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Do you want to play Casino games but all the rules seem too overwhelming? Well, we are here to help you start playing online casinos with one of the easy casino games Dragon Tiger. Not only this, we will be using W88, one of the best sites for beginners to learn. By the end of this article, you will get all the information you need to start playing Dragon Tiger online.

Understanding the Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger

Before we play any game, it is important to understand its basics and rules – the same goes for Dragon Tiger and other casino games. The reason Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest casino games you can play as a beginner is that the rules of the games as well as the gameplay are very easy to understand. Besides this, even the betting options are pretty simple to choose from.


  • The main objective of the game is to bet on either Dragon or Tiger. Whichever side gets the best ranking card wins the game!
  • There are also Tie bets that you can place just for the thrill of it. Together, they make up the 3 main bets. Besides these, there are additional side bets that you can make like Odd/Even, etc.
  • Now, what does “best ranking card” mean in a game of Dragon Tiger? Well, all cards have ranks in a 52 deck of cards.
  • In Dragon Tiger, the King has the highest rank of 13 while the Ace has the lowest rank of 1. Thus, Queen and Joker cards rank 12 and 11, respectively. The remaining cards in between have ranked according to their face value – 5 ♣️ will rank 5.

3 Rules of the Dragon Tiger Gameplay

Just like the main objective of the game, the gameplay and Dragon Tiger game rules itself is very simple to follow. All you must do is place your bets accurately when the time calls for it.

  • The game begins with the player, which is you, placing a bet on your preferred bet option before the timer ends.
  • When the timer ends, the dealer will start dealing a card for the Dragon and Tiger side each face-up.
  • Whichever side gets the bigger rank, wins the bet.

Thus, if the Dragon side gets a 10♥️ and the Tiger side gets a 3♠️, then the Dragon side wins because 10 is more than 3.

Play Dragon Tiger Casino Game at W88 in 3 easy steps

Let’s get to the main part of the article – how to play Dragon Tiger online at W88. We are using W88 as our betting site here because it offers you many benefits. You can even apply for their casino welcome promotion of 150% up to ₹12,000 when making your first deposit to win more cash online!

Step 1: Join W88 India & Visit Live Casino

The first step you must take to play the Dragon Tiger Casino Game is to join a cool betting site, which is W88.

  • To do this, you must go to W88’s official site and click on “Join“. This is when you will be introduced to the W88 register form wherein you will have to enter your personal details precisely.


  • You must also remember to create an account with a unique username and a strong password. Finally, it is important for you to deposit money in your W88 wallet after adding your bank details and verifying your account.
  • Once all this is done, you will have a complete W88 account that is ready to play Dragon Tiger Online. So, you must visit the Live Casino and continue following the steps mentioned below.

Step 2: Find a Suitable Dragon Tiger Casino Game Room

In the next step, you must find a proper and suitable Dragon Tiger Casino Game Room.

  • Once you have entered the Live Casino domain at W88, you will see many amazing game room providers, as well as their game rooms.


  • Since you are there to play Dragon Tiger, you must type Dragon Tiger in the Search Bar for instant results.
  • When you find the game, select the game room most suitable for you. The most suitable game room should have the lowest betting option so that you can play more!

Note: Virtual Dragon Tiger game room offers the minimum betting rate of ₹1 only! However, if you want to win more then you should go for the game room offered by GamePlay Interactive whose minimum betting rate is ₹25 only.

  • Once you have selected your game room, you can follow the next step to place a bet.

Step 3: Place a Bet and Enjoy the thrill!

The last step is to place your bets on your preferred betting option using your own Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy – Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

  • To do this, you must select the least betting amount from the chips below and click on any of the options on the betting table.


  • You must do this before the timer ends in the Dragon Tiger game room. Once that is done, the dealer will start dealing with the cards – one card for each side.

Whoever gets the highest rank wins the bet in the Dragon Tiger game.

Best Betting Options in Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Now that you have learnt how to join and play Dragon Tiger online using W88, let us also tell you all about the betting options you can choose from. As mentioned above, there are two kinds of bets that you can place when learning how to play Dragon Tiger online:

  1. Main Bets: Main Bets in Dragon Tiger refers to the three Dragon, Tiger, or Tie bets.
  2. Side Bets: Side bets are smaller bets that can be made in addition to the main bets. These include Dragon Odd/Even and Tiger Odd/Even bets.
Betting Options in Dragon TigerPayouts in Dragon Tiger
Dragon Odd1:1
Tiger Odd1:1
Dragon Even1:1
Tiger Even1:1
  • Dragon/ Tiger Even: Here, you bet on whether the rank on the Dragon or Tiger side will be an Even number.
  • Dragon/Tiger Odd: Here, you bet on whether the rank of the Dragon or Tiger side will be an Odd number.

Dragon Tiger is often compared to Baccarat, however, when it comes to the betting options, Dragon Tiger is easier to win. So, when it comes to placing bets in Dragon Tiger, you can place any of the bets and get a good payout when you win!

A Real-Money Dragon Tiger Casino Game Play at W88

Let’s take a real money gameplay example of how to play Dragon Tiger real cash game. As you will see, the game is very easy to follow and win, especially for beginners.

Round 1: Place your bets wisely: Dragon or Tiger?

  • Round 1 begins with a timer set for you to place your bets.
  • Here, the dealer will wait for you to place your bets and once the timer ends, the dealer will start dealing the cards


  • In this case, we have placed a 25 chip, which means a ₹25 bet on Tiger.

Round 2: Boost your wallet by winning!

  • In round 2, the dealer will deal the card one by one, face up.
  • Then based on the card rank of each side, the winner will be chosen. If the ranks are similar, then it will be a tie.


  • In this scenario, we have won the ₹25 bets that were placed on the Tiger because the Dragon’s side has a rank of 2, while the player got a King card, which ranks 13.


In conclusion, you have learnt how to play Dragon Tiger online, as well as have learnt the basic rules of the game. Besides this, you also have been introduced to the main bets and side bets in the betting options of the Dragon Tiger casino game. Glance through our dragon tiger real cash game and understand how the gameplay of the casino games folds out. With this, we bid farewell – Happy Betting!