10 Cricket Betting Winning Strategies – Pro tips by Experts

Learn 3 additional tips and 10 cricket betting winning strategies! Put these 2024 updated tactics to the test, and use W88 to increase your 98% victory rate.

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Overview of Online Cricket Betting

If you are a passionate sports fan and live in India, cricket is clearly the sport to follow. This is owing to the fact that almost everyone in the country enjoys watching cricket as a recreational activity with friends and family. Aside from that, it goes without saying that we are proud of the sport of cricket because India has one of the best teams in the world.


However, in recent years, many people have joined internet forums such as W88 to engage in online cricket betting. This is because gambling on the game is more enjoyable than merely watching cricket. Furthermore, many users exploited these online betting forums to earn additional cash-back bonuses. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a beginner trying to get into online betting. We’ve reviewed five expert betting strategies for online cricket wagering.

Why should you use winning tactics while betting on cricket?

Let’s start with the advantages of employing a Cricket Betting Winning Strategy for online cricket betting before going on to some great professional tips to assist you enhance your earnings. Naturally, one of the key motives for doing so is to enhance one’s income; nevertheless, if the thrill of taking a chance makes sports betting online exciting, why is it necessary to carefully analyze our options before putting a wager on an online cricket match?

  • The answer is actually fairly simple: to help you earn more money by winning more rounds than losing and to keep you from overpaying on cricket betting.
  • Using a cricket betting strategy, or developing your own, is an excellent way to make quick money when betting on sports online.

This is one of the most effective ways to double your money and earn more than you spend. This means that all you need to do to boost your earnings when using an effective online cricket betting strategy is spend less.

Top 10 Winning Cricket Betting Strategies to Increase Your Bankroll

Let’s look at the top ten tactics you may use to increase your online cricket betting talents. Any of these tactics can help you win every time you gamble because they are all mathematically designed to boost your profits. With W88 India and their campaign W88 Promotion, you may earn up to ₹5,000 each day!

#1 Strategy for Betting on Dogon Cricket

Let us begin with one of the most exciting and regularly used betting strategies for winning cricket. The Dogon Betting Strategy is the name of this strategy. This method is the most popular because it is used by so many inexperienced cricket bettors looking to enhance their wins online. With this strategy, you focus on increasing your stakes in proportion to your previous losses.

  • This means you should boost your stakes after each setback. If you win, the stake amount remains unchanged until the next round.
  • Every time you lose, you must continue betting until you win back the money you lost on earlier bets.
  • As a result, the goal is to recoup all of your losses while increasing the stakes each time you lose, so that if you win, you will gain both additional monies and the full amount of your losses.
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#2 Cricket Winning System of D’Alembert

The D’Alembert Cricket Betting Winning System is another similar betting system employed in the online cricket betting market. This is one of the most iconic tricks in sports history, and it was also devised by a mathematician. With this cricket betting approach, you can swiftly recover all of your losses.

  • The purpose of this cricket betting strategy, like the last one, is to recoup your losses by placing fresh bets on the next cricket match.
  • You must continue betting twice as much until the side you support wins, at which point you must return all of the money you have lost.
  • If you win a wager here, you must cut your stake by one unit in the next round rather than remaining at the same level.

#3 The Counter-D’Alembert Method for Winning at Cricket

Here’s the next winning online cricket betting strategy for individuals who understand when to give up. Despite its rarity, the following approach is the most wise in the domain of cricket betting. The Counter D’Alembert Technique is comparable to the previously stated cricket betting strategy.

  • The positive progression strategy will save you money by allowing you to place bets in the same way you always have.
  • You must place your bets in the same manner that you normally do in this system. If you win the wager, you will need to increase your stake.
  • In addition, for each loss, you must cut your wagering amount in the next round.

#4 Oscar’s Grind Method to Winning

This betting strategy has also been around for a long time. The Oscar’s Grind Strategy is a winning betting strategy used in casinos and sports. It’s critical to remember to wager responsibly. This strategy is similar to the last one, but it ensures that you always have funds ready for cricket wagering.

  • This strategy works best when your online minimum betting limit has already been set. As a result, before employing this cricket betting strategy, you must first establish a minimum betting limit.
  • With the exception of a minor change that could have a substantial impact on your return, the Oscar Grind strategy’s betting technique is quite similar to the Dogon system.
  • As always, you must place bets here and raise your stakes if you win. If you lose, you keep your original stake for the remaining rounds and do not increase or decrease it.
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#5 Winning System for the Kelly Criterion

The next exciting winning cricket betting strategy has an intriguing name. The Kell Criterion strategy is one of the most complicated betting techniques accessible, and it can help you win a lot of money with your bets. Remember that you will need the help of the betting odds, therefore you may need to bet against your favorite team if their chances of winning are minimal in order to enhance your profits.

