redirection to the website, you will see a “Deposit” button on the top-right side of the interface. Click that blue box.

Step 2: Go At The Funds Management

From there, you will be headed to the Funds Management page and you must view the W88 deposit options for you. It can be bank transactions or e-transfers like Neteller.

Just fill-up the needed blanks as if you are writing on a deposit slip. Your bank account, deposit amount, deposit channel, and deposit wallet are the main information that you must fill correctly.

How to deposit at W88 - With a minimal deposit of 600 INR only

Take note that the Deposit Wallet is where you can choose your preferred game.

If you want to play the casino, click the Club category; if you want to play Poker, click Poker; if sportsbook, e-Sports or a-Sports, and so on and forth.

Every game has a different minimum and maximum limits. You can verify them while checking out the Deposit Wallet.

How to deposit at W88 - With a minimal deposit of 100 INR only

Step 3: W88 Deposit For Real

W88 deposit steps vary from the deposit channel to another. But for the last step, click the “Deposit” button below the form, and voila! You already made a deposit at W88 and can play games after this! Very easy and fast, huh?

How to deposit at W88 - With a minimal deposit of 600 INR only

W88 Minimal Deposit: Only ₹100

With just a minimum deposit of ₹100, you could already enjoy all the exclusive access of the website! You read that right! Only ₹100!

It is not just the immersive games and transparent betting process that is preferable here at W88. The W88 minimal deposit is also lower than the others—giving all wagers and gamblers alike to spend more happy hours to enjoy!

Alternative W88 Deposit Options

Depositing at a bank is the most common way of wagers, there is an alternative way for W88 deposit through Neteller and other e-transfer services like Ecopayz, Astropay Card, and Ecobanq.

Deposit at W88 via Neteller

To deposit at W88 via Neteller, you just have to click the e-transfer tab that you prefer and fill out the details like your bank account, deposit amount, deposit wallet, and bonus code.

Advantages of Neteller: Fast and Easy

Depositing via Neteller is fast and easy. There is no need to line up in the actual bank just to make sure that your billing is processed. At Neteller, you are ensured with your deposit. And, it needs no sweat.

Disadvantages of Neteller: Must Have An Account

Of course, to be able to deposit via Neteller, you have to have the Neteller account first. You have to sign up for this first before you enjoy the fast and easy perks of it.

Deposit at W88 via Electronic-transfer Services

Same as Neteller, if you want to deposit at a electronic or e-transfer services like Ecopayz, Astropay Card, and Ecobanq, just click your preferred e-transfer option and fill out the details.

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Advantages of Electronic-Transfer Services: Time-Friendly

E-transfers are time-friendly for players. Plus, its process is way quicker than bank transactions. Most of these electronic transactions are 24/7, so it can cater to deposits and withdrawals anytime. Unlike when it is through bank transfer, you have to wait for the banking hours to do a transaction.

Disadvantages of Electronic-Transfer Services

Although e-transfers like Neteller are easy to use, some people opt the traditional way because they are more used to the banking process. Thus, they feel safer when done with the bank since it has an actual, printed receipt on hand.

Easy, Convenient, and Fast W88 Deposit

Truly, W88 has an easy, convenient, and fast deposit process—whether it is through bank transactions or e-transfers like Neteller! W88 minimal deposit starts from ₹100. Yes, just that low! And that makes this gaming operator more likable!

What are you waiting for? W88 Deposit now!

Watch the tutorial video below on how deposit at W88 India account via Neteller: