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How To Win Basketball Betting with 10 Strong Strategies? Know Master’s Secret, Learn & Follow W88indi’s Guide to Earn up to ₹10,000 on Basketball bets Every day.

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Sports betting online has become a new form of entertainment that most people are indulging in especially now that there are many sportsbook accessible thanks to amazing online betting sites like W88. Among all the sports that you can bet from here, the basketball sports betting is something you definitely should try as it is simple to win as long as you use some cool betting tips. So, here are 10 ways you can learn how to win basketball betting online, where you first learn how to set the correct playground to play and the second where you learn how to place accurate bets in the sportsbook.

1. Setting Your Basketball Betting Game Plan Well

The first section of how to win basketball bets and earn more would mainly include the strategies you can use as a form of preparation to win big. These include tips to select a good online betting site and how you can understand the betting options to place basketball bets online. All these tips is something that beginners should follow thoroughly to set up the proper background before you go on to place your bets online.


#1 Select an Online Betting Site you can trust

The first thing that you must look into when learning how to play basketball betting online is to find a good online betting site that offers you with some of the best sportsbook products to make betting simplified. In the betting world there are many sportsbook you can choose from but it can be overwhelming to decide which online betting site is right for you. To help with this look for these 3 things when it comes to sports betting online.

  • Legal to Use: The online betting site you select should be legal to use because in India the laws for gambling online is very blurred. Thus, selecting an online betting site with a license from a foreign company is the best option you should go for in order to avoid any fraudulent activities online.
  • Secure Transactions: Next, to place online bets in basketball, you will have to deposit a minimum betting amount in your online wallet. So, you should go ahead and check out the online transaction methods your online betting site offers. Some of the most common and safe ones include bank transfer, UPI payment, eWallets, and Crypto Currency.
  • Bonus Offers: An additional plus point would be if your online betting site offers you with a a low minimum deposit rate, however, what is necessary is the bonus deals you can use when making the first deposit. This means that you should also visit your online betting site’s promotion section and look for the welcome bonuses they offer their customers for newly created member accounts on their website.

#2 Your Sportsbook should offer basic betting necessities

Now that you have selected the online betting site which appeals to you the most and also contains the basic 3 necessities mentioned above, it is time to most on and pick the perfect sportsbook because the sportsbook is literally dubbed as a virtual playground which you will use to place bets online.

  • The sportsbook is important because this should give your, as a gambler, the basic things you need to place accurate bets online which includes all the betting options and for the betting options accurate betting odds.
  • Additionally, you should also look for a sportsbook that maintains previous game statistic reports and also access to the live game in the sportsbook itself.
  • To make things easier for you, you can use our recommendations, W88, as your online betting site because here, you can play at 3 amazing sportsbook and also get access to the W88 promotion for sportsbook which offers a bonus up to ₹15,000 with an additional ₹250 free credit.


#3 Understand all the Betting Options in Basketball Betting

Next on the list we have the most basic thing you should learn when playing basketball betting and that is understanding the basics of the betting options and what they stand for. Although most betting options in basketball as similar ones to that in other sports betting, knowing which one to go for to place bets is important and a crucial aspect for winning money via basketball betting.

  • Picking the correct betting option to place bets when playing basketball betting online is important because the odds of the game, which is necessary to place accurate bets are not always the same since some payout more than the others.
  • To add to this, there are some main betting options which you should place bets on to win as a priority so that you can use side betting options or the other options as back up bets you can place to increase your chances of winning regardless.
  • Some of the main betting option in basketball betting that you should focus on include Moneyline bets, Over/Under bets, Last Digit Score bets and side betting options like 1st/2nd half Moneyline bets, Home/Away Last Digit Score bets, etc.

#4 Make use of the Live Streaming Service for Observations

One of the requirements when selecting an online betting sportsbook was to pick one that also offers live streaming services for sports betting online. This is crucial for learning how to win basketball betting and you will understand this as we go further down the article but for now, you must use this service mainly for making observations.

  • Observations is important when it comes to online betting because this is how you make accurate predictions on which bets to place to win. But to do this, it is important that you know the basics of basketball at a little more advanced level.
  • In fact, it is observations that help sportsbook makers predict odds of winning for the betting options with previous game stats and current gameplay.
  • Thus, if there is a live streaming option available in your online betting site then you can observe the game before placing bets on any of the teams. Based on how well a team plays, you can easily predict the outcome of some bets besides the odds.


#5 Learn to Read the Game Stats Offered in Your Sportsbook

Another important feature of a sportsbook which can help you make accurate bets on basketball games is the game statistics and readings of previous matches. This is important because relying on odds that keep changing and observations that could be wrong, does not always work best unless they are backed up with certain evidence from preciously played matches.

  • For instance, if a team has high odds, and you observe that they are playing the game well, then you must go and check the game stats to see the reports of previously played matches to determine whether the odds and observations made are dependable or not.
  • Sometimes, the stats may be leading to the opposite direction of what the odds predict, which makes placing bets on the team kind of risky.
  • In short, the game statistics of both teams is something that does not only help you make accurate bets but also helps professionals and bookies make accurate predictions of which bets to place.

