W88 Free Credit: ₹250 or 5 USDT for new members in India 2024

w88 free credit online for huge promotions on sportsbooks and casino products

Claim W88 Free Credit new register no deposit promotion of ₹250 or 5 USDT in India 2024. Join & win a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on your first deposit.

W88 ₹250 Bonus  W88 Free Credit  W88 5 USDT Bonus

Now, online players can create 2 different accounts at W88 in India, they can play with INR or Crypto. Hence, 2 accounts provide them with 2 options for claiming W88 free credit. But you can claim either one of the two. Claim ₹250 free credit in INR W88 account by verifying your account details or claim 5 USDT in your W88 crypto account by making a deposit of 20 USDT after registering at W88 mobile.

W88 ₹250 Free CreditW88 5 USDT  Free Credit
w88 free credit no deposit new member register promotion in India 2023 ₹250 feee bonus or 5 usdt crypto free bonusw88 free credit 5 usdt crypto currency account India 2023 register & win free bonus in mobile with minimum deposit
Create your W88 INR account and verify your registered details to claim ₹250 in your W88 wallet. Unlock the credited amount by depositing a minimum of ₹100, withdrawing a minimum of ₹900, and completing the one rollover term. Cash out the free credit to your bank account.Register your new member W88 account in W88 mobile app and grab a chance to claim 5 USDT free credit in your W88 Crypto wallet. Make a first deposit of 20 USDT & win 5 USDT in return. Hurry up! the offer is valid for the first 888 new players to create a W88 crypto account only.

W88 Free Credit of ₹250 for New Members in India

W88 betting company, offering the leading online sports betting platform, live casino games, slot games online, lottery, keno, fishing, poker, etc. under the legal license of BMM Compliance Test Labs & Gaming Laboratories International license. Play at W88 in India with minimum betting limits, great betting odds, and less house edge; claim exclusive welcome offers and experience the first class online gambling.

w88 free credit no deposit new member register promotion in India 2023 ₹250 feee bonus or 5 usdt crypto free bonus

Begin by joining the most prestigious online betting site, W88 Official in India and claim W88 Free credit of ₹250 after verifying the details you have registered in W88 account. Become a member, make deposits, play online games, win real money, and withdraw instantly at W88. Join & claim 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on your first deposit and enjoy the best online gambling in India at W88 Official.

Terms & Conditions to claim W88 Free Credit Bonus

There are some crucial yet simple steps you need to complete in order to claim W88 free credit, unlock the bonus amount, and withdraw it to your bank account. Before you do ahead with W88 Register & free credit, know the terms & conditions to see what you are getting yourself into.

verify your email address & contact number, add bank information & change the password to claim w88 free credit ₹250

  1. Upgrade Security level: Change the already existing password to a new and strong one, add a security question to retrieve your account in case you forget the password, and add a 2-factor authenticator to secure your W88 login from any intruder to upgrade your security level.
  2. Add Bank Account: Add a bank account, Paytm registered number, or PhonePE registered number to complete the 2nd step of the W88 verification process. You don’t have to add all three accounts, you can either add a bank account or a registered number in the internet banking application.
  3. Verify Phone Number: Ask the W88 team to send a verification code to your registered number and enter that verification code to verify your phone number registered in the W88 betting company.
  4. Verify Email Address: Verify your email address by submitting the verification code sent by the W88 team, this is the last step to verify your W88 betting account and claim ₹250 free credit.

As soon as your 4 steps to verify the W88 account are completed, the W88 free credit of ₹250 will be transferred to your W88 wallet. But this bonus amount is locked until you complete the terms & conditions of the W88 free credit. To complete the requirements, complete the 3 steps given below:

  1. Deposit Minimum ₹100 one time: Make at least 1 W88 Deposit of a minimum ₹100 in the  wallet. You can make more than 1 deposit via multiple payment methods: bank transfer, net banking & crypto.
  2. Withdraw ₹900 Minimum: Make a withdrawal of a minimum ₹900 from your W88 wallet to your bank account via the W88 withdrawal method within 30 minutes of requesting a withdrawal.
  3. Complete 1 Rollover: At last complete the requirement of 1 rollover, that is, place a bet on any sports match, live casino game, or slots online with the bonus or deposited amount to complete all the terms & conditions of W88 free credit promotion.

