10 Cricket Betting Winning Strategies- Upgraded Tips of 2024

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Introduction to Cricket Betting Online

If you live in India and are into sports, then Cricket is definitely your go-to sport to watch. This is because Cricket is loved by almost everyone in the country because of how enjoyable the sport can be when watched with friends and family. Besides this, India is home to one of the best cricket teams in the World, so it is given that we are proud of the sport.


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However, in recent years, many people joined online forums like W88 to join Cricket Betting online. This is because more than watching cricket, betting on the game is more interesting. Not only this but many people resorted to these online betting forums to earn extra cash-back offers. So, if you are one of the newbies who want to join the betting world online then you have come to the right place. Here, we have introduced 10 pro strategies that you can use to bet on Cricket online.

Why should you use Cricket Betting Winning Strategies?

Before we get into the interesting pro tips that will help you win more cash on cricket betting let us first see why you must use Cricket Betting Winning Strategy for online cricket betting. One of the main reasons to do so is to earn more cash obviously, but if Sports betting online is fun because of the thrill of testing one’s luck then why must we make calculated decisions before betting on cricket matches online?

  • Well, the answer to this is pretty simple – to help you not spend a lot on cricket betting and make more money by winning more rounds than losing.
  • Adopting a cricket betting strategy or coming up with your own betting strategy is a great way to earn instant cash on sports betting online.

This is one of the best ways to double up your cash and get more in return than you spend. This means that all you must do is spend less to earn more using a strategy for winning cricket betting online.

Top 10 Cricket Betting Winning Strategies to Boost your Wallet

Now let us take a look at the top 10 Strategies you can use to give yourself a boost with your cricket betting skills online. Follow any of these strategies and score a win every time you bet as all of these strategies are highly mathematically designed to help boost your winnings. Using these, along with a site like W88 India and the W88 promo, you can start earning ₹5000 every day!

#1: The Dogon Cricket Betting Strategy

Let us begin with one of the most interesting and commonly used betting strategies in for cricket winning. This strategy is called the Dogon Betting Strategy. What makes this strategy the most popular is that it is used by many new cricket bettors that are ready to win more online.  In this strategy, you focus on increasing the rates of your betting amount depending on your previous losses.

  • This means, that with every loss, you should increase your number of bets. If you win, the betting amount remains the same for the next round.
  • You must continue to increase the betting amount each time you lose till all the money you lost on betting previously is won back.
  • The idea here, thus, is to win back all your lost money but increase the stake every time you lose, so when you win, you will get additional money as well as all your previously lost money back.

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#2: D’Alembert Cricket Winning System

Another similar betting strategy in the cricket betting world online is the D’Alembert Cricket Betting Winning System. This is a trick which is one of the oldest in the sports world and is also invented by a mathematician. Using this cricket betting strategy, you can win back all your losses in no time.

  • Just like the aforementioned betting strategy, the idea of this cricket betting trick is to win back all your losses by betting extra in the next cricket match.
  • You must keep doubling the amount that you bet till the team you bet on eventually wins, thus, giving back all the money you previously lost.
  • However, when you win a bet here, you must decrease the stake by 1 unit in the next round instead of keeping the limit the same.

#3: Counter D’Alembert Technique for Winning Cricket

If you are someone that knows when to give up, then the next online cricket betting winning strategy is for you. This next trick in the cricket betting world is not widely used; however, it is the most wisely used. This strategy is the twin of the previously mentioned cricket betting strategy and it is called the Counter D’Alembert Technique.

  • The strategy is the positive progression strategy which allows you to make bets as you always do in a way that will help you save your money.
  • In this system, you must place your bets as you always do. However, if you win the bet, you must increase the betting rate you place.
  • And for every time you lose, you must decrease the betting rate you place in the next round.

#4: Oscar’s Grind Strategy to Win

This is another strategy that has been around for a long time in the betting world. The Oscar’s Grind Strategy is one of the betting tricks used in sports as well as casino games to win and most importantly bet in moderation. This strategy is similar to the one used above; however, this one ensures that you always have money to play cricket betting with.

  • This strategy works best when you have already set your minimum betting limit online. Thus, before you use this cricket betting strategy, it is important that you set a minimum betting limit here beforehand.
  • In the Oscar Grind strategy, you will find that the process of betting is very similar to the Dogon system except for one tiny change which could make a big impact on the amount you get back.
  • Here, you must place bets as you always do and when you win you must increase the bet. However, if you lose, you do not increase or decrease your bet, meaning you bet using the same amount for the next rounds.

Strategize by Analyzing Team Statistics

#5: The Kelly Criterion Winning System

With an interesting name comes this next interesting cricket betting winning strategy. The Kell Criterion strategy is one of the advanced betting strategies in the betting world that can help you earn great cash amounts via the bets you make. But keep in mind, you will need the help of the betting odds here so if your favourite team has low odds of winning, then you might have to betray them to win more.

  • Using this system will help you analyze how much you can bet along with making sure you earn equally.
  • This means, that by using the Kelly Criterion Winning System you will be able to find a realistic amount that you can place your bets with which will have almost no impact on your bankroll.
  • However, since it is difficult to find this average limit, and so it becomes an advanced betting system where you must analyze the teams and players as well as remain objective about the outcomes.