2. Place Bets Using Betting Minimum Stake and Systems

Now that you have learnt about the basic ways of how to win basketball betting tips, let us now take a thorough look into how you can place accurate bets to win the bets you place almost every time. It is also important to note that the below-mentions betting strategies to win will require practice and so it is important to not only understand them but also apply them well when placing bets in any basketball match online.

#6 Place Bets on the Highest Odds with the Lowest Stake

Placing bets for the first time may be overwhelming but to make things easier for beginner gamblers, sportsbook provides betting odds which you can use to make some accurate bets online for basketball. These odds often work as accurate predictions of which betting option is most likely to win based on the game readings done by professional bookmakers.

  • However, since most matches often can be altered in the course of time, either in the middle or even at the last minute, the odds of the betting options are most likely to change.
  • So, at the beginning of the match, you can trust the odds of the game to place bets, but this must be done with the lowest available betting stake in the sportsbook you use. This way, even if the odds changes you won’t really lose too much but just the lowest amount.
  • Additionally, using the minimum betting limit, you can even place addition side bets on the betting options with higher odds. This is a great way to place back up bets to win in case the main betting odds change.


#7 Pick Progressive Systems Over Non-Progressive ones

Another way of making money by placing bets in the basketball game is actually not to place accurate bets but to place bets while maintaining the money you already own when placing bets online. One way of doing this is to go ahead and place bets using betting systems which would help in maintaining the betting money you have. There are mainly two types of betting systems Progressive and Non-Progressive Betting System.

  1. Progressive Betting System: Betting systems which require to change the betting stake you use based on your wins and losses is known as progressive betting system. These help you win back the money you lost as well as maintain the additional cash that you win.
  2. Non-Progressive Betting Systems: Betting systems which require you to not change the betting stake regardless of your wins and losses throughout the course of your betting time is known as non-progressive betting systems. With these you won’t win back the money you lost but it would help you win enough for the rounds you decide to play placing accurate bets.

The progressive betting systems is clearly better than that non-progressive betting system especially when you play at a W88 sports book. However, progressive betting systems usually require you to be loaded with enough cash in your wallet to place bets and increase the betting stake when required.

#8 Try the D’Alembert System to Maximize Profit

In continuation to the above winning strategy, the Martingale betting system is the most famous and widely used progressive betting system not only by pro gamblers in the betting world but also by top investors in stock markets. This betting system, being progressive, requires you to double the betting stake every time you experience a loss, so the next time you win, you win back the money you previously lost.

  • However, the Martingale betting system is highly made for pro-players with a huge bankroll so as a beginner, using the alternative betting system, which is the D’Alembert Betting System is the best option you should go for.
  • The D’Alembert System is similar to the Martingale betting system, where you must increase your betting stake every time you experience a loss. But this betting stake should be increased not by doubling up your previous bets, but by adding another unit to it.
  • Additionally, when you finally win, you will definitely win back the previously lost money and this is when you must decrease the betting stake by one unit again in order to maintain the same small amount bankroll and earn extra on basketball betting.


#9 Play Limited Rounds with the Labouchere System

Next on out how to win basketball batting strategy list we have another progressive betting system which you can use to win more money but also maintain a healthy relationship with playing sports betting online. This is the Labouchere betting system which is considered to make the act of placing bets fun itself, however, you will need a good memory or a pen and paper when using this system.

  • Using the Labouchere system, you will require to decide how many bets you want to place for a certain time or the day and how much you expect to win from these bets. For instance, let us assume that we want to place about 5 bets in the basketball match and win about ₹50 from these bets.
  • Here, we then divide the 50 into 5 smaller units, keeping the minimum betting stake in the sportsbook in mind. So, we divide 50 into 10, 20, 5, 10, 5, with the assumption that the minimum betting stake is ₹10.
  • So now, to place bets for limited game rounds, you will use the first unit and last unit and add them to create a betting stake. Here, the betting stake you place for the first bet would be 10 + 5 which makes ₹15.
  • When you win from this, you can cancel the used numbers from the sequence and move on to the next one till none of them are left. If you keep losing then you can choose to stop playing but if you continue despite losing, you must use the same betting amount.

#10 Be Strategic and Rational when Placing Bets on the Teams

With this, we come to the last how to win basketball betting strategy in our list and that is to be strategic and rational when placing your bets online. This means that when playing basketball betting, there is a chance where you have to let go of your favorite teams for a while to win a wholesome payout.

  • This usually happens when the betting odds are not in favor of your favorite team and even the game stats does not really conclude that the odds would change based on their previous game plays for the season.
  • At times like these, you should place bets on the betting option which offer higher odds for the opposite team just so you can hit the jackpot like pros do.
  • Additionally, being rational and systematic when placing bets could help you stay away from placing impulsive bets which often causes people to lose more than they expect. But this does not means you should not have fun. Sometimes, being rational also means going with your gut instinct which can be surprisingly accurate most times.


In Conclusion

These were the 10 ways you can learn how to win basketball betting online with ease! Use these thoroughly and systematically to eventually start winning about ₹5,000 daily on playing basketball betting. However, you can take this winning amount in your wallet to a higher level by joining a good online betting site which gives you a good promotional welcome bonus offer you can apply for upon your first minimum deposit in your sportsbook wallet online. With this, we wish you luck to master the pro winning tips and win wholesome payouts!