1X2 Football Betting Tips: 10 Strong tips to Win ₹7,000 today

Follow 10 1X2 Football Betting Tips listed by W88indi’s Betting Experts to help you win ₹7000 today: 1. Analyze Odds 2. Statistic Reports 3. D’Alembert Betting…

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Enhance the thrills of the upcoming World Cup matches, all football fans should definitely try betting on their favourite teams online using a site like W88. Doing so would not only help them play on the sidelines alongside their favourite teams but would also help them earn some crazy cashback deals!


Why is 1X2 Football Betting Beneficial?

If you wish to start football betting in India using W88, then you must also be wondering where should you start and what bets you should make. Well, the answer to this question is simple, you must make the bet you always have been making mentally and that is to decide whether team 1 would win, team 2 would win, or whether it would end in a Draw.


The betting option in football betting online where you place bets to determine who will win the match – team 1 or team 2, or whether it will end in a Draw is known as the 1X2 Betting Option in football.

  • 1 indicates the home team or team 1, the team whose name appears first on the scoreboard.
  • X indicates Draws, which determines that there will be a Draw between both teams.
  • 2 indicates the away team or team 2, the team whose name appears second on the scoreboard.

For instance, in the picture above, Salford City is team 1 or the Home Team and Peterborough United is team 2 or the Away team. This bet is the easiest bet you can place as a beginner as well as win. However, placing bets is a skill that you have to build up gradually to become a pro and win more. If you want to win the 1×2 bets with ease using W88 then check out our “What is 1X2 in Football Betting?” article which will guide you in the easiest way to place 1X2 bets online.

10 1×2 Football Betting Tips to Enhance Your Winning Skills

As mentioned above, the 1X2 betting option is football is the easiest to play however, placing these bets using some pro tips would increase your chances of winning more in no time and for less amount. So, let us look into 10 pro tips that you can use to place accurate bets as a beginner and win payouts up to ₹7,000 daily!

1. Use a Valuable Online Betting Site and Sportsbook

Before footballers play their match, the ground they play on is looked after with utmost care to help them enhance their skills with the necessary requirements a football field must have. Thus, when you are betting on football online, your playground must be beneficial to you too.

  • This means that you must choose an online betting site that gives you the necessary means to make bets online, like low minimum betting rates and reasonable payouts.
  • Not only this but your sportsbook as well as gameplay providers must make sure that you do not spend more than you should by offering sports betting free bonuses.
  • Additionally, the online betting site and sportsbook you decide to use should be easy to navigate and beginner-friendly. Using W88 sports book would not only give you all the requirements but would also let you experience the amazing sides of the football betting world in one place.


2. Understand the Types of 1X2 Betting Options 

The next important tip that you must follow as a beginner is to do your homework and learn all the types of 1X2 bets in the football betting world. This also means that you must find the 1X2 betting option that appeals to you the most. There are many types of 1X2 betting options with different odds and thus different payout rates in sportsbooks for football betting online, let us take a look at them.

  • Full Time 1X2: This is the most commonly known betting type from 1X2 and thus it is considered the main 1X2 betting option where you must determine the outcome of who wins the match team 1 or team 2, or whether it is a draw.
  • 1st Half Time 1X2: Here you must bet to see which team has the upper hand with more goals or whether they both are tied only in the 1st half of the match.
  • 2nd Half Time 1X2: Just like the previously mentioned 1X2 bet, here you must place bets to determine who has the upper hand with more goals or whether they are tied but only for the second segment of the match.
  • First to Score 1X2: Another 1X2 betting option can be used to place bets on who will score the first goal, here the Draw bet does not matter much and thus it is the least known betting option.

Thus, although the Full Time 1X2 Football betting option is the Main 1X2 bet, there are other sub-bets that you should definitely know about and place bets on.

3. Analyze the Odds and Statistic Reports

Coming to a more technical betting tip for 1X2 Soccer betting online, you should know that the odds as well as statistical reports of previous games the teams have played matter the most for placing accurate and precise bets online.

  • As a beginner, you will notice many decimal numbers next to the betting options and eventually, you will learn that these numbers, the betting odds, are indeed very useful to place accurate bets.
  • The betting odds not only tell you the chances of a particular bet winning but also tell you about the potential payout you will receive as an online bettor.
  • However, since the odds of the game can change at any time, it is important that you go through the statistics of previous matches played by the teams with the higher odds in order to place bets more precisely.


4. Observe the Live Match Gameplay 

Although it is obvious, many people tend to bet first and then watch the match, which is alright to enjoy and get the pure gambling experience by placing bets blindly on the highest odds to test your luck. However, if you want to win more then you need to decide which bet you want to place in the 1X2 betting option by first looking at how the real-life gameplay goes on.

  • As mentioned above, most betting odds in football matches keep changing depending on the live outcomes of the real-life match.
  • When you place bets on any of the teams or even on a draw because it had higher odds, then there are chances where the odds can turn around immediately causing you to lose your bet money.
  • However, this can be avoided by simply watching the live match and deciding for yourself which team seems stronger on the field. Accordingly, you must place your bets. Of course, your decision would not be 1005 accurate, but it would be close to precision.

5. Keep a Betting Limit to Place Bets

Betting can be fun and if you win more it can get more fun, and in turn addicting. Yes, as much as online betting on W88 football matches sounds fun, it has its flaws that can affect the bettor in bad ways. So, it is important to take necessary precautions beforehand when placing bets online on football betting.