  • Using this strategy, you may ensure that you win equally and calculate how much you can wager.
  • Using the Kelly Criterion Winning System, you can establish a reasonable amount to stake that will have no influence on your bankroll.
  • Nonetheless, because determining the average limit is difficult, it becomes a sophisticated betting strategy in which you must evaluate the players and teams while being objective about the results.

#6 To win, use the tank attack strategy

Next, we have a technique that will help you maintain your money organised and undamaged, as well as an intriguing cricket betting option. The most common use of this strategy is Parley Bets, which allow you to use the tank attack method to wager on a range of options while retaining a substantial percentage of your money unspent.

  • To apply this betting approach, you will need to divide your cash into many betting tanks.
  • This requires you to bet on multiple things at different times and monitor the results. Because the maximum number of bets allowed is five, one bankroll is required for each betting option.
  • As a result, the aim here is to place wagers that will cover any losses and return your money.

#7 The strategy of flat betting

This is simply another excellent approach to wager on cricket online tips. Many beginners use it to place their initial online bets, but because it includes variations, you can use this approach to progress from novice to pro. Furthermore, you must set a betting limit before you begin placing bets online in order to keep to it.

  • Many people discover that utilizing this strategy to win cricket bets online allows them to keep the money they started with while earning extra.
  • They accomplish this by calculating the betting stake based on the consistent number of wins and losses. If you stake 3% of your total ₹1000 and lose, the next bet will be 3% of the remaining amount.
  • This betting strategy can be used as a progression, as previously said, but to be cautious and avoid going over budget, set your betting limits between 1% and 10%.
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#8 The Martingale Strategy Must be Tried

The Martingale method, which is similar to the Dogon betting method, is next on the list. This is the best cricket betting strategy you can use, especially if you are new to the game. The Martingale approach, however, is frequently used by professional cricket wagerers. This is owing to the fact that online cricket betting is a great way to save money while having fun.

  • Using this method in conjunction with the betting odds allows you to maintain a specified betting limit or amount that you set for yourself while also helping you earn more money per wager.
  • Remember, even if this is a beginner’s strategy, there are risks associated.
  • In this situation, losing bets force you to increase your investment by one unit in order to recoup your losses the next time you win.

#9 Try the Reverse Martingale Strategy for More Savings

We have the martingale approach to keep the fun of placing an online wager on cricket and testing your luck. As with the bulk of previously stated methods, this method must be applied based on the quantity of bets won and lost. To avoid paying additional expenses, you must adhere to a predetermined online betting limit.

  • This method requires you to expend the money you set aside for betting before you stop betting for the day.
  • When adopting this approach, you must gamble half of what you lost the previous round.
  • You must double your wager if you win a round. In this approach, your funds would only be recycled up to the full amount of the wager that you set for yourself.

#10 Use The Miller Method to Increase Your Bankroll

The best is reserved for last: the Millet System, which can certainly boost your profits in a matter of betting rounds. Interestingly, the odds of winning the cricket bet with this approach do not have to be particularly high; all you have to do is keep track of the odds. You can gradually learn how to make money betting on cricket by using this tool.

  • This technique requires you to wager at odds ranging from 1.9 to 2.1. Combination bets are permitted, but they must fall within specific limits. Aside from that, having chances higher than this is not necessarily optimum.
  • The second requirement is to spend no more than 1% of your bankroll while employing the Miller System for Online Cricket Betting. Gambling with more than 1% of your capital is regarded as exceedingly hazardous and unprogressive.
  • Finally, you may use this betting strategy for almost every online cricket game or tournament, as well as other sporting events.


Three additional tips to help you win at cricket betting.

After you’ve learned the most popular winning tactics for online cricket betting, here are three more things you should keep in mind to succeed. Putting these three tips into action will be the cherry on top of your financial success and online cricket betting career.

  1. Choose a Reputable Site: The first additional tip in the winning cricket betting strategy book is to choose a reputable site. Although it should have been addressed first, that is not how it occurred. It is critical that you select a reputable, secure, and legal online cricket betting site for yourself. Furthermore, you must ensure that the cricket website you choose provides bonus offers that will double your money, as well as ethical gambling.
  2. Read the odds: Second, always verify the odds before making a gamble. If you don’t take this supplementary tip right away, all of the prior betting strategies will be for naught. The goal of betting odds is to assist you determine which team or wager has the best chance of winning. You can make even more money by using the aforementioned strategies, because the better the betting odds, the more you can win back.
  3. Finally, there are times when it is vital to simply relax and enjoy the game while wagering online. Yes, betting odds are a terrific tool for putting precise bets, but you need also consider your personal findings. As a result, you can choose to observe the game instead of betting and take notes while doing so.


This leads us to the conclusion of the most popular online cricket betting strategies used by pros to win cricket. You can make a lot of money rapidly with this, but you must be patient with yourself and experiment with all of the aforementioned betting strategies before deciding which one to use. Additionally, take use of trusted services such as W88, which will present you with several bonuses to help you improve your cricket betting efforts.