10 Secret Cricket betting Strategies pro bettors won’t tell!

Top 10 Secret Cricket Betting Strategies revealed to win like a pro on hot cricket matches online. Learn the best cricket betting tactics pros use for 99% wins!

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Playing cricket betting online is one of the most fun ways to earn extra cash, especially using sites like the W88 Betting platform. However, to be successful in this you must first learn how to wager online using cricket betting strategies. The cricket betting strategies mentioned here are used by many pro bettors to boost their winning rate with 99% accuracy.

cricket betting strategies to win online by professionals

1. Wager with betting systems to maintain your bankroll

  • The first one of the many cricket betting strategies is to wager using betting systems to maintain your bankroll.
  • You can choose to play with progressive betting systems which require you to increase your betting stakes based on your wins or losses.
  • Or you can use the non-progressive betting systems which require you to maintain the same wagering amount throughout your betting sessions.

2. Up your betting skills with statistical chart analysis

  • Second Cricket Tips and Tricks, on this list of cricket betting strategies, is to make use of the statistical betting charts provided by your online betting sites.
  • These statistical betting charts contain data of the previous matches played by the teams which gives you a clear idea of which team is more likely to win.
  • In fact, pro bettors make odds predictions based on these statistical chart data and thus this is one of the best cricket betting strategies you can use.

pro cricket betting strategies to win online by professionals

3. Understand the importance of high and low betting odds

  • In continuation with the aforementioned cricket betting strategies, it is important to understand the meaning and importance of the betting odds under betting options when learning How to Play Cricket Betting online.
  • Higher odds are given to the teams that are more unlikely to win and since they have to defy these higher odds, the payout wins is more than lower odds.
  • This automatically means that lower odds are provided to the teams that are more likely to win and since they have lower odds to defy, you can wager on lower odds to win more bets in smaller amounts.

4. Wager more on Over/Under betting options for the match

  • One of the most helpful cricket betting strategies that you can use to win big online is to make use of over/under bets more often.
  • Over/Under bets require you to predict total team scores instead of individual team scores thereby eliminating competition between the teams when it comes to betting.
  • There are many over/under betting options that you can choose from when playing cricket betting online.

5. Make use of the live match stream in your sportsbooks

  • Another best cricket betting strategy that you can use is to make use of the live stream match services offered by your online sports betting site.
  • Observing some of the matches can help you make accurate betting predictions over time.
  • If you use online sportsbooks like W88 then you can even enjoy the thrills of the live match in the best resolution possible. Learn How to Play Online Cricket Betting at W88 via our simple betting guide.

secret cricket betting strategies to win online by professionals

6. Try out the ladder system when wagering on events

  • The next best cricket betting strategy is to wager with the ladder system which is one of the progressive betting systems.
  • When betting with the ladder system, you must wager on a match with an initial betting stake and increase it on every winning bet.
  • However, this ladder system can only be applied for betting on an entire cricket betting league effectively to win by the end of it as the best cricket betting strategy, so join the W88 register and stay up to date with the cricket leagues.

7. Consider other factors outside the sportsbook for bets

  • When you are playing cricket betting online, it is important to note that there are other factors from outside the sportsbook that help as cricket strategies and tactics to win.
  • These factors include team player retirement or addition, injuries, weather forecasts, and other team information outside of the sportsbook.
  • Learning all this can help you focus on which team to wager on and which ones to avoid as betting strategies cricket online.

8. Play more double-chance betting options in cricket

  • The betting option you choose to wager on can also help in winning cricket bets as part of your cricket strategies and tactics.
  • One such betting option is the double chance betting option that you can get in your sportsbooks wherein you can wager on two of the three outcomes of the 1X2 betting option.
  • Here you can wager on the possibility of team 1 win or draw, team 2 win or draw, or team 1 or team 2 win, making this one of the easiest betting options to play as betting strategies cricket.

pro cricket betting strategies to win online by experts

9. Apply for online sportsbook bonuses to increase bankroll

  • Online sportsbooks often offer sportsbook bonuses on the first deposit you make in your newly registered account, and this is one of the best online cricket strategies and tactics you can use.
  • These bonuses help in boosting your account wallet which lets you play fun cricket betting online without spending a lot of cash from your own pockets.
  • The W88 Promotion on the sportsbook gives members up to ₹15,000 welcome bonus on new accounts and first deposit.

10. Do not wager with huge amounts in one go

  • When many people play cricket betting they often then to wager big amounts to win big payouts in one go and this highly depends on luck.
  • But wagering with huge amounts in one go is never a good betting strategies cricket tip. So, instead, you must wager in smaller amounts and increase them with the ladder system slowly.
  • However, this increment in betting should also have a limit so that you do not lose all your existing cash in one go as part of cricket strategies and tactics you use.

cricket betting strategies to win online by experts


These were the 10 secret Cricket Betting Strategies that pro bettors won’t tell you about. Using these you can boost your winning rate by 98% in sportsbooks. Be sure to use top sportsbooks like the W88 sportsbook wherein you can get a 100% up to ₹15,000 welcome bonus on your new member accounts. For more betting tips and tricks keep visiting our no.1 betting guide website.

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