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Get 3 steps guide on How to Play W88 Fishing Game Online! Play trial rounds or real money at W88 Fishing rooms & win a 100% freebet ₹250 on account verification!

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Gaming is a fun way to spend time and release stress however most online game rooms require you to focus on the game which can be tiring most of the times, this is why you should check out W88 games like fishing games online where you can sit back and play the game with ease as all you have to do is shoot the best fish in the pond to receive instant fishing coins!

What is W88 Casino Fishing Game Online?

At W88, you will find many amazing games to play but the fishing games section is the most fun! This is because it is not only easy to play but also it is one of the most fun games rooms to earn instant cash. Not only this but at the fishing game rooms at Fishing W88, you can play with real players from across the globe who will pose as your opponents!


  • W88 has 7 fishing game rooms which have similar gameplay but slightly varies in its themes.
  • Thus, at W88, you can join to play fishing games like Crazy Fishing, Ocean Explorer, Dragon Ball Fishing, Longya Fishing, Chill Fishing, Insect Master, and Pirate Fishing.
  • Moreover, the Fishing W88 section is one of the many section in which you can get a free try on most of their fishing game rooms, making this the best site for beginners to learn the gameplay.

Easy W88 Fishing Game Play Rules

Before we show you how you can go and play fishing games online, let us introduce you to the online game fishing rules which are general and applicable to all fishing rooms. However, do not let the word “rules” scare you because they aren’t too difficult to understand, especially if you use fishing game rooms like the ones given by W88.

All Fishes and Side Gems in Fishing Games Online Vary in Points/Coins.
  • So, when you join a fishing game room online, what you must do is select a gun or corner from where you will be shooting to catch the fishes.
  • Once you have a spot in the W88 fishing game room, then you must aim your weapon at any of the fishes and just keep clicking on the fish till they burst into coins which will instantly be added to your wallet.
  • However, what makes online games fishing thrilling is that they take place very fast, so shooting on one fish must be done quickly making the entire gameplay a thrilling experience.
  • It is important to note that all fishes vary in points/coins, so when you see a bigger fish then you must be quick and aim at it to get more points/coins.
  • Lastly, there are additional gems that float around with the fishes too, these are bonus points so be sure to make proper use of them too!

How to play W88 Games Like Fishing Master?

Now let us quickly help you with how you can join and play online game fishing at W88 online, where you can win with ease as it is one of the most easy-to-use betting site in India. Not only this but here you can get W88 free ₹250 upon verifying your registered accounts, so all the more reason to join the site to play casino fishing games.

Step 1: Join W88 and Go to Fishing Domain

  • The first thing that you must do when playing fishing games online is go ahead and create an account at W88 by clicking on ‘Join‘, here you will be taken to a new page where you will have to fill out the W88 form.
  • Be sure to enter accurate details in the W88 registration form and top it off with a strong password and unique username as doing so would complete half the requirement of winning free ₹250 for account verification.


  • Once you have completed making an account in the W88 register, you must complete the sign up process by clicking on ‘Login‘, this will take you to the homepage of the site.
  • On the W88 homepage, you will see all of its products mentioned in a ribbon menu above, so from there you have to click on ‘Fishing‘ to access the casino video fishing game rooms.

Step 2: Pick a Casino Video Fishing Game Room

  • When you enter the fishing game room in the Fishing W88, you will see all the amazing fishing games mentioned above.
  • You will also notice that when you over your mouse over the online game fishing rooms, they will give you the option to play or try the game out.


  • So, if you want to play the game for real money, you can click on ‘Play‘ but if you want to try the game out before playing for real money then you must click on ‘Try‘.
  • This will open up another W88 tab which will give you access to the things you will need to carry out step no. 3. Here we decided to go ahead with the Crazy Fishing online game room as it is the most fun game rooms out of all of them.

Step 3: Shoot and Win as Much as You Can

  • By the third step, you should find yourself in the fishing game room where you will have to decide where you want to shoot from as you pick a cannon to shoot fishes with.


  • Although you can select any side, shooting from the the corners is considered to be the best choice to aim for more fishing as they are in the corner. So, you will be able to shoot properly till your target goes out of the screen.
  • So, once you pick where you want to shoot from, you can aim at a fish and shoot! Remember than bigger fishes score more points but this does not mean that you should ignore the smaller fishes.

Real Money Online Casino Fishing Game Tutorial

To elaborate more on the last step in the tutorial, let us give you an explanation of how you can play the game by showing you how to shoot and win real money using the Crazy Fishing casino video fishing game room. But before this, we recommend that you make a proper deposit in the W88 cashier to play the fishing game, if not then you can claim a W88 promotion to get free cash!

Round 1: Pick a cannon and target a fish

  • In the first round, you will have to pick a side from where you want to shot from and as mentioned above, the corners are always the best place to go with.
  • Luckily the Crazy Fishing game room does not have a middle cannon, so you can get any of the corner cannon’s as your weapons.


  • In the image above, we have picked the top right cannon to shoot for a fish. So, the next thing you must do is aim for a fish and continuously click on it. As you can see, clicking on the same fish will cast a net on it.

Round 2: Continue clicking till the fish turn to coins

  • Next, you will have to just continue clicking on the same fish as it floats around your screen. This may sound simple to do but trust us, this is the best and challenging part. So, be sure to be quick with your clicks.


  • As you can see in the image above, the fish we clicked on turned into coins! This way you must continuously keep clicking on different fishes big or small to win wholesome points which turn into coins you can collect and win real cash.

Win Casino Fishing Games Easily using these 3 Tips!

Learning how to play fishing game online is easy and fun with sites like W88, however if you are striving to play and earn money via casino fishing games then you definitely should check out the these 3 fishing master tips that will will help you shoot and earn more coins per minute.

  1. Choose corner canons: It is emphasized above that in fishing game rooms that have 6 or more cannons, you must always go for the corner ones as they are easier to target one fish with even if they are almost out of the screen. The middle cannons are an alright option too but it can get confusing as it is the meeting point of all fishing, so you can lose the fish you were aiming for.
  2. Aim for small fishes too: It is mentioned above that all fishes have different points and bigger fishes are a good catch but do not forget the smaller fishes too because they are easier to target and claim as every one focuses on bigger fishes. Besides smaller fishes require your to shoot less cannons at them and they usually swim in groups, so instead of shooting for a big fish worth 20 points, you can shoot 3 small fishes worth 10 points faster to win more.
  3. Strong Internet is a Must: Lastly, if you decide to play fishing master online then it is important that you make sure your internet connection is stable. This is because since fishing games take place fast, you could lose your points and money if you kept shooting at one fish and your game lags in between. What is worse is somebody else in the game room could shoot the final shot and claim your fish!


So, this was all about how to play fishing game online and win instant points at W88. W88 is selected as the best fishing game site all over Asia as it gives you a fun time and wholesome payouts and bonuses. Additionally, you must make sure to claim the bonuses after you create a new account in the W88 register. Fishing games are fun and more but it is also important to remember to game responsibly, safely, and legally.

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