How to play the bingo game – 100% tested guide for beginners

W88 provides a short but helpful Bingo how to play tutorial for free! Learn how to play the bingo game by reading this 100% proven and tested guide for newbies!

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What is Bingo?

Bingo! Bingo indeed is a popular game of chance in casinos. It is a fun game that does not need much strategy, just pure luck and tentative listening and you are good to go already! 

Bingo seems a little time-consuming, but it is actually fast-paced. You just need a little patience, but as long as you have a quick response and fast action to what you hear, you could win this game. Thus, follow this simple bingo tutorial to yell bingo for Bingo! Woohoo!

How to play the Bingo game – Proven and tested by pros

How to play the bingo game - 100% tested guide for beginners

As mentioned, Bingo how to play is just easy thanks to this bingo tutorial! Scroll on to the basics of the game to understand more about the Bingo game.

This is a hundred percent proven by pros. Plus tested for years and years. So you would not regret browsing these tips and tricks by W88 Asia!

Objectives of Bingo

Bingo how to play is easy with this bingo tutorial. Its only objective is to get all the numbers in your given card that is announced by the dealer or host randomly. You should be the first one who would fill the entire Bingo card to be considered as a winner.

Depending on the Bingo game you are playing, but most Bingo games want to fill the entire cards. But also, you gotta note that for some games, they allow those who could collect numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally as winners already.

Free Online Bingo Tutorial - How to Play Mobile Bingo Games

How to play bingo cards

When you start playing Bingo, you gotta get a card first. This is the thing you gotta know when you are learning how to play the bingo game.

Each player is given one or more Bingo cards—depends on how many the player wants for himself or herself. These cards are divided into numbered and blank squares, but usually with B-I-N-G-O in the top part of the card.

Bingo how to play – Easy & fast game process

If you wanna learn how to play bingo, no worries because it is just quick to understand. Now that you know the objectives and cards of bingo, the next thing you should know is how to play the bingo game—as in, the game process itself.

As said, you gotta get a card, so you can start the Bingo game. From there, the banker would then randomly lot numbers that are usually up to 75 or 90 numbers and calls them out. 

Free Online Bingo Tutorial - How to Play Mobile Bingo Games

Based on the objectives mentioned, a player who achieves the entire or a line in which all of the numbers have been called shouts “Bingo”. If the dealer checks his/her card and got the correct numbers, that player collects the entire pot money.

In the case of multiple players winning, the pot money will be divided among the winners. A certain version of a game has a blank central square on the card. To win in this version, a player must achieve a line of numbers that can be vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. 

Using the image above, if the numbers 8, 23, 65, 5, 13 are called by the dealer, you would certainly win. Same as the 45, 12, 7, 28, 27. So yes, there are actually many ways to win this game, so it is important that your numbers would be called first before the other players’ cards.

Yes, the gameplay usually just goes like this. Easy peasy! It is a quick process, so for sure, you would love this game as you understand how to play the bingo game already. Read the latest how to win at bingo everytime article & find fantastic ways to boost your bingo skills.

W88 free trial plays – Online and mobile games

How to play the bingo game - 100% tested guide for beginners

Although Bingo is usually played in an actual and live setup, there actually are lots of free online bingo and mobile bingo games around that you might want to try for your practice or trial games. Through these, you would learn more about how to play bingo!

As for the moment, Bingo has not yet been uploaded in W88. But do not worry because the team is already making its move to up this free online bingo for you all! The good news here though, you can learn and play similar fun games at W88!

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Almost similar to Bingo as well, you would for sure have fun with the Keno, Lotto, and other immersive online games here! They may not be the Bingo game per se, but you still could say “Bingo” once you earned high winnings here! Plus, there are W88 promotions waiting for you, too! How exciting, right!

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How to play the bingo game - 100% tested guide for beginners

Bingo! A game that will make your wallet bingo!

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