7 Effective ways How to earn money in cricket betting online

How to earn money in cricket betting? online. In this article W88indi provides some valuable 7 ways to boost chances to win money from cricket betting in India!

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Here, you will come across everything you want to learn about the fundamental betting rules to make money by playing online cricket betting. Get all the details on how to earn money in cricket betting, make win predictions using some calculations, and pick a proper market to play at W88 India – a popular betting platform among Indian punters for an online sportsbook.

#1. Look for the best odds

  • Your authentic result of the wager is relying on the significance of the odds as odds are based on the favored and the underdogs of a particular event of a match.
  • When you are glimpsing into the cricket odds, compare it with your knowledge of the squad’s position.
  • To earn money in cricket betting online, you must pick the right sportsbook like W88 India for the best offers.
  • If you stake on higher cricket odds, you would gain more money, and if the odds are poor, you would win a lower part of the money.
  • By glancing up at the significance of the individual bookmaker, you get to maintain that result. Learn How to play online cricket betting at W88 and grab 150% up to a welcome bonus of ₹15,000 on your 1st deposit!


#2. Get Cricket analysis

  • The teams that are involved in the game most of the duration replicate their practice of games.
    For example, Gujarat Titans began with having a more compatible performance in this year’s IPL.
    So they had a higher possibility of going to the finals, which they eventually did.
  • On the other pointer, one of the most powerful teams, Chennai Super Kings, and Mumbai Indians didn’t execute that satisfactorily.
  • This urges that you must not simply stake money on the big titles to earn money in cricket betting online but always study the recent statistics instead.

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#3. Read pitch news

  • Circumstances of the pitch specify a heavy result in a cricket match. While betting online cricket to earn money in cricket betting online, you will find pitches that are specialized in bowling forms.
  • For example, some pitches are moist and give the spin bowlers a favored hand in a match indicating that the team with the more profitable spin attack is the potential to deliver a fairer chance of succeeding.
  • Moreover, pitches in Australia are perfect for speed bowling, providing the team with a more promising spin attack and the upper hand.
  • So before you comprehend how to earn money in cricket betting online at W88, you must understand the pitches’ standing that the match is possible to carry.


#4. Learn Cricket betting formats

There are majorly 4 kinds of cricket betting structures that you can use for cricket betting online. These most-used forms are mentioned below:

  1. Basic Bets: This distinctive format contains Winner of a Match, Match Tied/Draws, Outright Winner of a Tournament, Winner of a Series, etc.
  2. Team-Based Bets: There are generally 2 teams in any cricket match. This type spreads around those 2 teams. The various betting choices are Winner of the Toss, Total team innings, Team Match Score Etc
  3.  Player-Based Bets: Cricket involves 22 players, and is included in the betting stadium. The player-based betting choices are Best Batsman, Best Bowler, Man of the Match, and many more players related.
  4. Live In-Play Bets: Some belief this to be the most pleasing of the forms. This one consists of choices – Runs off the Next Ball, the result of the next ball, Mode of Dismissal, Runs off an Over, etc.

#5. Monitor weather beliefs

  • Playing Cricket betting is not similar to betting on football, and it is quickly withdrawn due to rain since it becomes unimaginable to play cricket in the rain.
  • The climate has a massive effect on cricket that could make or bust the game. Always check the climate projection before the match, or even sufficiently, get nearer to the ground on the day of the competition to get your prior knowledge of the weather aspects.
  • When a match is shut due to rains, it is displayed as a draw. These kinds of incidents will affect your pre-match wager to earn money in cricket betting online.
  • It will be impacted most when the bets are made before the tournaments. So, maintain the weather condition in the W88 account.


#6. Bankroll Management

  • This goes further betting as per a bunch of regulations, or not going on inclination. If you wish to make a big cash prize and earn money in cricket betting online, you must hold a considerable bankroll so you can split it up between multiple versions.
  • And your bankroll must be extensive and sufficient to bear losses. The better you want to split up your funds, the more cash you should own.
  • In addition, if you desire to bet for a living, you must maintain enough finances for living expenditures so that you don’t require to drag any gains until your bankroll is HUGE.
  • The most significant sharps would include 6-7+ figure bankrolls. Enough to put bets and pay their scorers. Your dreams may be different. So, rise accordingly.

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#7. Keep an eye on who wins the toss

  • Coin toss where the winning captain decides whether to bat or field at the 1st event is a key instance in determining who will stay forward in the match.
  • If the captain opt-in for batting after winning the toss, it acts as an extraordinary advantage for the team.
  • These strategies are not going to cause you an instant champion. But they can certainly support your rise up the ladder.
  • Betting online on reputed and reliable sites like W88 India for completing the betting is necessary.


Betting money on cricket has a win-win situation. While accomplishing it, you may either benefit from it or fail plenty in the process. But the situation can be offset with the appropriate familiarity with the sports events and learning how to earn money in cricket betting online at W88. All the explanations provided overhead are just leads to start having a finer insight of online cricket betting. If you desire to keep gambling, follow the strategies listed above and do not get addicted to it.

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