Once done, your free credit bonus is unlocked and you can withdraw the bonus amount whenever you want. While making your first deposit at W88, don’t forget to claim a W88 Promotion of a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook and a 150% bonus of up to ₹12,000 on live casino.

How to claim W88 Free Credit Promotion – 3 Steps guide

We recommend claiming a W88 free credit of ₹250 via your W88 new member register account. Follow the steps given below and claim your welcome-free bonus without any hindrance. Once done verifying the W88 account, you can also claim a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on your first deposit.

Step 1: Create W88 new register account & visit your Profile

The foremost step to claim W88 free credit of ₹250 is to create a new member registration account in W88. Hence, visit the official website of the W88 betting company in India via the three buttons given above. Click on ‘Join‘ to create a new account at W88, and follow this W88 Register three-step guide.

w88 free credit join w88 new register account and select promos to claim free bonus ₹250 (1)

If you already have an account at the W88 betting website and haven’t deposited any money and completed the verification process yet, you are eligible to claim the W88 free credit. Click on ‘Login’ and enter your correct password and username to access your account at W88 India.

w88 free credit ₹250 login to your account reach your w88 profile & verify your account details

Once you are done creating your account, click on your ‘username‘ given below the Logout button on the top right corner of the screen and a drop-down menu will appear on the screen. Click on ‘Profile‘ given along with Change Password & Rebate/Cashback to visit your account details in one spot at W88 India.

Step 2: Complete verification process to claim W88 free credit

Once you reach the profile section, find a section names ‘Account Safety‘ and complete the 4-step process to verify your W88 account. Only after completing the W88 verification process, you can claim a W88 free credit of ₹250. Complete the 4-step process step by step to verify your W88 account:

1. W88 Security Upgrade

The first step to claim the very first ₹50 of your ₹250 W88 free credit is to upgrade your security levels. Secure your W88 account strongly and get ₹50 in the process of changing your password.

w88 verification process change password and update your security level at W88

  • Change Password: Change your current password to something stronger and easy to remember. Enter your existing password first & then enter your new password. Re-confirm the password and click on ‘Change’ to update the password of your W88 account successfully.
  • Security Question: select any one question among the 6 and enter your answer: your mother’s middle name, your childhood nickname, your dream job as a child, the city of your first job, or your father’s middle name. This security question will help you secure your W88 account strongly and recover it in case you forget the username or password of your W88 account.
  • 2-Factor Authenticator: Download a 2-factor authenticator app on your device: Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator. Scan the QR code or enter the key given on W88 official website. You will get a unique code, to enter in the verification box to set up the 2-Factor authentication. Now, every time you log in to W88, you will need a unique code.

2. Add Bank Account

The second step to reach near to claim your free credit of ₹250 is to add a bank account to your W88 account for a speedy process of deposit and W88 Withdrawal. You can add the details of the three most popular payment options in India, select the one you prefer the most, and add the details in advance for quick deposit, fast gameplay, and instant withdrawals.

w88 verification account to claim free credit of ₹250 by adding the bank account or paytm account

  • Bank Account: Select the bank you have your account in and add the bank account number, IFSC code, account holder name, and correct address to add your bank account at W88 Wallet. Click on ‘Add Bank Account’ once you have entered asked details and cross-checked it. You can add 5 bank accounts on W88 betting website to make transactions and play.
  • Paytm UPI: To add your Paytm account to the W88 betting site, all you need to do is add your phone number to the given box and click on ‘Add Paytm phone number’ to submit your UPI ID. You can add 2 Paytm IDs on W88 betting website to make transactions and play.
  • PhonePE: Enter the number you have registered in PhonePE and it should be the same as the number registered in the W88 account. You can add 2 numbers for PhonePE transactions.

3. Verify Phone Number

Verify your phone number which you have given to W88 betting company during registration to claim ₹150 free credit of ₹250 free bonus promotion. Make sure to enter the correct and working phone number during W88 register to claim W88 free bet.

w88 free credit verification contact number verification ₹250

Click on the ‘Phone number’ verification icon and a pop-up message will appear on the screen. Click on ‘Send Verification Code‘ to receive a verification code on your W88 registered mobile number via SMS. Enter the code to verify your mobile number in W88 and receive ₹150 free bets.

