How to Win Football Betting: 10 Ways to make ₹10,000 per day

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Introduction to Football Betting

Football is a sport that has been around for many years. Today with a few clicks we can get access to the sports going on around the world in real-time. But what is even more amazing is that we can even bet on football matches on online betting sites and earn more than what we initially deposited. This is not only a good way to make some extra cash but also a fun way you invest small amounts.


However, in order for all this to happen, you must stay winning and to help you with that we are right here. Let’s use W88 and dive into some of the greatest strategies to keep in mind to win football betting.

7 Amazing Ways to Win Football Betting

It is important that you follow these tips thoroughly. However, over time when you get used to everything, you will be able to come up with your own strategies to keep winning. Remember, if you want to become rich while playing football betting, your goal shouldn’t be to earn money but to keep winning. So, feel free to mix things up and come up with your own strategy to win more.

#1: Find a Site with reasonable betting rates

Just as emphasized above, online betting is a field that has flourished rapidly and as a result, many online betting platforms are emerging. However, not all these platforms serve the same amount of quality service so narrowing your options down is important, and to do this you must research thoroughly.

  • Of course, you will not be able to find the most perfect online betting site, but what you must find is a site reasonable enough to meet all of your needs.
  • This means that you must choose a site with lower betting rates, a high-security protocol, and one which is active with respectful players. Besides this, finding a site that constantly offers promotional offers is great!


  • We suggest you go for W88 because registering at W88 would give you some of the amazing deals that it brings to your table. With this site, you can bet on many sports matches including Football, using an easy interface.
  • Here, you can deposit money without being too worried because W88’s security protocol is something that can be relied on. When you need to make a withdrawal, they will help you make transactions go smoothly.

Besides this, they make it mandatory for you to verify your account and by doing this you will earn a ₹250 freebet bonus! Thus, W88 seems to fulfil all the requirements of a good online betting site.

#2: Understand the types of Bets

If you want to bet for fun then you can go ahead, however, if you wish to win football bettings then you must do your homework thoroughly which is to learn about the different types of betting options and understand them well.

Although there are many bets you can make in football, not everyone’s outcome is 50-50, so you need to find out which bets usually work and which ones does not.


Here are 3 of the most common bets found in Football:

  1. 1X2 Betting Option: This betting option is the most popular one in any sports betting. Here, “1” stands for Home Team, “X” stands for Tie, and “2” stands for Away Team. As evident, you must make bets on who will win the match or whether it’ll be a tie.
  2. Over or Under Betting Option: The second most popular betting option is the Over/Under, or OU, option. Here, a number is given which is derived from the statistics of the relevant match. Then bets are made to determine whether the over score will be over (more) or under (less) than the given number.
  3. Odd or Even Betting Option: Lastly, popular among beginners is the Odd or Even betting option. As the name suggests, you must make bets on whether the overall score of both teams will combine to be an Odd or Even number.

As you learn how to make football bets, you will find many other betting options to choose from. These include Total Bets, Handicap Bets, Half-Time/Full-Time Bets, Parley Bets, etc. Make sure you understand each of them thoroughly and bet only on those with a higher chance of winning.

#3: Mostly go for 1X2 Betting Option

Just like mentioned in the previous point, if you wish to keep winning then you must always bet on the options that will give you more chances of winning.

  • Here at football, the 1X2 betting option is the easiest and the one you should mostly go for, especially as a beginner. This is because there are only 3 outcomes, you win, you lose, or it’ll be a tie.
  • So, using this bet, you can analyze the teams’ previous matches and bet on the one with more wins.
  • That being said, going for Tie bets is also available in this option, however, you should keep this as your last option to make bets from the three.

Let’s take a look at a 1X2 betting example using the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match.


Here, we decided to place a ₹100 bet on “1” which is Barcelona at the odds of 28.00. To process the bet, you must click on “Bet”.

