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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on how to play Casino Holdem Poker! Know basic Rules, Hand Ranks, Payouts & Gameplay at W88. Join & claim a 150% bonus up to ₹12,000.

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With everything going online, Live Casinos have been growing their industry online as well. These casinos offer some of the most famously interesting casino games you could ask for and Poker is one of them. So, learning how to play it thoroughly is a must. We will use W88, the no.1 go-to website, for learning how to play Casino Holdem Poker online.

What is Casino Holdem Poker?

Unlike classic Poker, the winner of the classic Casino Holdem Poker is determined using a 5-card hand, including the player’s first two cards.

Play Casino Holdem Poker at W88

The objective of the Poker game is simple – the best hand wins. But what does that mean? Well, before we understand that let us learn some key terms you will be using when playing Casino Holdem Poker.

Betting Options in Casino Holdem Poker

Casino Holdem Poker has betting options tailored to fit the gameplay. So, in the gameplay, you will get 4 main options to choose from. These are:

  1. Ante: Ante refers to the first bet the player makes in Casino Holdem Poker. It is a necessary bet that all players must make.
  2. Bonus Bet: The second bet in Casino Holdem Poker is called the Bonus Bet. This bet is an additional bet you can make to determine whether you will get a pair of aces or a better hand. This bet cannot be made without an ante bet.
  3. Fold: When you have a better hand or do not want to bet more, then you “Fold”. The dealer will stop dealing with more cards then.
  4. Play: Just like Fold, Play is another option in Casino Holdem Poker. Here, if you wish to bet the double of your ante bet and want more cards in hand, then you press play.

Strongest to Weakest Hand Ranks in Casino Hold’em Poker

In Poker, most cards have their face value, meaning the ranks are determined according to the number on the card from top to bottom – A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. However, when it comes to Ace cards, they can either be the highest or lowest card depending on the Poker hand dealt. Depending on the best strategies in poker you can use the below information to your benefit.

As emphasized above, in Poker, the best hand wins and there are 10 such combinations. Let’s take a look at them:

Rank CardsHand Name
1sthow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerRoyal Flush Hand
2ndhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerStraight Flush Hand
3rdhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerFour of a Kind Hand
4thhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerFull House Hand
5thhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerFlush Hand
6thhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerStraight Hand
7thhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerThree of a Kind Hand
8thhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerTwo Pair
10thhow-to-play-casino-holdem-pokerHigh Card
  1. Royal Flush: These cards consist of 10s, Jokers, Queens, Kings and Ace. This is the highest-ranking card.
  2. Straight Flush: This hand consists of consecutive cards with respect to the same suit. For instance, Q♠️, J♠️, 10♠️, 9♠️, 8♠️.
  3. Four of a Kind: This hand includes 4 cards of the same rank. For example, Four Queen Cards, etc.
  4. Full House: This refers to a combination of three same rank cards and 2 other same rank cards. For example, 2 Kings and 3 Tens.
  5. Flush: This hand consists of all the 5 cards from the same suit, for example, 4♠️, 6♠️, 3♠️, 7♠️, A♠️.
  6. Straight: This hand consists of cards with a straight rank. For example, 5♠️, 4♠️, 3♠️, 2♠️, A♠️.
  7. Three of a Kind: This hand consists of 3 cards of the same rank, for example, 3 Kings and other two different cards.
  8. Two Pair: This hand consists of two pairs with the same rank. Example: 2 Aces, 2 tens, and another card.
  9. Pair: This hand consists of a pair with the same rank. For instance, 2 Queens and the other 3 cards.
  10. High Card: This card is the lowest and the hand consists of no pairs. But the highest value will determine the worth of the hand.

Play Poker at W88 using 3 Easy Instructions

Now that we learnt the basics of Poker and we can go to the next and important part of the article – how to play Casino Holdem Poker at W88. Use these 3 easy steps to build your way up in the Poker world.

#1: Create a W88 Account and go to Live Casino

  • The first thing you must do is go to W88 and register at W88. To do this you must click on the “Join” button which is available at the top right corner of the W88 homepage.
  • This will then require you to fill in your personal details precisely. Creating an account at W88 means that you must enter a unique username and strong password, apart from this you will have to enter your accurate bank details and complete the verification of your account.


Note: Making a minimum deposit in your W88 account should be a process completed during the creation of your account. This is because you can claim the 150% up to ₹12,000 casino bonus on your first deposit and kickstart your betting account.

  • Once all this is completed, you need to visit the “Live Casino” section available right at the top ribbon of the W88 homepage.

#2. Find a W88 Game Room with Minimum Betting Odds

  • When you enter the W88 Live Casino domain, you will find many famous casino games to choose from. Besides this, you will also find some of the top game providers there with their respective game rooms.


  • Now it is up to you to decide which game room to go for. We suggest choosing a Casino Holdem room with less betting rates and quality payouts.
  • We recommend using Club Evolution’s Casino Holdem game room as it offers the minimum betting rate of ₹50 only. Click on “Poker” to enter the club’s lobby.


  • When you enter the Club’s lobby, click on “Casino Holdem” and wait to play the game!

#3. Place your bets wisely and wait to win

  • Now that you have selected the perfect Casino Holdem Poker game room, it is time to place your bets.
  • You can do so by using the chips on your screen. In casino terms, the 50 chip = ₹50, so we will place it on the bet we want to make.


  • Then the dealer will deal the cards and after a while will ask you whether you want to “Play” or “Fold” – you must click on the one you are more confident about.
  • Then, you must wait until the “showdown” which is when the dealer reveals their card. This will determine whether you won or lost the bet.

Live Casino Holdem Poker Game Play at W88

Let us take a look at live real-money gameplay at W88 Online Casino to have a proper understanding of how the game works.

ROUND 1: Place Ante Bet before the timer ends

  • When round 1 begins, you must place your bets quickly before the timer ends.
  • As you can see, you can place Ante bets first and then Bonus Bets if you want to.


  • In this round, we placed 50 chips, which is a ₹50 bet, on Ante.
  • Now we have to wait for the timer to end and for the dealer to start dealing the cards.

ROUND 2: Wait for the Showdown

  • Round 2 begins with the dealer dealing the cards.
  • As you can see, our first two cards are 2️ and J️. So we decided to Play rather than Fold, and increased the stake.


  • The dealer deals the cards one by one to reveal the cards J️, J️, and 2️ – this gives us the hand “Two Pairs”.
  • Thus, we won the round as well as ₹300!

What makes Casino Holdem Poker the best Casino game?

As emphasized above, Poker is a card game that has been around for a long time and Casino Holdem is a variant of Texas Holdem or Poker.

  • Best Variant of Poker: In a Casino Holdem game, the players go up against the Dealer rather than other players. This is probably the best variant of Poker, especially for beginners.


  • Easy to learn: Learning the basics of Casino Holdem Poker may seem confusing at first glance, but once you dive into it properly, you will be able to realize that Poker is not only a fairly easy but also an exciting casino game.
  • Good for Beginners: What makes Casino Holdem Poker the best casino game is its easy-to-grasp game rules and a good way for beginners to start their poker journey. With only ₹50, you can earn more by practising how to play Poker well.


So now that you have learnt how to play Casino Holdem Poker online, you can go ahead and give it a try! Remember to make use of a good betting site with equally good game rooms. Luckily, you can use W88 as it provides you with the best gaming experience online. Explore the site more as well as the promotion section to gain bonuses that will help you play more Casino Holdem Poker.