Best Bingo Numbers – What Bingo Numbers are Called the Most?

Know 10 Best Bingo Numbers & increase your winning streak by 96%. Learn What Bingo Numbers are Called the Most: 6- Top Mix, 42- Winnie the Pooh, 62- Tickety-Boo

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As grown-ups we probably miss many things about our childhood, however, the one thing that we miss the most is probably the games we used to play with our friends at school when the teacher wasn’t looking. One such game was Bingo. However, the best part about being a grown-up is that you can join amazing online betting sites like W88, and indulge in entertaining games like Bingo as well as earn extra money. To help you do that, take a look at our article on the best numbers for bingo or the bingo lucky numbers in this best bingo card numbers article!


However, earning this Bingo money can be easy when you understand some basic yet tricky aspects of it which you can use to your benefit. One such thing is also the most basic thing about Bingo, and that is winning bingo numbers. Just knowing which of the highest number in bingo are called out the most would help you strategize a bingo pattern and help you win wholesome cashback offers.

Are there Bingo Winning Odds Based on the Best Bingo Numbers?

Now before we get into the 10 Best Bingo Winning Numbers which are frequently called out, let us first address one of the most important questions of how these bingo lucky numbers can help you boost your betting strategy to help you win.

  • When learning how to play Bingo, you will know that the odds of winning highly depend on luck as numbers are called out at random.
  • To make things more fun, at online casinos, you usually have the RNG system, which is the random number system, pulling out the numbers, so in the end, you have to depend on your luck alone.

The chances of winning also depend on how many tickets you are playing and many other small factors which we will address further down the article. However, one of the most important factors that can help you win is the most called winning bingo numbers or the highest number in bingo.

Top 10 Most Called Bingo Numbers You Should Know!

Although Bingo numbers are called out randomly and in the most fun way, you must know that some Bingo numbers occur more frequently than usual and are thus considered to be lucky numbers for bingo. But sometimes, there are also the best bingo card combination patterns that help you win that you should know about. Additionally, these numbers are accompanied by funny nicknames, which makes playing Bingo online more fun. Below mentioned are the best bingo card numbers!


#1 Hail the new lucky number, Top-Mix 6 

Interestingly, some studies have shown that the number 6 appears as the most called-out bingo number and is thus one of the highest number in bingo and lucky numbers for bingo that is also a part of the best bingo card combination. The reason why 6 appears the most could be out of pure coincidence however since 6 and 9 look alike, there are chances that the caller calls one for the other even though there is a line to identify which is which.

But again, this should not be the case most of the time and so people deemed 6 as the lucky Bingo number and use it as an important piece of their Bingo Strategies. As mentioned above, 6 has a name that is often called out together with the number, and this nickname is Top-Mix Six or Half a Dozen Six. Tom Mix was known as one of the most prominent Western Stars, so to make things fun, this name is given to the number 6.

#2 Next up is Winnie the Pooh 42

With a very unlikely yet fun and endearing name, the next number which is frequently called out the most is the number 42. In the same study carried out for number 6, people found out that the second number which was called out the most is the number 42. Why this happens is again unknown, perhaps because 42 is a catchy number to remember the most thanks to the nickname it is accompanied by.

Winnie the Pooh 42 makes 42 sound like a fun number and is thus one of the bingo lucky numbers, and the reason behind this nickname does not really mean anything. You could say that it is a tribute to Walt Disney and one of the best characters from the franchise making it one of the winning bingo numbers.

#3 Third on the List is Tickety Boo 62 

Another fun name accompanied by a number is the number 62 which is the most called-out number and is thus one of the best numbers for bingo. However, this number was very close to being tied with the second most-called number 42. What makes it more interesting is that the numbers 42 and 62 as well as their names rhyme and are memorable. So, this could be the reason why we remember these numbers being called out the most.

The term Tickety Boo is often referred to as something good happening. Besides having Tickety Boo as its nickname, 62 is often called out with Turn the Screw 62 because it rhymes. To know how to use such Bingo numbers well, our Bingo tips article is the best place to visit!


#4 Danny La Rue 52 is the fourth most called Bingo number.

Taking fourth place, we have the number 52 as the most-called number in Bingo. This number is interesting not because it takes the fourth place in the most bingo numbers called list, but because the name accompanying it represents a famous person and can thus, be considered as a tribute to them.

Danny La Rue was an Irish and one of the most prominent drag queens from the good old times. Sadly he died in 2009 and thus, as a tribute, like many numbers, his name is linked with the number 52. However, there are no particular reasons why his name is linked with the number 52 other than because they rhyme.

