8 Effective online betting cricket tips – Earn ₹3,000 daily

Looking for easy ways to win more on cricket betting? Here’s a round-up of 8 best online betting cricket tips to win ₹3,000 daily at W88 India. Bag big bucks!

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Indeed there are so many different strategies to use while gambling on cricket online that it may be rather overwhelming. To make it a bit easier, we have researched & compiled 8 online betting cricket tips that can help you increase your betting rewards significantly. Our online cricket match betting tips article also includes some secret info that may help you receive free bets on the best sites like W88 India. Continue reading to get the top 8 cricket online betting tips free!

#1. Wager on the best cricket betting site – W88

Not only will you get the greatest cricket betting odds in India when you join up with W88.

  • But you’ll also earn a generous welcome bonus as an appreciation for choosing them as your cricket betting partner.
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#2. Study the cricket match stats

Limited overs contests are famed for their tight finishes, but there are also many one-sided games.

  • If a team wins the toss, they may gain a significant advantage, or they may be bowled out for a low score.
  • You won’t know what a decent total is until the team has played most, if not all of the first innings. So wait till the 1st innings to get over if you want to predict precisely.
  • If you are a newbies, then check out how to play online cricket betting at W88 guide.

#3. Examine player’s previous performance

Cricketers like MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli(India) can perform well in any format. Certain cricketers, on the other hand, fail to make an impression in one version of the game but excel in another.

  • Furthermore, only the finest players can perform at their peak in all circumstances.
  • So it’s always better to study the player performance & then guess the outcome of the games based on the event correctly.

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#4. Think out of the box & take chances

In a cricket match, you can always expect a twist, with upsets being a common occurrence.

  • In the Test Match format, you can have a team prediction that is predicted to handily pursue down a target, but the pitch degrades faster than projected, and they lose the match.
  • Furthermore, the stress of a run chase might cause batters to make rash decisions. It’s okay to take risks but make sure the loss does not affect much on your bankroll.
  • Do check out is online cricket betting legal in India? & enjoy winning lots of money.

#5. Significant home advantage always!

Everyone who follows cricket understands how tough it is for a side to win away from home, especially in Test cricket.

  • This is because they will be performing in new circumstances.
  • When a team that is performing well at home is scheduled to travel abroad for a Test series, the 2 teams are frequently priced the same, even if their away form is poor.
  • As a result, you may get relatively excellent chances for the home side to win in situations like these.

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#6. Pick proper odds & then wager on

It is critical to choose and wager on the correct odds when betting on cricket, or any sport for that matter. This strategy is known as value betting. Visit best 6 online cricket betting sites in India now & start betting.

  • You will not have a nice sports betting experience if you do not understand how to identify value bets.
  • When we talk about Value Bets, we’re talking about finding markets that have a better possibility of coming true than the odds imply.
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#7. Never neglect the bonus offer

To get the most out of your bonus, familiarise yourself with the betting T&Cs.

  • Many individuals are unaware that sites like W88 India offer free bets post-registration.
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#8. Bet within your bank limits

Last but not the least, remember the 3 mantras – Set, bet & get!

  • Always set a bankroll that fits your budget, bet on a cricket match that you are familiar with & get the most out of it with these online betting tips on cricket.
  • Never go beyond the limit you set & never gamble to retrieve your lost money on previous bets.
  • This will only lead to more losses in the long run!
  • Discover the 5 best online cricket betting apps in India & start gambling on the go.


The major motivation for this online betting cricket tips is that we care about each and every one of our readers. Finally, we aim to assist you in winning as much money as possible while betting on cricket at W88 India. We are sure that these cricket betting online tips will help you earn around ₹3,000 per day if you wager accurately. Go gamble & gain more money!