4. Verify Email Address

The last step to claim the remaining ₹50 of W88 free credit is to verify the email address you have registered with the W88 betting company. Click on the ‘Email verification’ icon to verify your email.

w88 free credit no deposit promotion ₹250 upon email address verification

As soon as you click on the email verification icon, a pop-up box will appear on your screen. Click on the ‘Send Verification Code‘ and a code will be sent to your registered email address by the W88 team. Enter the code in the box, submit the code to the team and your email will be verified.

Once all four steps are completed, your W88 account is verified and ₹250 free credit is credited to your W88 wallet. But the amount will remain locked, meaning that you can’t withdraw it until you complete three important terms as explained in the W88 free credit’s terms & conditions section above:

  1. Deposit ₹100: Make a deposit of a minimum ₹100 one time to complete 1 step out of 3 to unlock and withdraw the free credit bonus amount of ₹250 from your W88 wallet to your bank account.
  2. Withdraw ₹900: Cash-out minimum of ₹900 to unlock the bonus amount from your W88 wallet and make it withdrawable to your bank account. Once done, you have completed 2 steps to unlock.
  3. 1 Rollover Requirement: The W88 free credit bonus & deposited amount is subjected to 1 rollover to unlock the bonus amount and withdraw to your local and preferred bank account.

Once done, withdraw your free credit of ₹250 in your bank account within 30 minutes & enjoy gambling. Don’t forget to claim the W88 Promotion of a 150% bonus of up to ₹15,000 on your first deposit!

FAQs about W88 Free Credit Promotion!

Question 1: Is there any fee to register & verify the W88 account?
Answer: No, there’s no fee taken from the online players to register their account at W88 India. There’s no fee taken to verify your details in W88 betting company. Join W88 absolutely free, verify your details, and claim a W88 free credit of ₹250 in your W88 wallet upon completing the verification process.

Question 2: Can I add UPI ID instead of a Bank account in Verification?
Answer: In the second step to verify your W88 betting account, that is to add the bank account. It is not necessary that you have to add a bank account to complete this step, you can also add your Paytm & PhonePE registered number which you have registered at W88 betting company too.

Question 3: How long does it take to credit a free bonus ₹250 to the W88 wallet?
Answer: A total of ₹250 W88 free credit will be credited to your W88 wallet as soon as you are done verifying the 4 asked details. Though, it can’t be withdrawn until you complete 3 crucial requirements: deposit a minimum of 1 time, withdraw a minimum ₹900, and complete 1 rollover requirement.

Question 4: How to know whether I have claimed the W88 free credit promotion of ₹250 or not?
Answer: There’s a simple way to know whether you have claimed the free credit by W88 or not, follow the steps given below and shown in the image below to know your Promotion Claim History:

w88 free credit claim check promotion claim history and claim ₹250 free bonus online

  1. Login & select Fund$: Login to your W88 account with the correct username and password, and select ‘Fund$‘ to see the history of your W88 account: deposit, withdrawal, transfer history, etc.
  2. Select Promotion Claim under History: Select History > Promotion Claim History to know whether you have claimed the W88 free credit of ₹250 on registration and verification or not.
  3. Enter Start & End Date, And submit to know the results: Enter the date you want to start the search from (Start Date) and the date you want to end the search (End Date). Click on Submit to know the results, if you haven’t claimed the W88 free credit promotion yet, it will show ‘No Records Found‘.

No Records Found result of the search is the indication that you haven’t claimed the W88 free credit promotion yet and you can continue the process given above to claim ₹250 free credit at W88 India.

Question 5: Can I claim both W88 free credits: ₹250 in an INR account & 5 USDT in a Crypto account?
Answer: No, you cannot claim both free credits. First of all, you have to be a new member to claim the W88 free credit and secondly, you can claim either one welcome bonus credit we recommend selecting the W88 free credit of ₹250 because it doesn’t require any W88 wallet deposit to claim.


W88 Free credit guide provides everything you need to know before creating your account at W88, claiming the promotion, terms & conditions to unlock the bonus amount, and so now. Make use of the best online gambling website in India, W88 betting company to place bets on sports, live casino games, slots, etc. Register now & get ₹250 free credit on verification. If you want to play in Cryptocurrency, you can create a W88 crypto account and claim 5 USDT instead of ₹250 free credit at W88 India.