What is Handicap in W88 Football betting? Odds explained!

An absolute beginner’s guide to handicap in football betting! Understand the +ve & -ve signs along with odds & other bet types. Get ₹250 free bet at W88 India!

W88 Football Free ₹250 Bets Handicap Betting

What is handicap in football betting?

A W88 handicap in football betting bet is a wager on a team’s success that has been altered in some way. The handicap is applied to the final score, and the bet wins if the final score is in favor of the chosen side.


A W88 handicap bet is commonly denoted by a plus(+) or minus()- sign followed with a fractional digit.

3 steps – How to play handicap betting in football at W88

Learn how to place your wagers on handicap in football betting by following these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Signup at W88 India official website

  • If you haven’t joined W88 India, then quickly head to the W88 Register page. Follow the 3 step instructions to set up your new account.


  • W88 India players who have already opened their account can log in with their valid login id and password.
  • Once you’ve entered the W88 homepage, select the Sports tab from the homepage menu bar.

Step 2: Pick e-sports & football betting team

  • W88indi recommends that you choose e-sports because there are more betting markets & higher odds for punters here.


  • A plethora of sports betting games can now be seen on the left side of the screen in the new window.


  • Click on Soccer to see all of the available matches to bet on.
  • For instance, let’s pick England Community Shield match between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Step 3: Select a handicap bet & place a wager

  • W88indi advises newcomers to start small and choose handicap bets wisely.
  • Here let’s bet on Manchester City(+0.5) with odds at 1.45.


  • A small betting slip will display on the right side of the screen when you click on the player you believe will win the battle.
  • You can enter the amount and view the return wale right here.
  • Keep in mind that the minimum bet at W88 sportsbook is ₹100. Click Process bets to confirm your predictions.

Positive & Negative signs in handicap football betting


  1. Positive – A decisive underdog is usually given a positive handicap. If a player bets on an underdog with a handicap (+0.75) and the match ends with a lesser margin of victory for the favorite, the bet is considered a winner.
  2. Negative – The favorite is given a negative handicap and vice versa. So, if a bettor placed a bet with a negative handicap (-0.75) and the game finished with the favorite winning by a large margin, the bet wins.

Note: The zero handicap means that if the team on which the player bets wins, the player will win, and if the match ends in a tie, the player will receive a refund.

How does handicap work in football betting?

Let’s begin with an example. 

Example 1: The soccer match between Team A(Underdog) and Team B(Favorites). 

  • If a player bets Team B(-1.5), he will win if Team B wins by a margin of 2 goals or more (2:0, 3:1, 3:0, and so on). 
  • If Team B wins by just 1 goal or fails to make a goal at all, the bettor loses (1-0, 0-0, 1-2, etc)

Example 2: The soccer match between Team A(Favorites) and Team B(Underdog). 

  • If you place a bet on Team B (+1.5) If Team B wins, draws, or loses by just 1 goal, the bettor wins.
  • If Team A wins by a margin of 2 or more goals, the bet is lost.

How odds work in handicap football betting?

Irrespective of the sports you bet on, if you want to calculate the odds then just remember the below simple formula.

Formula: Odds x Wagered money = Total returns



  • Odds = 1.45
  • Wagered money = ₹100
  • Total return = ₹145 (1.45 x 100)

Handicap bets in Football at W88 India

#1. Full time handicap – When betting in full-time handicap markets, the better team is given a goal/point handicap to erase the quality difference for betting purposes.


  • Case 1: You will win – If Manchester’s final score is more than Liverpool’s even after applying a +0.5 handicap.
  • Case 2: You win – If Liverpool’s final score is less than Manchester after applying +ve handicap.

#2. 3-way handicap – Bettors who wager on the 3-way handicap have the option of betting on a handicap tie. By selecting the handicap tie option, you are basically betting on the team receiving the virtual disadvantage (negative sign).


  • Case 1: You win – If Liverpool wins the bet after applying a +2 handicap.
  • Case 2: You win – If the final score is a draw after applying a +2 handicap on Liverpool.
  • Case 3: You win – If Liverpool scores less ever after applying a -2 handicap.


You have a fresh dimension & a lot of enhanced options to discover betting value now that you understand what is handicap in football betting. Now that you know everything there is to know, you can use it to build handicap predictions & discover high-value underdogs, all while winning big at W88 India!

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