12 Lucky 7 Winning Strategies to Win ₹7,000 online EVERY DAY!

Use Lucky 7 Winning Strategy to Boost Your Winnings By 97%! Apply 12 Master tricks to Earn ₹7,000 DAILY + Casino Bonus ₹12,000 + Free Credit ₹250 at W88 India.

Lucky 7 Card Game  W88 Live Casino  W88 Bonus ₹12,000

Enjoy playing online casino games with easy rules? Then the Lucky 7 Card Game is definitely something you should try! However, if you like winning while playing this card game, then look no further because all you will need is an online betting site like W88 and these 12 pro casino tricks to place the most accurate bets in the 7 Up Down Game online. So, without further ado, let’s look at these 12 pro-winning strategies to increase your lucky 7 winning rates by at least 97%!


1. To Win, You Need a Good Online Casino to Play

The first thing that you must do if you want to win big in Lucky 7 card games is to select a good online betting site which allows you to score big wins easily. But this is only one small aspect of it as finding a good online betting site requires you to research more. So, here are 3 important things that you must look for in a good online betting site.

  1. Legality: The first thing that you should look into is the online casino’s legality. This is because in India online casinos are only allowed to operate well if they own a license from a foreign company. That being said, it is important to also find out the legality of the license providers for more assurance.
  2. Security: Next, it is important that your online casino site makes you feel safe and secure enough to make online transactions. This means that the transaction processes should run smoothly and not include any third-party website. The online casino you select should own an SSL certificate which approves the connection as a secure one.
  3. Responsibility: Lastly, although you have to be responsible when gambling online from your end, it is necessary that you take precautions by selecting a betting site that takes responsibility for the way you gamble as well. This means that they should offer welcome bonuses to ease your wallet so that you do not end up spending too much money from your own pocket. It is also essential that they offer some good game rooms which we will look into shortly.

2. Select a Good Game Room with a Low Betting Rate

Another thing that you must ensure when you learn how to play lucky 7 card game, is that the lucky 7 game room that you select should be a good one to play at which offers everything in one place. Although this seems like something small detail, it is important to follow this lucky 7 winning strategy because it can help you in many small ways.

  • Firstly, if your online casino’s game room offers you with low minimum betting rates than the others, then it will help you not only play more games but also place bets moderately using your own money.
  • Next, your online game room should give you accurate betting odds to place bets so that you can win the game with ease. Additionally, it should have live dealer video options where you can observe the gameplay well.
  • Lastly, it is important that your online betting site should have a previous winning bet table where you can analyze the scores of all the winning bets to place even more accurate bets in the 7 Up Down game.


3. Observe the Game Before Placing Bets

Before getting to the most important lucky 7 winning strategy, it is necessary that you first understand the rules of the games as well as the betting options in the game room. Additionally, it is wise to go ahead and read the rules in the game room thoroughly as well to be in sync with the gameplay.

  • However, once you have done all this, it is important to note that you do not have to immediately go ahead and place bets in the game room online because first, you should observe the gameplay for a while.
  • Observing the gameplay can tell you many things like how the gameplay flows or whether the live casino dealer is being honest with dealing cards and more.
  • But most importantly, it will give you an insight into which bets are winning more in the game room so you can use this information to place even more accurate bets online.

4. Place Bets on Only One Betting Option For Some Initial Rounds

After you have observed some betting rounds, it is time to apply the next Lucky 7 tricks to win and that is to place your first bets in your online casino game room. You must do so by using the minimum betting rate on the table at least in the initial rounds. Additionally, you should go ahead and place bets only on one betting option for some rounds as a continuation to observe the gameplay in the game room.

  • When you observe say about 10 rounds in the lucky 7 game room online, you will have to note down all the bets that have been won in the game room.
  • Using this data, you will see that one of the betting options is bound to win more rounds than the other, so to continue your observations, you must now wager on the winning betting option to see if you still win or not.
  • Additionally, you can also compare your observations with the ones that the game room provides of the previously winning bets. This will help you deduce not only the accurate betting options but would also help you get a time frame of the winning intervals.


5. Make Use of the Side Bets on the Table

Another pro move you can use, if you want to know how to win in Lucky 7 card game,  is by making proper use of the side betting option in the game room. Doing so would help you win additional payouts or you could sometimes use the side betting options as a backup bet you make to win in case you lose the main bets.

  • Making use of the side betting options can be as easy as making bets on the main options after thorough observations, all you have to do is understand the betting options and look out for which ones win the most.
  • In the lucky 7 game room, there are two side betting options that come in pair which is the odd/even option and the red/black option.
  • So, observing which main bets win most of the rounds would give you accurate bets to place but with the side betting options, you can have the chance of winning more payouts if your observations are correct.

6. Maintain a Betting Limit to Maximize Profit

Another important lucky 7 winning strategy that pro players use to win more profits is to use their money in the game room wisely. this means that you should enter the game room with a betting limit in mind which would help you not use too much money, bet wisely and ensure that you do not spend too much time by playing lucky 7 online all day.

