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Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular specially for sports like football and if you want to know more about this trendy topic then you must begin by learning popular betting options in sportsbooks that most online betting sites like W88 offer. The handicap betting option is commonly seen in popular sports like soccer or football and so, in this article we will explain with examples what does Handicap 1 mean in betting.

w88 what is asian handicap 1 in betting explained

Understand the basics of the Handicap bet in sports betting

Before we look into what does handicap 1 mean in betting, let us take a quick glance at the What is Handicap in Football Betting. Handicap Betting in Football option is available for only those sports matches between a favorite or stronger team and an underdog team.

  • Here, the favorite team is granted with a handicap disadvantage of minus (-) goals while the underdog team is given a head-start advantage of plus (+) goals to even out the match in the sportsbook.
  • These goal disadvantage and advantage different is given to the teams based on their strength difference. So the higher the strength difference between the team, the more goal disadvantage and advantage the teams will be given.

What does Handicap 1 mean in betting?

To understand what is said above in a better way, let us look at what does handicap 1 mean in betting with an example in Soccer Betting. Handicap 1 in betting is a common Asian Handicap sub-betting option in sports where the teams only have a point difference. This is denoted with a -1 and a +1 marking beside the team names in the sportsbook for the favorite and underdog team, respectively.

w88 what is handicap 1 in betting goal difference

The handicap -1 betting option means that the favorite team has to score more than 2 goals and win the match for the bets placed on them to win. Whereas, the handicap +1 betting option means that the underdog team has to lose the match by 1 goal, draw the match, or win the match. So, the final score of the real match will be reduced and added with the handicap conditions in the sportsbook to determine the winner of the bet for the match.

Example of Asian Handicap +1 & -1 in football betting

Taking the Handicap 1 sub-betting option from the above image example, and zooming in on it, we have Real Madrid with a -1 goal handicap disadvantage making it the favorite team, and on the other hand, we have Barcelona having a +1 goal head-start advantage in the match. From here, we can look at 2 cases for the bets placed on either of the team to win.

w88 asian handicap 1-in betting goal difference example 1

Case 1: Real Madrid needs to score more than 2 goals and win the match for bets placed on this team to win. If they win the match with 1 goal, lose the match, or draw the match, the bets placed on this team will lose. So, if Real Madrid scores 3 goals in the real match and wins, then 3 – 1 = 2 goals in the sportsbooks.

Case 2: Barcelona needs to lose the match by 1 goal, draw the match or win the match for bets placed on this team to win. If they lose the match with more than 1 goal, then the bets placed on this team will lose. So, if Barcelona scores 0 goals and loses the match by 1 goal, then 0 + 1 = 1 goal in the sportsbooks.

Try playing the Handicap 1 bet yourself in 3 simple steps at W88

As you now know, understanding the Handicap 1 bet in sportsbooks is the easiest of all the handicap betting options available, let us help you place HDP 1 bets in the easiest way using the W88 sportsbook. The reason we picked the W88 online betting site is because after creating an account on the site, you can get up to ₹15,000 W88 Promotion bonus for sports betting online.

Step 1: Login at W88 India to access sportsbooks online

  • The first thing you must do is log into your W88 accounts in the official website by clicking on ‘Login‘, this will open a pop-up box where you must enter your log-in credentials.
  • If you do not have a W88 account then you must click on ‘Join‘ to access the registration form. Here, you must enter all your details precisely for security purposes.

w88 what is handicap 1 in betting

  • Once you are done with creating an account in the W88 Register, you must hover your mouse over or click on ‘Sports‘ which will be available on the homepage.
  • This will allow you to pick your preferred sportsbook to place the HDP 1 bets online. Here, we picked the e-Sports sportsbook since it is one of the most organized sportsbook which makes betting easy for beginners to play sports betting starting at ₹100.

Step 2: Locate a match with Handicap 1 betting option

  • When you enter the sportsbook, you will find all matches from different sports with their betting options and betting odds in the sportsbook. So, to filter out only football matches you must click on ‘Soccer‘.
  • You can further filter out the betting options in the sportsbook by selecting football matches that are live, upcoming for the day, and matches taking place in the near future or bet on an entire league by using the Outright filter.

w88 what is handicap 1 in betting in football

  • When you do as instructed above, you will get all the soccer matches on one page in the W88 Sports book. So, from here you must locate a match with Handicap 1 betting option.
  • Here, we have found a match between Real Kashmir FC and Kenkre FC under the Indian I-League event where Real Kashmir FC has a handicap of -1 goal and Kenkre FC has a head-start of +1 goal.

Step 3: Place your bets on HDP 1 in the bet slip

  • In step 3, you will find yourself on a page with all the betting options for the match you selected, here, you must find the Full Time (FT) Asian Handicap option and under it you must click on your preferred HDP 1 sub-betting option.

w88 what is handicap 1 in betting in football example

  • Doing so will open a bet slip where you can see the handicap or head-start goal with the betting odds. Here, you must enter your betting stake. If you want to know more about football betting then check out our Football Betting for Beginners article.
  • Once done, to lock your bets for the match, you must click on ‘Place Bets‘. Now all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the match in anticipation of the results.
  • Here, we have decided to go with the Kenkre FC +1 handicap sub-betting option with the odds of 1.93 so, with the betting stake of ₹10, we will receive a payout of ₹19.30.

Do betting odds affect the handicap conditions?

By now you should be equipped with all that you need to know about what does handicap 1 mean in betting so you can go ahead and try some How to Win Football Betting tips in sportsbooks. So in the last section of the article we will elaborate on how the betting odds affect the handicap conditions. Betting odds is something given to the teams for every betting option however, with the handicap conditions, the betting odds is more likely to alter depending on the handicap conditions and whether the teams manage to complete the requirements.

Real Kashmir FC -1 @ 1.91 Kenkre FC +1 @ 1.93
w88 what is handicap 1 in betting in football example disadvantage w88 what is handicap 1 in betting in football example advantage
Condition: Needs to score more than 2 goals and win the match for bets to win Condition: Needs to win, lose by 1 goal, or draw the match for bets to win
Betting Odds: 1.91 Betting Odds: 1.93
Betting Stake: ₹10 Betting Stake: ₹10
Payout if won: ₹19.10 Payout if won: ₹19.30

As you can see, the betting stake and betting odds are multiplied together to give you the payout you receive when you win. However, you can only if the handicap conditions are fulfilled by the teams. That being said, betting odds in sportsbooks are bound to change depending on how the real match goes on in the football field and so, when it comes to handicap betting options, it is important to consider the conditions with betting odds in a realistic manner and place your bets on either of the sub-betting options logically.


So, with this we hope you have understood What Does Handicap 1 Mean in Betting along with how to bet in one of the best online betting sites you can find online in Asia, W88. Handicap betting options help you get a clear idea of which sub-betting options you should go for as there are conditions to help you determine which would be a realistic bet you can place. And for this, playing the handicap 1 betting option is the best option you can go for as a beginner using the W88 sportsbook bonus.

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