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Playing Sports was always a fun activity to do as kids, however, as adults, you can play Sports betting online using the best online sports betting site W88. These days many people are into sports betting for different matches including Basketball, and if you are such a person or want to be, then here are 12 pro tips on Basketball Betting online.

Why You Should Play Basketball Betting with Tricks?

Before we look into the 12 tricks to win Basketball betting, let us first look into why you should be using tricks to bet online, not only during Basketball matches but almost everywhere. Yes, it is acknowledgeable that most of the thrill of betting online on Basketball sports matching lies in the unpredictability of who will be winning the game. But what is more important here, should be saving up the money you lose when placing bets if not placed correctly.

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Use W88 India to Get Accurate Betting Odds Live

  • If you use sites like W88 India, then you will know that online betting on sports is simple thanks to the odds being updated from time to time and many other factors.
  • However, it is your responsibility to place bets in such a way that you can rely on yourself to make more money as well as get back the money you lost previously. So, give our guide a try and see for yourself whether you can go home with more cash.

#1 Choose a Good Sports Betting Site

The first thing you must do is find a good online betting site that can help you win more and also offers you a good time. Here, you must make sure the following criteria are met up when picking an online betting site to gamble on.

  1. It should be Legal and Safe: The online betting site you choose should have a legal license operated by a foreign company which enables Indian users to bet online freely. Not only this but the site should be safe to use and trustworthy. You can make sure that it is so by checking the site’s SSL certification to make sure that the site is safe to use.
  2. It should offer Bonuses: The next thing which is important should be what you would gain from betting on the site. It is always best to go for a site that gives more and takes less since this signifies that it puts its customers first. Not only this but making transactions with the bonus amount should be done so in a fast and secure way.

These are the two things you must look for when picking an online betting site to play Basketball betting at. This tip works as a headstart according to many pro gamblers.

#2 Pick a Sportsbook that Appeals to You

The research does not stop here because next, you will have to find a sportsbook in the app that appeals to you the most. Although most online betting sites offer single sportsbooks, finding one with many options can be pretty good to boost your betting journey online. For instance, a new account in the W88 register offers a variety of sportsbooks you can choose from when playing online.

  • Easy-to-Use and Navigate: Knowing how to work your way around the sportsbook you select is very important. You should be able to explore most things on your own at first glance without having a lot of problems.
  • Live and Upcoming Basketball Match Updates: The most important factor in any sportsbook is also the most basic necessity that it must have, and that is live and upcoming updates on Basketball Matches so that you can strategize beforehand and bet with ease.
  • Constantly Updating Odds: Not only this but your online betting site should be constantly up to time with the changing odds of the match to give you more accurate results for placing bets online.
  • Live-Streaming Option: Lastly, your online betting site should have a live-streaming option where you can view the match and determine which bets you want to place all in one place.

So from here, it becomes your choice which one you want to go with because you will be placing bets online. It is important that you select an online sportsbook that offers you the best of the best experience so you can carry out the following tips without any hassle. Besides this, the sportsbook you select should also have separate bonuses that you can opt for.

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#3 Learn about All the Betting Options

When learning how to play Basketball Betting online, you probably will need to look into all the available betting options available that you must place your bets on. However, not understanding them thoroughly and placing bets blindly is a big beginner mistake you can make.

  • As you go further down the article, you will understand why choosing the correct betting option is the most important. This is because when you place bets online the betting option is one of the important factors that determine the payout.
  • Not only this but choosing the right betting option is important as well. Some of the most common betting options in Basketball matches are Moneylines, Spread Bettings, Over/Under, Quarter Bets, etc

Thus, learning about all the available betting options is important so that you can make immediate and quick bets as the odds of these betting options keep getting updated within minutes.

#4 Find Out Your Odds of Winning

It is emphasized that the betting odds in sports matches are very important aspects of sports betting online and so it is true even for basketball betting online. The main reason for this is that it helps you bet on sports matches more accurately.

  • But as mentioned, making bets online using odds should be only done after careful consideration. You must use the odds given as guidelines to decide when to place a bet and the best bet you can place.
  • Additionally, it is important to count the odds yourself and see whether they are accurate or not. Use the formulate Betting Stake x Betting Odds = Total Payout to find out how much you will gain in return.

You must always place your bets on the highest odds, or chance of winning because in Basketball sportsbooks the odds highly depend on the real-life gameplay. It is important that you learn how to calculate the odds yourself to double-check if the payout you receive is accurate.

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#5 Use the Minimum Betting Limit

One of the Criteria for finding a good online betting site and sportsbook for playing basketball betting online should be that it should not take a huge amount of money from its customers. This is because you already will be placing bets with real money and so, it is important that you do not opt for a game room with a high betting minimum rate.

  • When placing bets online it is always important to go for the minimum betting limit for various reasons, the important one being that it is important to avoid spending more on one bet that you may or may not win.
  • This does not mean that you cannot make more bets, you can do that but make sure you use the least available minimum betting rate for each bet. This way you can bet on many options for lower prices.

