W88 Review India 2024- The no.1 betting site’s pros and cons

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About W88 India Betting Company

The W88 betting site is known to be one of the best online gambling site on the internet and this is all thanks to the products and services the website has managed to distribute worldwide since 2007. At W88, you will find many amazing things like their betting products and amazing new member bonuses but to truly know how good this betting site is you must read this W88 Review from our expert teams. In this article, you will find the pros and cons of using the W88 betting company’s website so let’s get into it.

w88 review india 2023 by w88indi experts

Is W88 legal to use in India?

Before we get into looking at the pros and cons of the W88 betting site, let us first address the legality of this reputed site in India. Indian laws prevent gambling because of their laws. However, since the W88 betting site owns a license from the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate provides, it can distribute its services to people across the globe legally.

w88 review india 2023 by w88indi w88 betting company license

What this means is that the W88 dashboard products are tested by the certificate providers allowing them to promote them world-wise as a betting company. Thus, Indian laws do not apply to the W88 website but if you want to play from India on the site, it is important that you game online with caution as the Indian laws still apply to customers who make a W88 Register from India playing with the INR currency.

What will you find on the W88 Dashboard?

As a W88 member, there are many benefits that you can get and the pros and cons below can clearly give you the basic idea of this. But knowing what to expect before you join the W88 website is important and so, in this section, we will introduce you to the amazing products you can get your hands on as a member. The products are available on the W88 dashboard which you can access and play for huge payouts.

W88 review W88 sportsbook

W88 Sportsbook

W88 review W88 live casino

W88 Live Casino

W88 review W88 slots

W88 Slots

W88 review W88 fishing

W88 Fishing

W88 review W88 games

W88 Games

W88 review W88 lottery

W88 Lottery

W88 review W88 poker

W88 Poker

On the W88 website, you can find more than 100 gaming products that you can use to play for an entertaining time but all these products can be summed up into 7 categories. The 7 categories include W88 Sportsbook, W88 Live Casino, W88 Slots, W88 Fishing, W88 Games, W88 Lottery, and W88 Poker.

From these, the W88 Sportsbook and Live Casino products are the most used products where you get to bet on hot matches on amazing sportsbooks plus you get to game in game rooms provided by top game room providers in the betting world online.

As for the Slots, Fishing, Games, and Lottery section, you get to play for free in the demo rooms or real money for real money payouts. As for Poker, you can download the official poker application from Gameplay Interactive, one of the major gaming distributors at W88. Regardless of which product you decide to use from these 7 categories, entertainment with a reasonable amount is guaranteed!

Pros of using the W88 website in India

Getting to the important part of this article, let us now look into the main pros and cons of the W88 betting site to help you understand whether or not this site is for you. This W88 review is given by trying and testing the products on the website as well as the other benefits like the W88 promotion new member first deposit bonuses and customer services.

1. Legal and safe to use

  • As mentioned above, the W88 betting site is legal to use as it owns a license provided by the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers.
  • This means that the products on the site are tested by the top gaming laboratories and approved of with a certificate to operate.
  • Adding to this, this license on the site is often updated from time to time as they have expiration dates on them which adds to the credibility.

2. Secure online transactions

  • The next thing on this betting site is the security it brings to its customers by providing them with a secure betting environment.
  • This secure environment also helps customers game online by making safe transactions like a W88 Deposit and withdrawals as the website is protected with an SSL certification.
  • Moreover, W88 offers its customers with a free bet of ₹250 so that they can verify their details and safeguard sensitive information in the W88 database.

3. Products provided by top distributors

  • At W88, you will find game rooms and sportsbooks from well-known providers and bookies in the betting world.
  • This adds to the credibility of the website as well as boosts the gaming sessions with more entertainment as these providers are skilled in their own area.
  • Here you will find different kinds of gaming products with a lot of variety which you can play for real money or for free in the demo rooms.
w88 review india 2023 by w88indi w88 betting company sportsbook

4. Offers Mobile application to game

  • The W88 website brings to its customers a mobile application that they can use for gaming on the website.
  • This application is available to download via a QR code given on the W88 official betting site and it is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • To add to this, the W88 Mobile application comes as a lite app meaning it does not take up a lot of storage on your device.