  • Sports betting is the newest form of gambling that has taken the internet by storm in recent years, and it is understandable because it is a fun way to spend time as well as money.
  • Thus, to maintain a healthy relationship between you and gambling, it is important that you take the necessary steps to avoid this by setting daily, weekly, or hourly betting limits.
  • Using betting limits would not only let you save more but would also help you maintain discipline with the way you gamble online. Below mentioned are some cool gambling strategies that you can apply to the 1X2 football bets you make.


6. Bet with the D’Alembert Betting System

In continuation with the above tip, using various ready-made betting strategies would help you not only save up money but also would help you get the money you lost back. Thus, the first way to do this is the D’Alembert Betting System which is the perfect betting strategy beginners can use to place their initial bets online.

  • The D’Alembert betting strategy requires you to use the minimum betting rate available in your sportsbook online, which is a great way to start placing your initial bets.
  • The idea of the D’Alembert system is to maintain a balance between your loss and wins, which often results in making more profit.
  • Here, you must increase your betting stake by 1 unit whenever you face a loss, and then decrease it by 1 unit when you win. Continue doing this till the betting limit you set for yourself for the day or hour is completely used.

7. Maximize Profit using the Labouchere System

Another great strategy which is one of the most beneficial football betting tips you must use as a beginner when betting on the 1X2 football option is the Labouchere betting system that you can use to make additional bets as well. What is cooler about this is that you can use the same betting amount to play for days!

  • The Labouchere betting system requires you to set a goal with how much you want to win. Then you must divide this amount into smaller units with respect to the minimum betting stake and the amount of rounds you want to play.
  • For instance, if you decide you want to win ₹1000 by playing the 1X2 betting option in the next 5 matches, then you must cut this 1000 into smaller units that sum up to 1000, like 100, 200, 500, 100, 100.
  • Now, the betting stake you will place for match #1 will be the sum of the first and last digits in this sequence, which is 100 + 100 = ₹200. Once you win this bet, you must move on to the next first and last digits in the sequence. If you lose the bet, the betting stake remains the same.


8. Try the Parley Betting Option

Among all the betting options, you must have noticed that the Parley betting option has its own section to place bets online. This is because Parley bets are a combination of bets you can place all at once, for different matches online.

  • Although this sounds very appealing it is not something recommended for beginners, however, since all the tips mentioned here are highly used by pros, we urge you to at least give it a try.
  • Parley Bets ties two or more bets into one single bet. This means that even if you lose one out of three bets in the parley, the entire parley betting stake is lost. However, if you win all three bets, then the payout you receive is much bigger!
  • Since the 1X2 main betting option’s results are usually declared at the end of the match, it would be a fun way to bet on more than 1 betting option from different matches to test your luck and receive more payout than you can receive on placing a single bet.

9. Keep Up with Upcoming Games and 1X2 Betting Odds

Sometimes to find out how to win football betting online by placing the 1X2 bets, you do not have to specifically wait for your favourite teams match. Instead, you must use this pro tip, that many gamblers use online to make instant cash.

  • This pro tip is about how you must keep up with the new and upcoming football matched as well as the 1X2 betting odds for those matches, since their betting odds are usually put out days before their match.
  • This would also require you to keep up with the statistics of the football teams who have higher odds, and in turn, you should have a list of all the strong teams that you can place bets on, even if you do not like them.
  • This is one way where gamblers spend at least an hour online betting on these strong teams, where they don’t usually watch the match, but just place their bets and go about their day. If yu do this and the odds were accurate all along, then you can win instant cash without doing much.

10. Make Use of Bonus Offers and Promotions

Laslty, and the most easy and beneficial way to earn more by placing 1X2 bets online, which is also surprisingly mostly ignored, is to make use of the bonus offers and promotions online. Yes, most people ignore this tip because most pro gamblers, who are also high rollers, do not require extra cash since they are already loaded with enough.

  • However, as beginners, even pro gamblers made sure to check out all the available bonus offers and promotions their online betting site offers them.
  • A best example of such an offer is W88 promo for Sportsbook bonus of free credit ₹15,000 which you can get instantly after completing the betting requirements.
  • Using these bonuses would also give you additional benefits and new bonus offers by yor online betting bookie which you can use to get free cash to place bets online. This way you do not have to worry about spending money from your pockets to place these bets.


Will Your Winning Chances Really Rise Up With These Pro Tips?

Well, that depends on how good you are able to be as an online gambler and follow these betting tips by slightly bending them to your preference. But in the end, online betting wins mostly depend on how strategic you are, the betting odds, and as well as your luck.

  • The goal of placing bets online definitely should be to win more money by giving less. However, this is nearly impossible for even pros as nobody can accurately predict the outcome of the game.
  • That being said, using these pro tips would help you Maximize Profit and Minimize Loss, a goal that pro gamblers realistically keep in mind.
  • In fact, this applies to almost all businesses because loss cannot be prevented, but can be managed well by certain precautions.

Thus, most of the betting tips mentioned here would definitely give you an upper hand with placing bets, but it is your gut instincts that can help you win as well.

In Conclusion

Using these 10 Pro 1X2 Football Betting Tips would help you increase your winning chances by about 95%, however, the remaining 5% depends on the choices you make. Speaking of choices, here is another bonus tip – Use W88 to get the most beneficial deals in the football betting world online because you can get up to ₹15,000 for free on this amazing online betting site. Besides this, using W88 would give you the ease of using all the betting tips here because of how versatile its products are. Join W88 today and experience betting online like never before!