Using the least available betting option is the best way to bet on more options in Basketball games, however, if you want to use more money to bet on then you can apply for the W88 promo on sports betting which will give you up to ₹5,000 cash!

#6 Keep Up with the Statistics of the Game

Another thing that could help you analyze which sports team you want to bet on in the Basketball leagues is to look at the statistics of the game at your online betting site’s sportsbook.

  • Yes, you are in for sports betting to have fun and not do the math, but understanding the statistics of the game and teams to place bets on can help you out in many ways.
  • In fact, this can be even more beneficial than the betting odds because statistics are years of accumulated data and odds are always fresh and changing.

Using more data to make your analysis of what you should bet on in Basketball betting online is always something you should go for. This will help you make accurate bets online and help you win more.

tips on basketball betting w88indi sports betting guide

#7 Use the Martingale Strategy to Place Bets

The best way to save up money while placing bets online is to use readymade betting strategies that will help you save up in many ways as well as get back the money you lost in some way or the other.

  • One such strategy is the online betting strategy called the Martingale System where you can earn more by betting a good amount of money. Not only this but you can also get back the money that you lost online in previous basketball matches.
  • With this strategy, you must increase your betting stake by 1 unit whenever you face a loss to win back the money you lost in the previous bet.

This is the best way you can win more by making minimum bets as well as keeping a minimum betting limit when playing basketball online. However, this betting system is created for high rollers.

#8 Reverse Martingale System helps in Savings

As mentioned above the Martingale System is designed for high rollers to win back their money when they face a loss. But if you are not a high roller then you should check out the Reverse Martingale System, which is also known as the Anti-Martingale system.

  • The Reverse Martingale Betting strategy enables you to win more money by maintaining a certain betting limit.
  • Using this strategy, you will have to increase your betting stake when there is a win and maintain the same stake when there is a loss.

This strategy is the best way to maintain your bankroll and play with a certain amount. Setting betting limits here would help you even more as you will be in control of how much to spend and when to spend in the W88 Sportsbook.

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#9 D’Alembert Betting Strategy Balances Betting Stakes

The next betting strategy in football is similar to the Martingale Strategy, however, it comes with a slight change, making the act of betting even more fun.

  • Using this betting system, you must place bets in the same way as you do in the Martingale betting system.
  • So, when you lose a bet you must increase your betting stake by 1 unit, but when you win the bet you must decrease the betting stake by 1 unit in the next round.

This way you will be going back and forth with your betting stake while you earn as well as save more. Of course, you can reverse this by betting more when you win and decreasing the stake by 1 unit when you lose.

#10 Have Fun Betting with The Labouchere System

The next system is probably the most fun betting system you will ever come across because with this you need to sit with a pen and paper or be really good at remembering numbers.

  • Using the Labouchere system, you must decide on how much you want to win in some rounds. So, say you want to win ₹10 in 4 rounds.
  • Now you must divide the amount you want to win into 4 small units, so 2, 1, 3, and 4 make up 10, the amount you want to win.

This way, you must place bets by adding the first and last digits in the sequence to know how much you will be betting, 2 + 4   = ₹6 in this case. You must continue this till you win a round so that you can strike out the used numbers and add the new first and last digits in the sequence.

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#11 Let Go Of Your Favorites to Win

Many people join online betting sites to bet on their favorite teams online and with the emerging hype of Basketball in India many fans have increased their presence on online betting sites according to W88 Review in India. However, this may be a bitter pill to swallow but not always the odds would be in favor of your favorite team.

  • Well, in cases like these, you have two options, to stick with your team or switch the team you will be betting on.
  • If you want to in more money in less time, then it is important that you make the rational decision of letting go of your favorite teams. Of course, the odds of basketball betting online can change at any time.

Yes, you can still support your team even if you bet on the opposite team to win. Doing so does not mean you are a bad fan, it just means you are smart enough to make rational decisions to maximize your profit.

#12 Always Keep a Betting Amount

Lastly, it is important to remember to maintain a betting limit before you sit to bet on basketball online. Let’s be honest, sports betting is also a form of gambling an act whose side effects are very problematic. However, knowing how to bet and make perfect sports predictions is a cool skill to own.

  • So, it is important to maintain a good and healthy relationship with gambling right from the beginning by maintaining a betting limit.
  • This betting limit can be daily or weekly and should be maintained with strict discipline. Doing this would give you a clear idea of how much you will need to place bets for a day and save up.

Of course, you can decrease this minimum betting limit available eventually and also apply for the amazing bonus promotions you can find on the online betting site you choose to win extra bonus cash.


These were the 12 tips on basketball betting that many pro gamblers use the play online. Besides having fun, you should also make sure that you do not spend too much. Use these 12 pro tips as guidelines and get access to one of the most fun ways to win money online! If you want to win money first and then play Basketball betting, then you can use W88 and apply for their ₹5,000 sportsbook promotion to boost your sportsbook wallet with extra benefits!

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