5. More than 50 free games to play

  • On the W88 website you will find more than 50 game rooms to choose from which makes this an all-rounder betting site.
  • So, whether you like playing casino games, sports betting, or even the slots, there is a game room that will appeal to everything you need.
  • To add to this, the slots, games, lottery, fishing sections on the W88 website have free game rooms to try in their demo mode.

6. No deposit W88 Free credit of ₹250

  • Above we mentioned that the W88 betting site gives you the utmost security on your account but to secure things from your end, you must complete account verification.
  • To ensure that everybody does this, the W88 website provides customers with a ₹250 free bet on their account after they verify their details.
  • When you complete the verification of your phone number, email address, add a bank account detail, and secure these with a security question, you will be granted the W88 Free Credit.
w88 review india 2023 by w88indi w88 betting company live casino

7. 2 different W88 promotions to choose

At the W88 website, you get 3 first deposit W88 Promotion bonuses that you can use on the respective product:

  1. Get 150% up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook product upon making the minimum first deposit of ₹500.
  2. Grab 150% up to₹12,000 on live casino product with a minimum deposit of ₹500 as your first deposit.

Regardless of which promotion offer you choose, you must complete the rollover requirements of 15 times to make a successful W88 withdrawal.

8. Sponsors of your favorite sports teams

  • Another fact about W88 that adds credibility to the website is its impressive history of sponsors that they have partnered up with over the years.
  • These sponsors are some of the top football teams in the sports world and they have helped promote W88’s brand name across the globe in successful partnership deals.
  • In 2023, the W88 Burnley F.C. sponsorship was announced as each other’s principal partners on the betting site.

9. W88 live chat and other 24/7 support

  • When using an online betting site, especially as a beginner, you may need some assistance and to help out with this, W88 has a live chat button on every page of their website.
  • This W88 Live Chat button can be used for solving elaborated to small queries about the W88 betting site to get quick replies.
  • Other ways of contacting the W88 customer service is via their WhatsApp, Email, or Telegram accounts.
w88 review india 2023 by w88indi w88 betting company slots

Cons of using the W88 betting company

At W88 India, there are many exciting products and deals you can get your hands on as a member. But since we promised this would be an honest review, it is important that you also know about the downsides of playing at W88.

1. Live chat may take time for ellaborated queries

  • As stated above, the live chat service offered by W88 can help you receive answers almost instantly however, this depends on the question asked.
  • If W88 has an elaborated question to answer, then they take up to 3 minutes to respond in detail which may or may not help.
  • Moreover, if there are too many questions asked or if you seem suspicious with your questions, they may put forth questions to confirm identity for security purposes which can be troubling.

2. One withdrawal method on the website

  • Another thing that may bother you as a W88 member is that there is only one withdrawal method available on the betting site and that is the Bank Transfer method.
  • This means that you have to physically go and get your W88 Withdrawal done from your local bank which depends on banking hours and holidays.
  • One best solution to this is to use the Crypto account which can create at the time of your registration or by clicking on the ‘Create MY Crypto Account’ button from your profile. This would enable you to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfers online.

3. Must make deposit and withdrawal to use ₹250 free credit

  • Another important thing that may not appeal to you is regarding the W88 free credit on the betting site as this credit is appeared as locked on your betting account.
  • To unlock it, you will have to make a minimum deposit of ₹250 and then rollover the amount once to make a withdrawal of minimum ₹100.
  • This means that in total you must withdraw ₹100 to get the ₹250 free bet unlocked, which is not very appealing.
w88 review india 2023 by w88indi w88 betting company gaming products


This was the details W88 Review on the no.1 betting site in Asia. Reading this carefully is important as this betting site and its products may or may not appeal to you. If it appeals to you, then be sure to keep visiting W88indi for betting tips, tricks, strategies, tutorials, and insights on the W88 website to help turn you from a beginner to a pro player in no time!