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Introduction to Football Over/Under Betting

Sports betting online in recent years has flourished across the internet and is still growing by introducing many new aspects that attract many people to want to give it a try. If you are one of these people then you should definitely check out the W88 sportsbooks which are beginner friendly and also easy to understand.


However, when it comes to betting in Sportsbooks, you will need a guide to help you with all the betting options available. One such betting option, which is also the best betting option in football is the Over/Under, commonly seen as O/U, betting option. Let us look into what exactly is the meaning of over/under in football betting and how does over under work in football betting online.

How Does Over/Under Work Football Betting Online?

The Over/Under betting option is football is one of the easiest and most beginner-friendly bets you can make in the W88 sports bookie. This is because all you must do is bet on the total number of goals scored in a match. Thus, Over/Under bets are most commonly referred to as Total Goals in Football betting online.


  • When it comes to the Over/Under or Total Goals bet, it does not matter which team wins and which team losses.
  • What matters the most here is the total number of goals both teams score at the end of the match, hence the name Total Goals.
  • The terms over and under are the two sub-betting options in the total goal bet, where you must decide whether the total goal will be above (over) or below (under) a given number.
  • This said number is determined by careful statistical reviews of both the teams and the average amount of goals they scored in previous games.

That being said, many sportsbooks have introduced variations of the Over/Under bet where you can bet on the total goals for either the first half of the match or the second half, etc. These variations are a good start that beginners can bet and win.

8 Over/Under Numbers That You Should Look Out For

Let us now take a look at some numbers that you will come across when playing Over/Under or the O/U bets in football. These numbers are usually in decimals and are different from the odds.


  1. Under 0.5: Since half goals cannot be scored, the under side will win if the total goal is 0.
  2. Under 2: Here, the under side can win if the total goal is under 0 or 1. The betting stake is returned if there are exactly 2 goals. If the total goal is more than 2 then the Under side losses.
  3. Under 2.5: The under side can win if there are 0-2 total goals, If there are more than 2 goals then the bet loses.
  4. Under 2.75: The Under side will win if there are 0-2 total goals, if there are 3 goals then half the stake will be returned, and the bet is lost if there are more than 3 or exactly 4 goals.
  5. Over 2.75: The Over side will win if there are 4 or more goals, if there are 3 goals then half of the betting stake is returned. The bet is lost completely when there are 2 or fewer goals.
  6. Over 2.5: The Over side will win if there are 3 or more than 3 goals, if there are fewer than 3 goals then the bet is lost.
  7. Over 2: If there are more than 2 total goals then the over side wins, if there are less than 2 goals the over side loses, and if there are exactly 2 goals the betting stake is returned.
  8. Over 0.5: If there are more than 0 goals, then the Over side wins.

Thus, in the Over/Under or Total Goals bet in W88 football, you have to place a bet on whether the total goal will be more or less than the number.

Note: Although Total Goals indicate the sum of Goals scored by both teams at the end of the match, Bets on Total Goals for Individual teams is also available in some sportsbooks.

Play Over/Under in Football Betting at W88 in 3 Simple Steps

Now that you know what the Over/Under betting option in football means, let us take a look at the 3 simple ways in which you can place Over/Under bets online at one of India’s top betting platforms, W88 India. Follow these steps thoroughly to place accurate bets and maximize your sports betting wallet.

Step 1: Log into W88 and Select a Sportsbook

  • The first step is to visit the W88’s Official Website to create an account in the W88 register by clicking on ‘Join‘.
  • Here, you will have to enter your details accurately and top it off by adding a unique username and strong password, which will come in handy when you have to log in.


  • Once you have completed the W88 sign up, you must enter the aforementioned username and password of your new W88 account and make a successful login by clicking on ‘Login‘.
  • After this, you must click on ‘Sports‘ which will take you to a place where you can select your own sportsbook from Asian Sports, European Sports, or Fantasy Sports.
  • Here, we have selected ‘e-Sports (European)‘ which is the European Sportsbook because it is the most organized sportsbook you can find which allows you to filter out your option and more.

Step 2: Filter Out Options to Soccer and Select a Match

  • Once you have entered the sportsbook, regardless of which one you choose, you will find that W88 has 3 very organized sportsbooks in the sports betting world which is easy to understand at first glance.
  • So if you are a beginner, you do not have to worry much because you too will be able to pick things up quickly, especially because of the filter options available at the W88 sportsbooks to make betting easier.
  • To make an over/under bet in football, you will have to first filter out your page to show only football matches that you can bet on.