  • Setting a betting limit to maximize profit is the best thing you can do to avoid spending a lot of money in any casino game room online.
  • Thus, it is important that you set daily betting limits which you must follow thoroughly to use less money from your own pockets online.
  • If you wish to play more then you should utilize the minimum betting option in the game room and also make use of the bonus offers your online casino offers you. Here on, you will learn some techniques with which you can save as much as you earn by playing the game online.


7. Use Betting Strategies to Boost Winnings

The best way to win more money by maintaining your daily betting limit is by using some ready made betting strategies at W88 online casino, which would help you maximize profits and minimise loss. These betting strategies are ready-made and even used by major investors in the share market online to gain as much profit as they can online.

  • Betting strategies are not only helpful but very entertaining to place bets with. These heavily depend on how good of a gambler you are and how much you win and lose in a single sitting. Based on these you must wager your account accordingly, however tr there are two main types of betting systems you can use to win more money online.
  • Progressive Betting Systems: Here, you are required to keep changing the amount you wager depending on your wins and losses.
  • Non-Progressive Betting Systems: Here you are required to maintain the same betting stake and sometimes wager on the same betting option regardless if you win or lose.

8. Use Progressive Betting Strategies More Often

The non-progressive betting systems will help you win rounds as you will be placing bets on the same betting option to eventually win some of them and lose some of them for the same betting stake you use. However, this is kind of risky as in the end you could be left without any profit. So, to gain profit progressive betting strategies is something you should go for more often.

  • The progressive betting strategy or system is used by many pro players online as it helps them increase their stake whenever they lose or win, to get back more than what they have lost.
  • One such famous strategy is the Martingale betting system where you must double your betting stake every time your experience a loss. This way you can win back the amount you lost when your win a betting round eventually.
  • But as a beginner, using the Martingale strategy can be risky as this is designed for high rollers and risk takers who are ready to bet huge amounts of money as they keep doubling it up.


9. Go With the D’Alembert Betting Strategy

Since the Martingale Strategy only works well for high rollers, let us introduce you to one of the strategies which you as a beginner can use to win in the same way pros do. This is the D’Alembert Betting Strategy which is similar to the martingale strategy except for some slight changes.

  • In the D’Alembert Strategy, you must use the same method where you increase your betting stake whenever you experience a loss. However, in this method, you must only increase the betting stake by one unit.
  • Next, when you win the money you previously lost, you can decrease your betting stake again by one unit. Repeat this pattern till you finally are done playing for the day.
  • This way you won’t only maintain a betting limit but also be earning more profits and winning back the previously lost betting amount online.

10. Claim the Welcome Bonus for Extra Cash to Play

Speaking of making more profits, in strategy 1 we mentioned how it is important to find an online betting site which offers you extravagant bonus offers that you can claim to boost your online casino account to play lucky 7 games online. Doing so would also give you a chance to play other casino games available on the site with the same winning cashback offer.

  • This is why we highly suggest you register an account at an online betting site like W88, because it gives you many benefits which you can easily claim to play more 7 up down games online.
  • The W88 bonus offers usually require you to make a deposit of the minimum account in your online casino wallet and complete the rollover requirements so that you can lock the bonus amount to play more casino games online.
  • If you apply for the W88 promotion, you can get up to ₹12,000 as a welcome bonus offer which you can roll over in the casino game rooms offered by prominent game providers in the betting world online.


11. Do not play all the betting rounds, Skip Some

Another thing that players should keep in mind when playing the Lucky 7 game is that they need to keep observing the game throughout the time they sit to play and not only in the initial betting rounds. Yes, you can find accurate bets to place and more when observing the initial rounds but like any other casino game, lucky 7 is bound to change the course of the game as well.

  • Thus, it is important that you maintain intervals where first you observe and then you play after a certain amount of betting rounds is completed. Then, you must go ahead and repeat this observe-bet-observe-bet pattern till you are done for the day.
  • However, to do this, there is one important thing you must maintain which is a certain betting limit so that you place bets moderately, however, you can also skip some rounds and place mental bets to avoid using your money.
  • Placing mental bets means that you observe some rounds of the game and mentally decide how many times the bet you mentally placed wins and how many times it does not. Doing so would give you an edge in placing even more accurate bets in each new betting round.

12. Trust Your Instincts as well as Observations

Throughout we have emphasized how important it is to place bets using your observations however, besides trusting your observations, it would be nice if you trust your instincts to place bets as well. Trusting your instincts to place bets online can help you in many ways.

  • When you place bets on any of the betting options based on your instincts, then you are playing the casino game in the most accurate way because instincts are close ties with prediction when it comes to gambling online.
  • Another reason to trust your instinct and place bets is to purely test your luck which is again a core aspect of gambling to place bets in any casino game room.
  • However, although observations make placing bets with instincts go very well, it can also work the other way around and thus create conflict, this is when you must make a call on whether you’ll be going with your instincts or observations.


In Conclusion

This was all from our end on the lucky 7 winning strategy which you can use to boost your winnings by 97%! Use these thoroughly in the W88 lucky 7 game room to complete your casino rollover requirement and claim the bonus of up to ₹12,000 with ease. With this, we bid adieu but before that, we want to remind you to gamble online responsibly because gambling recklessly is not a pro move, good luck!