#5 Red Raw 64 is one of the unique Bingo Numbers

The number Red 64 is the fifth most occurring number in Bingo, however, because of its nickname, it is also a very unique number. This is because the name is not very appealing to most players since it does not really rhyme with the number.

However, throughout the years, bingo callers have stuck with this name even though there could be a variant. Regardless, 64 is a number which was recorded to be recurring in a study on the most called-out Bingo numbers. So, if you want to win Bingo then you should not ignore this number, additionally, read out how to win at bingo every time article to gain even higher winning rates.

#6 Using the dozen multiple, we have Six Dozen 72

I know, you must be thinking that just like the aforementioned number, this digit and its nickname do not rhyme either. However, this number is a part of a bigger group called ‘Dozens’ among the 90 numbers in Bingo. These dozen in bingo include the numbers 12, 24, 36, 42, 60, 72, and 84.

As the name suggests, 72 is the sixth dozen of the group, and thus gains its name. However, this group also includes the first most common accruing number 6, which is termed half a dozen. Thus, 72 is the second number to be called multiple times by bingo callers after the number 6 from the Dozen group.


#7 An Odd Name, Stop and Run 81

Speaking of names and rhymes, sometimes Bingo numbers have nicknames that rhyme but do not make sense at all. For instance, the 7th most called number is 81, and it is accompanied by the nickname ‘Stop and Run’, which is ironic.

Regardless, of the irony, this shows how Bingo is a fun game that can be enjoyed whether you win big or not. However, the number 81 can definitely turn your ticket’s fate around with luck as it can be a very important recurring number.

#8 Four and Seven 47, the name that makes sense 

Contradictory to the previous number, this number is one of the names that just makes sense and it also takes up the 8th spot for the most called-out number in Bingo. Additionally, 47 is considered to be a lucky number by many bingo players since it is around the middle number out of 90.

Not only this, but 47 is also a middle number between all the recurring numbers called out in Bingo. The nickname it has, Four and Seven emphasized the simplicity of the Bingo game, making it the second unique number out of the 90.

#9 A Number with a History, Heinz Varieties 57

Speaking of Lucky the numbers, the next recurring number called out in Bingo is not only the best bingo number but also comes with a lot of history. This is the number 57 and it is the 9th number which is called out the most.

The name that accompanies it may sound very familiar to most of you because Heinz is the name of the famous sauce-producing company. 57 gets its nickname from the old brand logo as 5 was the lucky number of Heinz and 7 was the lucky number of Teressa Heinz, his wife.

#10 A competition to no. 6, Knock at the Door 4

Last but not least, we have the number which is also the lowest number 4. As the title of this suggests, 4 is a number that is also the most accruing number, and sometimes it is called out as frequently as the number 6. Not only this but since 4 and 6 are close in the number sequence, you will also notice that most numbers which are recurring, are also near by in the sequence.

This information can be used to strategically cross out Bingo patterns on multiple tickets to win. 4 is accompanied by the nickname Knock at the Door, which not only rhymes but also goes well with the nature of it as it surprises you as a recurring number every now and then.


5 Additional Bingo Winning Numbers You Should Look Out For

Although there are many Bingo Numbers that can come up randomly which you should look out for, especially when playing at online casinos with RNG systems, there are a few numbers that have more chances of showing up frequently. Some of these numbers include Tweak of the Thumb 51, Two Dozen 24, Buckle My Shoe 32, One More Time 79, and End of the Line 90.

3 Important Reminders while playing Bingo game online

It is important to keep the most called numbers in mind, however, there are some additional things that you should recall especially when playing Bingo Online. Let us look at 3 most important Bingo reminders:

  1. The Numbers Can Change: All the above-mentioned numbers are based on one set of studies. However, there are many factors that can hinder the numbers which are called out. This happens especially when you are playing at online casinos since they use the RNG system which pulls out random numbers.
  2. Buy More Bingo Tickets: This does not mean that you cannot win more but to do so you must use the trick of buying more than one bingo ticket. Doing so would give you a wide range of numbers and combinations which is bound to get Bingo’d.
  3. Enjoy the Overall Thrill: Lastly, Bingo is inherently a game of chance and so waiting to see or calculate how many times a particular number comes up can get boring eventually and you may lose the fun of playing Bingo. So, it is important to sit back and anticipate numbers to get the most thrilling Bingo experience.


This was all about the Best Bingo Numbers which tend to come to be called out most of the time. With this information, you can come up with bingo betting strategies which would allow you to rely on these numbers. However, if you want to experience the raw thrills of playing bingo in the most authentic way then you definitely should join Bingo slots on online betting sites without anticipating any number!