W88 Sponsorship 2023: Know the impressive W88 sponsor history

Learn the W88 Sponsorship deals from W88 jersey partner Burnley F.C. to the first big deal with Wolverhampton. Join W88 for 150% up to ₹15,000 sportsbook bonus!

W88 Sponsorship 2023  W88 Sportsbook  W88 Bonus ₹15,000

The W88 website has been gaining popularity thanks to the top-notch quality products offered by the all-rounder betting site. But the most important hand behind the popularity of the betting site is its amazing sponsorship deals throughout the years. So, here we will be introducing you to the W88 sponsorship deals throughout the years, from their very recent W88 Jersey sponsor Burnley F.C. to their very first sports sponsor deal with Wolverhampton.

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list throughout the years w88indi

W88 Burnley F.C. signs jersey sponsor deal in 2023

As you scroll down, you will be introduced to many of the amazing W88 Sponsor deals throughout the years, with the most recent one being the W88 Burnley F.C. sponsor deal. This deal took place in early 2023, for the new European Premier League season for the year. Create an account in the W88 Register today to bet on top Burnley F.C. matches and get amazing bonus offers.

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review burnley F.C.

  • The W88 website proudly announces the new sponsor deal in 2023. This sponsorship deal is a W88 Jersey sponsor deal with one of the top football teams, Burnley F.C.
  • W88 Burnley F.C. sponsor deal began on 28th June, 2023, and will go on for European Premier League series till 2024.
  • During this tenure, the W88 team and the Burnley F.C. team will be promoting each other via various means wherein W88 will prioritize all Burnley F.C. matches and give huge bonus offers for betting on their matches.
  • And since this is a W88 jersey sponsor, the W88 logo will be worn by all players on all their kits during matches. Moreover, these W88 jersey kits for Burnley F.C. can be purchased by fans from the Burnley F.C. official site as merchandise.
  • Besides this, the W88 Burnley sponsor deal will bring campaigns, charities, and also fan interaction, among other programs for the year.

W88 successes in 2022 with sponsor deal with Fulham F.C. and Argentine F.A

The W88 Burnley F.C. W88 jersey sponsor deal is definitely one of the best deals that are going on successfully so far, with W88 offering the fans and bettors a W88 account with extravagant W88 promotion bonuses for betting on Burnely matches and also promoting the word on their social accounts. However, W88 has an impressive list of sponsor history especially those of the year 2022. This W88 sponsor deal with Fulham F.C. and the Argentine F.A. was a great success among them all!

Fulham F.C. – W88 Jersey Sponsor, 2022

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review fulham fc

In the year 2022, the W88 website signed a contract with the Fulham Football Club in a W88 Jersey Sponsor partnership deal. This W88 sponsorship was a similar one to their current W88 Burnley F.C. sponsor deal. The W88 logo was worn on the 2022 Fulham Football Club league which was also sold as merchandise for fan purchase. Just like W88 Burnley, the W88 Fulham sponsor deal was promoted as a priority matches with bonus offers on the W88 website. Besides this, both parties promoted each other via different means like fan events, bonuses, campaigns, etc.

Argentine F.A. – Regional Partner, 2022

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review argentine fa

In the year 2022, the W88 team signed another successful W88 sponsor deal with the Argentine Football Association Internation team. This sponsor deal was a Regional Partnership deal where Argentine F.A. posed as W88’s Regional partner in Asia. This would mean that the Argentine Football Association prompted the website in Asia while W88 prioritized all Argentine Football matches for Asian players in the W88 Sportsbook. To add to the success, the AFA team won the Qatar 2022 World Cup during this W88 sponsorship tenure.

Know about the impressive W88 sponsorship deals throughout the years

Just like the aforementioned W88 sponsor deals, W88 has an impressive history of partnerships with some of the top football teams in the sports domain. Moreover, most of these deals were successful and beneficial to not only both parties but also to the fans globally. Thanks to these deals, the W88 franchise managed to increase their brand popularity worldwide.

Crystal Palace F.C.

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review crystal palace
Main Sponsor, 2020

The W88 sponsor deal for W88 Crystal Palace was a success as both parties partnered up as Main Sponsor which also was a W88 jersey partnership deal where Crystal Palace wore the W88 logo on front of their kit. This W88 sponsorship went on for the year 2020 to 2021 European Premier League.

Aston Villa F.C.

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review aston villa
Main Sponsor, 2019

In the year 2019, W88 signed a deal with one of the top football teams, Aston Villa. This W88 Aston Villa Deal was signed under the Main Sponsor title where Aston Villa players wore the W88 Jersey kit during this tenure. This deal lasted for a year til 2020, for the European Premier League.

Leicester City F.C.

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review leicester city
Official Betting Partner, 2018

The W88 Leicester City W88 sponsor deal was another early W88 partnership in the year 2018. This W88 sponsor deal was signed where W88 posed as Leicester City’s official betting partner. Which meant that W88 prioritized all Leicester City matches in the W88 Sportsbook for fans to bet.

Wolverhampton F.C.

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review wolverhampton fc
W88 Jersey Sponsor, 2018

The earliest successful W88 sponsorship was with Wolverhampton F.C. in the year 2018. This deal, in fact, gave W88 their famous Black and Gold logo to match the W88 jersey kit that the Wolves wore during this W88 Wolves Sponsor. This promotion deal lasted for a European Premier League year 2018 to 2019.

2 successful W88 Brand Ambassador deals

The success of the W88 sponsorship list does not end here as the Brand Ambassadors of the W88 franchise also boosted W88’s brand popularity over the years. Let us take a look at the 2 successful W88 Brand Ambassador deals over the years. Join the W88 website to get some of the best W88 Promotion offers on sportsbooks.

Brian Lara: 2021 – ongoing

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review brian lara

The current Brand Ambassador of the W88 franchise is Brian Lara. Brian Lara is a Trinidadian International cricketer, who is one of the top batsmen in the cricket world. Brian Lara promotes the W88 brand via interviews, campaigns, and other works with W88.

Emile Heskey: 2018 – 2019

w88 sponsorship jersey partnership list w88indi review emile heskey

The very first W88 brand ambassador was Emile Heskey. Emile Heskey was a former England and Liverpool football players, known for also being one of the tops in his domain. Emile Heskey’s ambassadorship deal started in 2018 and lasted till 2019.


These were the W88 Sponsorship deals throughout the years from their latest W88 jersey sponsor to their very first principle partner W88 Wolves. With these impressive deals, W88 managed to grow its audience extensively, giving back extravagant promotional deals for the players. Moreover, the fans of the teams received merchandise that they could purchase from official W88 and Sponsor stores. So create an account in the W88 register today for future exciting W88 sponsor deals.