#6: Use the Tank Attack Method to Win

Next, we have not only an interesting cricket betting option but also a method that will help you maintain and organize your bankrolls. This strategy is mostly good for making Parley Bets online which means that you can bet on many betting options using the tank attack method, and still be able to maintain a good amount of money unspent.

  • Using this betting system, you must divide your bankrolls into different tanks which you will be used to make bets.
  • With this, you must place multiple bets on different betting options and wait for the outcome. The standard amount of bets you can place is 5 bets, so one bankroll will be used for 1 betting option.
  • Thus, the idea here is to place bets that will compensate for any losses which will give you your money back.

#7: The Flat Betting Strategy

This is another best method in online betting cricket tips, used by many beginners when they wish to place bets online; however, this strategy is something that you can use as a progression from being a newbie to a pro as it has its own variants. Besides this, you will need to maintain a betting limit by setting one before you start placing your bets online.

  • This strategy works out for many people to win cricket bets online because they maintain the money that they initially have while earning extra.
  • They do that by calculating the betting stake with the number of wins and losses, which is always equal. For instance, if you have an overall of ₹1000 and decide that you want to use 3% of it, then if you lose, the next bet you will place will be 3% of whatever money is remaining with you.
  • As mentioned above, this betting system can be used as a progression but your betting limits should be from 1% to 10% to be on the safer side and avoid spending more.

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#8: Martingale Strategy is a Must Try

Next on the list, we have the Martingale Strategy which is similar to the Dogon betting system. This betting system is the best strategy for cricket betting you can use especially as a beginner. However, the Martingale strategy is mostly used by many pro cricket bettors as well. This is because this is a great way to have fun with cricket betting online as well as save up on the cash you already have.

  • Using this Strategy as well as the betting odds will help you not only win more cash per bet but also maintain a certain betting limit/amount that you set for yourself.
  • But keep in mind that although this is a beginner strategy, it comes with its own risks.
  • Here, every time you lose a bet, you must increase the amount of stake by 1 unit to get your lost money back the next time you win.

#9: Try Reverse-Martingale Strategy to Save More

To maintain the fun of online betting on cricket as well as the thrills of testing your luck online, we have the Reverse-Martingale Strategy. Like most of the strategies mentioned above, you must use this strategy on the basis of how many bets you win and how many bets you lose. This will require you to maintain a set betting limit online to avoid any extra expense.

  • In this strategy, you must use the money from the betting amount you set aside, once this money is spent, you must stop betting for the day.
  • Using this strategy whenever you lose you must bet half the amount you lost again in the next round.
  • When you win a round, you must double the amount you bet with. This way, your money would only keep getting recycled until all the money from the betting amount you set aside for yourself gets over.

#10: Use The Miller System to Increase Bankroll

Saving the best for the last, we have the Millet System that will definitely help you win more money in just a few betting rounds. All you must do is keep track of the odds and interestingly enough, the odds of winning the cricket bet using this system do not have to be very high. Using this will help you slowly learn how to win money in cricket betting.

  • In this system, you must place bets on the odds from 1.9 to 2.1. You can place combined bets but they must come between these odds. Besides this, anything more than these odds is not really ideal.
  • The next requirement to use the Miller System for Cricket Betting Online is to use only 1% of your bankroll. Again, betting more than 1% of your bankroll is too risky and is deemed to not be very progressive.
  • Lastly, you can use this betting strategy in almost any game and tournament related to cricket as well as other sports matches online.

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3 Additional Reminders to Win Cricket Betting

Now that you have learnt the top most used cricket betting winning strategies on online cricket betting, let us example 3 additional points that you need to keep in mind to win cricket betting online. Using these three tips is like the cherry on top that will help you boost your cricket betting career online as well as your wallet.

  1. Choose a Good Site: The first additional tip in the cricket betting winning strategy book is to pick a good site. This is something that should have been mentioned right at the top but here we are. It is important that you must pick a good cricket betting playground online for yourself which is completely legal and safe to play. Besides this, you must make sure that the cricket site you choose for yourself ensures responsible gaming and extra bonus offers that will double up your cash.
  2. Read the Odds: Next, you must read the odds before placing any bets because if this bonus tip is not carried out by you at the beginning, then all the above betting strategies would deem useless. The idea of betting odds itself is to make you see which team or betting option has a higher chance of winning. The higher the betting odds, the more you can get back – using the strategies mentioned above, you can earn even more.
  3. Observe the Game: Lastly, sometimes when playing betting online you need to sit back and observe the game. Yes, the betting odds definitely help to place accurate bets and more, however, your own observations matter too. So, you can skip bets, sit back and watch the match and make observations, and then you can come back to place a bet again.


With this, we come to the conclusion of the most used cricket winning betting strategy online for cricket betting by pros. With this you can win a lot of cash instantly; however, it is important to be patient with yourself and make observations by trying and testing all the above betting strategies and choosing your pick. Besides this, use good sites like W88 which will help you boost your cricket betting journey with many bonus benefits.

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