10 proven Football betting tips and tricks for high success!

10 Football betting tips and tricks for beginners with proven high success rate. Apply these 10 online football betting tricks & boost your winning rate by 98%!

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Sports betting is taking the internet by storm as you keep getting exciting matches from different sports domains. Among these, football betting online on sites like W88 India is not only fun but also beneficial thanks to access to these pro tips and tricks for huge success rates. So, if you want to know how to win almost every day, here are the 10 pro football betting tips and tricks for beginners that can turn anyone into a pro in no time.

w88indi football betting tips and tricks for beginners for huge wins

1. Understand the basics of Football sports

  • If you are looking to play Football betting online, then the first and most important thing you should do is understand the basics of the football sports overall.
  • By understanding the basics, we mean that you should learn about the teams, and players, know which team is stronger than the other, and other important information circulating in the football world, besides the basic rules and regulations of the game.
  • Using sites like W88 Sports India and knowing these basic things about the sport will help you make better decisions when it comes to betting online and is one of the most important football betting tips and tricks that you should follow as a beginner.

2. Learn about the hot teams and matches in the sports

  • When learning about football sports, it is important that you go ahead and track the hot teams and matches in the football world so that you can get better odds with exciting gameplay.
  • Learning about the hot team matches in the sports would help you make quick decisions, especially for inplay betting plus provide you with better odds.
  • Odds are the most important thing as they help you decide which team has a better chance of winning and which team does not on hot matches, but to get better odds, make sure to create an account in the W88 Register as this site is considered to be one of the top sports betting sites.

w88indi online football betting tips and tricks for beginners with high success rate

3. Select a betting system to apply to your bankroll

  • When you are playing W88 Football betting online, it is important to have an existing bankroll that is specifically for betting and separate from your daily necessities.
  • However, it is also important to acknowledge that you must maintain your bankroll online by applying some betting systems to it. Betting systems can be progressive or non-progressive in nature.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to increase your wager based on your wins and losses, but non-progressive systems require you to maintain the same betting stake. This way you can notice a significant increase in your bankroll over time.

4. Play the main betting option Over/Under

  • When you are betting online it is important for you to go for the main betting options as they offer better odds however among these main betting options the Over/Under in Football betting option is the best for beginners to play.
  • Over/Under in Football betting online requires you to wager to predict whether the total score of the match will be over a given margin or under the given margin, and this is easier to predict than betting on any one team of the two.
  • Over/Under in football betting can also be predicted by analyzing previous match results of the teams, using the live-stream observations, and also by looking at the odds which are almost always accurate.

w88indi online football betting tips and tricks for high success rate

5. Look at the Handicap conditions to predict the match winner

  • Handicap betting options are another one of the main bets in football betting online. This betting option alters the real match results by providing handicap goals to the stronger team and headstart goals to the underdog team at the beginning of the match.
  • The reason we suggest to look at the handicap conditions as one of the football betting tips and tricks is because with the odds, these can help you predict the match-winner results for the 1X2 and other similar betting options in the sportsbooks.
  • Handicap Betting in Football options and 1X2 bets are somewhat more risky than the Over/Under betting options but it does not mean that you should avoid wagering on these betting options as W88 Sports books and these football betting tips and tricks can help you make correct predictions.

6. Make use of the live-stream for observations

  • If you use online betting sites like the W88 Sports India website, then you will get access to the Live-Stream option upon account registration which basically lets you view live matches in the sportsbook itself.
  • This is an extremely helpful tool to make observations to know which team is playing better than the other and other, and which sub-betting option is the better choice to go with.
  • So, as a Football Betting Tips and tricks strategy, you can learn to observe the first half of the football match and accordingly wager on the second half, keeping the odds as well into account.

w88indi online football betting tips and tricks

7. Play Double Chance betting options for easy wins

  • If the main betting options do not appeal to you, then we recommend looking at the side bets in the sportsbooks, and the most beneficial one of them all is the Double Chance Bet option.
  • The double chance betting options require you to predict two out of three match outcomes which are predicting whether the home team would win or a draw, whether the away team would win or a draw, and whether the home team or away team would win.
  • So, one of the sub-betting options in the double chance betting options lets you predict that both teams could win automatically making this betting option one of the best ones beginners can go with.

8. Utilize the strategy charts in the sportsbook

  • When it comes to football betting online, or as a matter of fact, any sports betting online, the results of the previous match come in handy as one of the most important football betting tips and tricks on the internet as this can help you strategize well.
  • If you use the W88 betting site or any top betting sites for Soccer Betting, then you can get access to strategy charts containing previous match data of the teams as well as their individual history to help you make decisions.
  • In fact, betting odds are derived the same way where the experts analyzes years of data to see which team has a better chance of winning and which team does not.

w88indi football betting tips and tricks for beginners with high success rate

9. Grab the new member sportsbook bonus

  • When playing sports betting online, as mentioned above, it is important that you maintain a set bankroll and use a betting option to maintain the money you play with.
  • However, to boost your account wallet, you can make use of online sportsbook bonuses that you betting sites offer as a new member welcome bonus which can help you get more money instantly like the W88 Promotion offer.
  • The W88 promotion gives new members a 150% bonus of up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook products that they can claim on their first deposit on a registered and verified account.

10. Do not gamble on your favorite teams

  • Many people join online football betting sites so that the can bet on their favorite teams as a way to support them however, if your favorite team is the underdog team in the sportsbook for that match, then we recommend not to wager on them.
  • It is important to acknowledge that football teams have their own strengths and weaknesses which means that one team will always one-up the other in a way.
  • So, understanding the sport’s hot teams and also looking at the betting odds provided to the teams, you should make the decision to wager on the stronger team so that you win money with strategy rather than lose money out of sentiments.

w88indi online football betting tips and tricks for beginners


These were the 10 Football Betting Tips and Tricks that beginners can use to boost their win rate. These online football betting tricks and tips are proven to provide a high success rate and payouts especially for beginners to boost their win rate by 98%. Using online betting sites like W88 India, you can claim extravagant promotion offers to boost your account wallet and get hot updates on top matches in the football betting world for fun gaming sessions.

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