12 Lucky 7 Tricks: Play Casino Card Game & Win ₹7,000 DAILY!

Try Out 12 Lucky 7 Tricks in Live Casino & become a 7 Up 7 Down Card Game Pro in no time! Follow these Lucky 7 Game tricks by W88indi to Win ₹7,000 Every day.

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Learning how to play most online casino games, like 7 Up 7 Down, can be easy however, winning these games can be challenging as it does not only depend on your luck but also certain casino tips and tricks. So here, using the W88 Lucky 7 game room, let us look at 12 Lucky 7 tricks which pro players use to play the 7 Up and Down game online.


1. Understand the Rules of the Game Room

The first and one of the most important lucky 7 tricks you should consider when playing the Lucky 7 card game is to pick a proper game room from a secure online betting casino site like W88. When you find such a game room, you must read and understand the rules and regulations of the game room.

  • Although most Lucky 7 game rooms have similar rules to play the 7 Up 7 Down game, there are some game rooms that are known to add or remove certain rules to make things more interesting in the gameplay.
  • Additionally, there are some game rooms which add more betting options and keep updating the side bets. So, visiting the rules of the game room would also give you important information on these betting options.
  • Additionally, the betting odds of the betting options in the game room are important and so, visiting the rules of the game room would help you get a better understanding od the betting odds of the available betting options.

2. Observe the Game Before Making Bets Online

When most players enter the Lucky 7 game room, they think of placing their bets immediately. Doing so is alright because of the betting odds available, however, in the next lucky 7 game tricks, it is important to note that pro players almost never place their first bets as soon as they join the Casino Game room.

  • Instead, they use the technique of observing the gameplay for certain betting rounds to place accurate bets, which is something you should always consider doing.
  • To do this, you have to skip some betting rounds and just observe which betting option, both main and side bets win the most.
  • Then based on this observation you can go ahead and place your bets on the most winning betting option. As you read more, you will learn some other cool Lucky 7 Game tricks to place bets on the most winning betting option.


3. Place Your Bets Based on the Hot/Cold Method

Now that you have understood why observing the gameplay whe learning how to play lucky 7 card game is important, let us teach you the hot/cold technique which you can use to place accurate bets in the Lucky 7 game room betting options as the next lucky 7 tricks on the list.

  • It is important to note that the hot/cold betting strategy is based on individual beliefs and so, to make your beliefs stronger and more accurate the tip of observing the gameplay is important.
  • However, after making these observations, you must skip a few more betting rounds and only place your bets when you think that the next round will be won by the most winning betting option, so here:
  • Hot: Hot refers to the bets made when you think that the most winning betting options will win the next round.
  • Cold: When you think that the next round will not be won by the observed most winning option, then you must not place the next bet, this is called Cold.

4. Make Use of the 7 Up Down Side Bets

Although the 7 up 7 Down game is mostly known for placing bets on whether the next card will be 7 Up or 7 Down or sometimes the exact Lucky 7, one of the most important lucky 7 casino game tricks is that it is necessary to consider the other betting options available in the game room as they can equally increase your chances of winning the game online.

  • Making use of the side betting option is sometimes what most pro players do, and this is because it helps you win extra even if you do not win the main betting option.
  • In fact, sometimes, you can just bet on the side bets alone without using the main betting options to win more rounds as they are sometimes much easier to win.
  • To place bets on the side bets, you can observe the gameplay as you did for the main bets where you can see which of the side bets, odd, even, red, or black, wins more rounds.


5. Start with the Minimum Betting Amount

When placing bets online in game rooms offered by online betting sites like W88 Casino, it is always wise to use the minimum betting amount to win more and although this is not exactly one of the main Lucky 7 casino game tricks, it can help you apply the other betting tricks efficiently in your Lucky 7 Game rooms.

  • Using the minimum betting amount in the game room is efficient as it will help you play 7 Up 7 Down betting rounds in a day.
  • Not only this but as mentioned above, with the minimum betting rate in the game room, you can place bets on both the main betting options as well as the side bets.
  • However, although this is one of the important lucky 7 tricks on the list, this does not mean, that you must continue to use the lowest betting amount in the game room to play most of the games. This is only a precaution you must take as a beginner to avoid major losses. As you grow confident as a gambler, you can gradually increase your betting stake.

6. To Save More, Use Betting Pattern Systems

One of the things pro gamblers keep in mind before placing bets online besides winning more rounds is to save more money and especially that which they entered the game room with. One way to do this is with the help of ready-made betting systems for online casino games.

In the gambling world, most gamblers use two kinds of betting systems which are the progressive betting systems and the other is the non-progressive betting systems.

  1. Progressive Betting Systems: progressive betting systems refer to when you increase or decrease your betting stake based on the outcome of the game.
  2. Non-Progressive Systems: non-progressive systems refer to when you maintain the same betting stake throughout your time in the online casino regardless of whether you win or lose.