  • To do this, you must first click on ‘Soccer‘ for W88 Soccer betting, from the sports list on the left-hand side.
  • Here, you will be introduced to all the ongoing and scheduled football betting matches, from here you can select any match or the match you want to bet on.
  • Since the Total Goal bet is common in football, you can find the option under every soccer match at W88.

Step 3: Place an Over/Under Bet to Win High Payouts

  • Now you have finally reached the last bit of our easy tutorial on how you can place an Over/under bet using the W88 sportsbook.
  • When you find the match you want to bet on, you will see that there are many additional betting options, however, since Over/Under bet is also called Total Bets, you must find the ‘Total Goals‘ slot to bet on.
  • Since the odds matter the most in Sports betting online, you must click on the highest odds if you want to win more cash in the payout. Here, we have clicked on ‘Under 0.5 @ 10.70‘. This means that we have placed a bet on the total goals being over 0.5 with the odds of 10.70.


  • When you click on the odds, a bet slip will open up on the right-hand side of your screen, here, you will have to enter the minimum betting stake which is ₹100.
  • Once done, you should see the payout returns or total return which you will receive if you win this bet. In this case, it is ₹1,070.
  • Then finally, you must click on ‘Place Bets‘ to complete the process of placing an Over/Under bet in football. Here on, you can sit back and enjoy the thrill of the game and wait to win!

Note: You can calculate the payouts for Over/Under betting in Football by using the formula Betting Stake x Betting Odds = Total Payout.

2 Scenarios of Possible Outcomes of the Over/Under Football Bets

As you have seen above, the payout of the over/under bet in football is really amazing and large. But making the correct bet is important as well in order to receive such a payout. Thus, let us take a look at a match example and the two possible outcomes of the over/under football bets with respect to the given odds of the bet which is also one of the greatest football betting tips you can use to win more by paying less.


Here, we have decided to bet on the football match between Atlante and Celaya. As mentioned above, when it comes to Over/Under bets online, it does not matter which team will win. What matters is the total number of goals scored.

  • Here. the Over/Under value is 0.5. Meaning that Over bets will win if the total goals go over 1 or more goals and Under bets will win if the total goals are none.
  • Since 0.5 indicate half-goals and half-goals cannot be scored in football, this is a perfect scenario where you either win or lose.

But how can you determine which bet you must place for it to be accurate, well, let us look at the table below:

Scenario #1

Scenario #2



Over 0.5

Under 0.5
Betting Stake: ₹100

Betting Stake: ₹100

Betting Odds: 6.90

Betting Odds: 1.06
Payout: ₹690

Payout: ₹106

  • Over Bets: If you place an Over 0.5 bet at the odds of 6.90 for ₹100, you will receive ₹690 if your bet wins. If you lose this bet, then your bet money will be forfeited.
  • Under Bets: If you place an Under 0.5 bet at the odds of 1.06 for ₹100, you will receive ₹106 if your bet wins. Your betting stake will be forfeited if you lose this bet.

Judging from the table above, you can clearly tell how much odds matter when it comes to football betting or as a matter of fact, any sports betting online. So whenever you are placing an under or above bet, you must look for the highest payout to place your bets.

3 Over/Under Betting Reminders to Increase Your Chances of Winning

You have finally learnt most of the things you must know about the Over/Under bets in football betting so now all that is left to do is for you to go and try these bets out yourself. But before you do that, keep these 3 reminders in mind:

  1. Make Use of Bonus Code: The first and most important thing that you must remember is to claim the bonus code on the online betting site you choose to play over/under football betting. This is because bonus promotions usually give your account a cash boost. The W88 sportsbook offers new joiners a 150% up to ₹15,000 cashback bonus offer which is definitely more appealing.
  2. Try Half-Time Over/Under Bets: As mentioned above, there are Half-Time O/U bets as well that beginners can use to gain more betting experience. So be sure to give this a try by analyzing the odds of the first and second halves of the O/U match bets.
  3. Be Rational when Placing Bets: Speaking of odds, the last reminder is to be rational when placing bets on the odds. Higher odds pay more so it is important to be rational and place bets on the side with the highest odds. However, you must also observe the gameplay of the match before placing bets because the odds keep changing.


With this, we come to the end and hope you have understood what is over/under in football betting online. Using our easy guide, you can now create a W88 account and play over/under bets betting as all you have to do is think of how many goals will be scored by the end of a match. With your W88 account, you can also grab one of the craziest welcome bonus deals in the sports betting world of 150% up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook products. Use this to boost your account with free cash and visit any of the 3 sportsbooks at W88 to make an O/U bet today!