UEFA urges players’ exemption from quarantine after travel

UEFA Championship League seeks quarantine exemptions for football players even after travel from other places. Wanna know why? Read on for this football news!

UEFA urges players’ exemption from quarantine after travel

As European national team games are only two weeks from now, the Union of European Football Associations, most commonly called UEFA, urges player exemptions from quarantine, even after travel.

Commencing the Nations League qualifying on September 3 to 8, all 55 national teams are scheduled to go around, thus travel the continent—the reason why UEFA opts for exemptions to travel for the football players.

Days later this, dozens and dozens of international football players are set to open the Premier League and Spanish league, too. 

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European soccer body hosted a conference call with soccer officials from all 55 member countries. They said, “Associations were encouraged to approach their governments to seek exemptions for players and team members.”

Everyone knows that players from foreign clubs might be at risk upon their return to their residential countries if such quarantine measures would be exempted. However, UEFA said that they ensure every football player, so this is not a worry.

“The fact that players will anyway be regularly tested as part of the comprehensive UEFA Return to Play Protocol should ensure that such exemptions do not represent any risk for society,” they said.

UEFA also added that neutral venue countries could step in if they believe that their “current domestic conditions could put the staging of the match in jeopardy.”

UEFA urges players’ exemption from quarantine after travel

The UEFA-organized games were affected in August caused by visiting players being quarantined by local public authorities. However for September, things have turned around.

UEFA Champions League is the one and only Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA’s six continental governing bodies that did not postpone its national team games in early September.

The UEFA league also hopes that the Super Cup game in Budapest on September 24 to be a pilot for returning football fans coming back to stadiums to watch its games after a while.

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