W88 sponsoring Crystal Palace and Leicester City in EPL

W88 sponsors EPL teams like Crystal Palace and Leicester City F.C. It supports game tournaments and teams who have the same mission to bring joy to the people.

Although W88 is a well-known virtual sportsbook and popular online casino, some people still ask who W88 is. They keep on wondering why the W88 logo was seen in the English Premier League tournaments, shirts of the Wolves Football Club, and jerseys of Aston Villa.

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Also curious about this rapidly growing gaming brand from Asia? Read on as we reveal the connection of the W88 logo to these football personalities!

Media Presence as a W88 Sponsor

It is true: the W88 top gaming operator in Asia is the reason why you see the W88 logo in the jerseys of your favorite English Premier League teams. Hoping to reach a wider audience—in search engines, social networking sites, and even avid sports fans—the company stepped out of its comfort zone and introduced itself throughout the world by being a W88 sponsor.

The W88 club gaming has focused to cater to Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

W88 sponsoring Crystal Palace and Leicester City in EPL

But since it is expanding its W88 sportsbook gaming experience more than ever, it started sponsoring game tournaments like Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga 1, English Premier League, and so much more.

It has been a W88 sponsor to many games and teams already—the main reason why you might have seen the W88 logo already. As a veteran in the online gambling industry, it is possible that you may become familiar with the brand or the logo of W88.

W88 in EPL: English Premier League

As mentioned above, W88 has given sponsorship to game tournaments and sports players. And its golden highlight? When the W88 logo was seen at the English Premier League.

W88 sponsoring Crystal Palace and Leicester City in EPL

W88 shook the whole world when it was given a special appearance in the EPL, the top-level football league system in England. Since then, the W88 EPL has been a powerhouse together and no one can deny that fact!

W88 and Leicester City Collaboration

Remember Emile Heskey from Leicester City Football Club? Yes, him! He was the W88’s official brand ambassador of 2018!

From that collaboration, W88 was then headed as an official betting partner of the Leicester City F.C. for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Premier League seasons!

W88 sponsoring Crystal Palace and Leicester City in EPL

What do the Foxes say? They are delighted! As Jonathan Gregory, Leicester City’s Commercial Director said, “It’s exciting to have such an ambitious brand on board and we look forward to creating unique content and offerings for our fans in the UK and around the world.”

The said collaboration of the two is a major step on both sides as they expand their global footprints forward. As the Foxes partnered with W88, the team became known better in Asia. And as W88 partnered with the Foxes, W88 became popularized in England.

Moreover, the W88-Leicester City FC partnership for consistently three years projects tribute to playing sports heritage richer and fuller on both actual and online. It developed meaningful relationships and fan experiences that made positive impact on both brands.

W88 and Crystal Palace Partnership

And because of W88’s successful partnership with the W88-Leicester City, as well as the Wolves and Aston Villa jerseys sponsorship—W88 is now sponsoring Crystal Palace.

The W88-Crystal Palace Football Club collaboration has agreed to cover the 2020 to 2021 EPL season where the W88 logo would also be featured on the front jersey of the playing team. So, yes, W88 is the club’s new jersey sponsor for the season! Yahoo!

W88 sponsoring Crystal Palace and Leicester City in EPL

W88 and The Eagles announced this hot news a month before the EPL’s welcoming season in September. Talking about W88, Crystal Palace F.C. Chairman Steve Parish announced, “We are delighted to welcome W88 as a new principal partner and shirt sponsor for the 2020-2021 season.”

Soaring together to get the jackpots—thus, the goals—W88 Business Development Manager Hilly Ehrlich said that the team is delighted to be working with Crystal Palace because it is a club with a rich history in south London spanning more than a century.

Similar to the Foxes, this collab is a win for both parties. W88 could assist the football club in the Asian market, while the Crystal Palace could promote W88 to its English fans. Great, right! It is exciting to see W88 Crystal Palace together. Bet everyone looks forward to this!

W88 Sponsorships and Sports Betting

Indeed, W88 is a top gaming operator—not just in Asia, but it is rising in different parts of the world. It shows, doesn’t it? Its W88 logo would continue to be distributed to game tournaments and team shirts because W88 has high hopes to conquer the world, one game at a time.

Check Out W88 Sportsbook Games

With all these things said…. You might be up for some W88 sportsbook game? More than a W88 sponsor in EPL, W88 is an amazing sportsbook website!

W88 sponsoring Crystal Palace and Leicester City in EPL

W88 offers e-Sports Asian and European and v-Sports anytime and anywhere! With its virtual app, you are just one tap away to sports playing. The games range from Soccer and Football, of course, but it also includes Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Boxing and more!

Who is W88? W88 is W88!

Some people might still be skeptical about who the W88 sponsor is. But it is okay as long as W88 knows its mission in the world: to provide positive entertainment to gamers and its members through fun gaming and earning money.

Most importantly and for sure, the brand clearly depicts full trust and integrity with sports, namely soccer and football, at its very core—period.

If you are interested for more W88 sportsbook, make sure to visit W88indi daily, okay!

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