7. The Andrucci Betting Pattern is Compatible with 7 Up Down Games

In continuation with the Lucky 7 Trick mentioned above, you must make use of one of the betting systems available. However, it is important to know that these betting systems are to help you save money and will depend on how many times you win or lose the game.

  • Since we emphasized that to win the Lucky 7 game, you must make use of thorough observations before placing your bets online and so the betting system which is the most compatible with this Lucky 7 trick is the Andrucci Betting System.
  • Although this system is regarded as one of the Best Roulette Systems, it applies well with 7 up and 7 down card games as you must observe which betting option wins more rounds by placing bets or just simply skipping rounds to look at the gameplay.
  • Accordingly, you can place bets then using the same betting option in every round you play so that you can eventually win more rounds since the observed betting option you will be using wins the most rounds.

8. Stick to One Betting System, Option and Pattern

As mentioned, the Andrucci betting system is the best when playing Lucky 7 as it will help you not only save money if you observe the rounds without playing but also win more rounds. This is why if you stick to this betting system and the observed most-winning betting option, then there are chances that you could win more.

  • However, it is always good to have a backup and so along with sticking to this betting round you should also stick to a betting pattern when placing bets online.
  • This pattern will determine when you must increase or decrease your betting stake to maintain a balance in the game room.
  • So, along with the Adrucci system, you can use the D’Alembert Betting System where you can increase your winning stake by 1 unit when you lose and decrease it when you win, to not only win back your lost money but also play with the betting limit you can set for yourself.


9. Play Fewer Betting Rounds to Win More Money

You must be thinking that playing more game rounds could help you win more money which is not completely wrong, however, this can be risky. Although pro gamblers like extending their game time, as a beginner, this is the only 7 Up Down Trick which will tell you not to follow what pro gamblers do. In fact, this Lucky 7 Trick sometimes comes as a lesson to most online gamblers which is to play fewer betting rounds to win more money.

  • The beauty, as well as the risk of gambling, is that you can win a huge jackpot in a betting round based on your luck, and lose everything including the money you came with, in the immediate next betting round.
  • So, playing fewer betting rounds and going home with the amount of money you win in a few betting rounds is better than losing more money in the upcoming game rounds.
  • One way to do this is by setting betting limits for the day which you must adhere to and once this limit is reached you must leave the game room with what you have won.

10. Use an Online Betting Site that Offers Welcome Bonuses

Sometimes most pro players make more money not by playing online casino games and winning but by simply taking advantage of all the opportunities that come their way. One such opportunity which is extravagant in nature is the welcome bonus offers you can get upon joining your online casino site.

  • So, first, it is important that you must use an online betting site which gives out welcome bonus promotion offers which can help you boost your betting account with ease.
  • Additionally, you must use these bonus offers and complete the requirements to make real-money withdrawals from your casino wallet to your bank account.
  • One such online betting site you can use is W88, as you can not only claim the W88 Promotion welcome bonus offer of 150% up to ₹12,000 but also get a freebet of ₹250 upon verifying your W88 account.


11. Keep a Fixed Lucky 7 Playing Time

They say that the best way to save money is just by respecting and being responsible about it and this is one of the best Lucky 7 tricks which will help you not only game responsibly but also carry out most of the tricks mentioned above.

  • Although there are many ways to save money when it comes to playing casino games responsibly, one of the best things you can do is to play your favourite casino games at a certain time online.
  • This means that you can set aside about 2 hours max specifically to play games like Lucky 7 which will help you spend money with a limit too.
  • Doing so would help you not get the hang of the negative aspects of gambling online plus would help you truly enjoy the set hours to specifically indulge in the best casino games online.

12. Do Not Take Losses Negatively

Speaking of responsibility, it is important to be responsible in many ways and one of them is by controlling your emotions in the game rooms you chose to play. This is not a lukcy 7 trick but in fact, it is a casino tip that you must keep in mind no matter where you decide to play.

  • Sometimes players take lose negatively and use the available online chat room to abuse the live dealers which is something not only irresponsible but also unprofessional.
  • Not only this but taking losses in a negative light also results in many players abusing their fellow gamblers online which causes major conflict and most often even account suspension.
  • So, to avoid this from happening, it is important that you consider playing responsibly, and if you keep losing more rounds despite using our Lucky 7 card game tricks, then respectfully leave the game room for the day and play again when you feel lucky.


In Conclusion

These were the 12 pro Lucky 7 tricks used by gamblers to help them boost their winnings which lets them earn up to ₹7,000 almost every day! Remember to apply these or at least a few of them the next time you play the lukcy 7 casino game at prominent sites like W88 and see the difference in your winning rate yourself. When creating a new account, be sure to apply for the promotions you can find in the game rooms online to help you with each extra free cashback bonus offers on your favourite casino games online.

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