Top 10 Best Football Players in The World – 2020 Ranking

Which team do you support the most? Who is your dearest Football player? Catch your most favorite footballers in the world here and get to know more about them!

1. Lionel Messi – Futbol Club Barcelona

You are probably waiting for us to mention this exceptionally good guy, but we would not make you wait. Lots of people know this already, but W88 would still say it. For the first in the list: the best of all—and everybody would agree to that, we bet—the Lionel Messi.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

Lionel Messi has been playing Football for some years now and he still has not changed. He even gets better and better in time. Voted and granted as the greatest Footballer of all time, the Barcelona and Argentina forward has received this huge, amazing title that every player wishes for.

Running the white ball better than everybody, passing the ball like no other, scoring the most goals… Messi is a legend. And this year, he just reached his 700th mark on his total score goals. Indeed, Messi has been blessed with almost everything as he gets all the best.

Yes, Lionel Messi is the best. No questions asked, no follow-ups needed. He is the best at everything. Period.

2. Neymar Jr. – Paris Saint-Germain Football Club

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, also known as Neymar, might not have memorable games last 2019 since he had (one of) the roughest years of his career when he had multiple injuries, suspensions, off-field problems, and more.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

However, not-so-good incidents aside, Neymar still rises the game. Neymar is an extremely excellent, and talented Football player.

Like Lionel Messi, he has the capability to game-change the world of Football with his skillful passes and perceptive awareness. Neymar owns his game deep inside, so it shows. Thus, making him a potential first-class finisher.

3. N’Golo Kante – Chelsea Football Club

You would realize it, too. N’Golo Kante is not like the other superstar players—on and off the games. This guy does not have the most terrific footwork and scores the goals rarely than others. He also does not wear designer clothes, not into partying, and still drives a Mini Cooper until now.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

He may not act as the best Football player in the world, but that is what makes him one of the top foorballers in the world. His humility and hard work on and off the court shows how magnificent Kante is. Unassumingly assuming, N’Golo Kante is intimidatingly brilliant.

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4. Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool Football Club

Imagine this statement from the England famous and former Liverpool Jamie Redknapp, “Think of the best defenders in Premier League history—John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, and Nemanja Vidic. [Virgil] Van Dijk is all three players rolled into one.” Woah, right!

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

These big words coming from the veteran Redknapp, you would totally agree with how excellent Virgil Van Dijk is! Because Van Dijk is truly an all-in man. He has a heart like Terry, mind like Ferdinard’s, and physique like Vidic’s. Indeed, this Dutchman has it all!

Van Dijk has transformed Liverpool’s game to be the best. He rightly deserves some credit as Van Dijk is one of the reasons why the team played so well this 2020 season and won the EPL title.

5. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City Football Club

Kevin De Bruyne is such a classic. If we are to describe him and his style, he would be sophisticated, luxurious, timeless. And not just that, he has this powerful hidden aura underneath that rises towards the top.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

He plays his game without an effort. With his passing range that is second to none and excellent first touch… Yes, De Bruyne gives his best effortlessly.

Interestingly more, as he is possessing this unique ability to understand what is happening around him, De Bruyne can dictate any game—making their team Manchester City as one of the well-known clubs in Football.

6. Kylian Mbappe – Paris Saint-Germain Football Club

You would not believe your eyes when you see Kylian Mbappe’s trophy cabinet. At such a young age of 21 years old, he has already garnered lots of awards and titles in the Football industry.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

Three Ligue 1 titles, two FIFA FIFPro World XI, French Player of the Year 2018, Kopa Trophy, and even a World Cup! Those just a few of what this (literally and figuratively) Golden Boy has achieved.

Continuing the passion with Paris Saint-Germain and the national team, this Frenchman would truly soar higher and might be one of the greatest goalscorers. Perhaps, even the greatest Football player in the league in the near future.

7. Paul Pogba – Manchester United Football Club

Leading the game like what a true captain does, playing with power and aptitude and grace, plus a smile on his face, that is how Paul Pogba battles every game tournament.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

Pogba will always be remembered at his best whenever he plays for his country. He shows his maximum skills, together with the French National Team and Manchester United F.C. And it is undeniable: Pogba’s Football abilities and thick enthusiasm with the games definitely result in a “world-class Paul Pogba”.

8. Eden Hazard – Real Madrid Club

Since the move to La Liga, Eden Hazard has maintained his high standards—most especially in his dribbling abilities. With an average of 4.4 dribbles per game, he is the second-highest in that division. In case you are wondering, the first is Lionel Messi.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

Yes, Hazard is one of few world Football players who have the most amazing dribbling skills in the English Premier League. This Belgian successfully completed more dribbles than any other EPL player.

He managed to do 909 incredible dribbles during his time with Chelsea. And even when he is at Real Madrid now, he continues to demonstrate the fact that he is one of the best dribblers of all time.

9. Sadio Mane – Liverpool Football Club

You know that someone is good when Lionel Messi gives a seal of approval—and Messi, he gave one to Sadio Mane. Messi said in an interview that, “It’s a shame to see Mane finish in fourth place. Mane achieved a great year that was exceptional for the entire Liverpool team. That’s why I chose him.”

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

The Liverpool Star Mane did not make it to the top at FIFA Best Awards 2019. However, being voted as the number one player in the world by the Argentine, it still shows how great a Football player he is.

10. Kalidou Koulibaly – Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli

It has been rumored all over Europe that almost every biggest club—such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and others—got interested in getting Kalidou Koulibaly.

Top 10 Best Football Players in The World - 2020 Ranking

Greatest as ever, particularly in 2019, this skilled Senegalese has been showing unwaveringly solid games for years now. Playing for Napoli, Koulibaly has been named as the best defender in the Italian Serie A for the 2018-2019 season. He is also the winning player that helped his team to reach the 2019 Africa Cup of Nation finals.

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