The outcomes of the match will thus be as follows:

Outcome 1X2 Bet placed on (1) Barcelona
WinYou will win a ₹2,800 Payout
LoseYou will lose your bet money which is ₹100
TieYou will get your bet money (₹100) back

As you can see, there is more chance for you to win this bet than to lose it. If you win, you will get much more than you bet with. If you lose, you will have to give up the bet money, but if it is a tie, you will get your bet money back!

#4: Avoid making Parley Bets

Parley Bets are a part of the many bets available in Football Betting. These bets are made by placing many bets on different matches and combining them into one. Parley Bets are also the bets that are most famous among pro-online sports bettors. Then why should you as a beginner avoid it?

Well, the reason is simple, more bets require you to use more money and in the case of Parley Bets, you must use more money all at once. Although the chances of winning Parley Bets are somewhat more, it is better to avoid making these bets if you want to earn money carefully.

Taking your time and betting at intervals is also a very wise way to win more. Once when you have learnt how to win football betting properly then you can give Parley bets a shot!

#5: Learn to read statistics

Math is boring for most of us but using basic math, mostly statistics, for winning money on football betting is fun. But for the most part, it is more important than fun.

Learning how to read the stats of each game will help you make wise choices when it comes to betting on football. It will help you get a proper understanding of which teams are strong/favourites and which ones you should avoid.

An example of Football Statistic Reading at W88

If you wish to grow into a pro-sport bettor, then this is the most basic thing you must learn as it will help you earn more in less time. Besides this, the aforementioned Parley Bets can be made by you once you have a proper understanding of how game stats work.

#6: Rely on Analytics

This goes hand-in-hand with the above-mentioned strategy. To keep winning, you must always trust the analytics.

This means that betting blindly wouldn’t really work here. So, before you make bets, you need to see the stats of each team and then place a bet. This also means that if your favourite team is playing against a team with a good analytic result, you need to abandon your favourite team – no hard feelings.

Doing so would also allow you to make Parley Bets. Relying on the analytics of any game is a smart move that usually boosts one’s gambling journey. Not only this but relying upon and using an analytical mindset is equally important.

#7: Keep Track of Overtime Scores

Lastly, and most importantly, you must keep track of overtime scores and wins. This is something that most people forget to do when a match is over so e sure to save your wins.

Keeping a track of overtime scores applies to the teams, players, as well as yourself and the bets you make. Doing this will serve as an overview of your previous wins and losses, and it would help you analyze and create betting strategies precisely.

Besides this, tracking the scores of previous teams and players would help you make quick analytical betting decisions which is definitely a required skill in online sports betting.

3 Tips to Master Before Betting

You have now come a long way and have also been wiser than before. So, let us let you in on 3 football betting tips that can help you keep building up your cash.

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  • Keep a limit: Whenever joining any betting site, it is important that you keep a limit, a particular amount, specifically for online betting. This will help you set winning goals and also keep you in check when it comes to gambling. You can set this limit with respect to hours, a day, a week, or so on. Besides this, you can make use of the W88 sportsbook bonus of 150% up to ₹15,000 cashback.
  • Let go of your favourites: If you are a football fan then it is given that you will have favourite teams. But when it comes to betting, you may have to let go of your favourites. This is because you want to rely more on the statistics and analytics part of sports betting to keep winning more. So, it may be possible that the other team would be a better betting option.
  • Have fun betting at W88: Lastly, and more importantly, have fun betting on football. W88 is known for giving its customers a fun time, so be sure to have fun betting and winning. As mentioned above, your goal is to earn more money but, in your mind, you need to keep winning. Having fun and a chill mindset would help you not only win but also leave happily for the day.


You now know 7 interesting strategies on how to win football betting and earn more money. Remember to follow these tips, as well as the additional ones, thoroughly, especially as a beginner. Join W88 and give football betting a shot and see for yourself how good and easy the site is. Not only this but explore the promotion sections to win exciting sportsbook bonuses. Remember to always be wise and have fun when betting on football at W88!