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Follow these 12 Easy Basketball betting Tricks for beginners from the W88indi experts to wager like a pro on hot basketball leagues in top sportsbooks like W88!

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Playing online sports betting is not only a fun way to enhance the sports match for more entertainment but is also now extremely easy to play thanks to online betting sites like W88 India. Along with Cricket and Football matches, Basketball betting online is also gaining popularity lately. And if you want to jump in on the basketball betting trends, you must have some good basketball betting tricks up your sleeves. So to help you with this, here are the 12 easy basketball betting tricks for beginners from the W88indi experts.

12 online basketball betting tricks for beginners by w88indi

1. Select a betting system that applies to your betting bankroll

  • The first basketball betting tricks strategy is to make use of betting systems, as these can help you boost your existing bankroll when playing basketball betting online.
  • There are progressive betting systems that require you to increase your wager for every wins or losses during your betting sessions.
  • Besides this there are non-progressive betting systems that require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout your gaming session to maintain the bankroll amount. Try these basketball betting tricks in the W88 sportsbook by creating an account in the W88 Register today!

2. Use more progressive betting systems for instant results

  • The progressive betting system is clearly used by many bettors online and this is because it provides instant results at the end of your gaming session.
  • However, progressive betting systems can be heavy on the bankroll, that is why, you should make sure to use low-risk progressive betting systems like the D’Alembert method where you must increase your wager by one unit after losing a bet.
  • Then when you eventually win the bet, you must decrease the betting stake by one unit or go back to playing with the initial betting stake.

12 basketball betting tricks for beginners by w88indi

3. Maintain the flat betting system for overtime rewards

  • If you like non-progressive betting systems more then you can maintain your bankroll well as these are low-risk in nature, and offer overtime rewards on main bets like Spread Betting in Basketball.
  • One of the most popular non-progressive betting system is the flat betitng method where you place the same wager amount on bets for a given period of time to notice a boost in your bankroll at the end of the allotted time.
  • Then with your new and increased bankroll, set another wagering amount higher than the previous amount, and wager using that amount for another period of time to notice a boost in your bankroll over time again.

4. Wager on Total score bets more than individual team bets

  • The best part about playing basketball betting online is the face that there are many betting options to choose from which enhances the thrills of the live basketball game even more.
  • However, among these, you should always wager more on the bets that require you to predict the total score of both teams combined after the quarters or full-time gameplay rather than individual team bets.
  • This helps in making accurate decisions as you get to combine the stats of both teams to make accurate predictions of the average scores and more. The Over/Under Basketball Betting option is one such betting option among the main bets.

12 basketball betting tricks for beginners to win

5. Make use of online stats info in the sportsbook you use

  • In the above basketball betting tricks strategy we mentioned making use of the stats of both teams to make accurate betting decisions and this is one of the most helpful basketball betting tricks which is also one of the easiest basketball tricks for beginners.
  • In popular sportsbooks like W88 Sportsbook, you get to access the statistical data of the basketball teams as a member. These data are based on the previous match played by the teams, the individual team stats, and league stats.
  • All of these help you make accurate betting decisions in the sportsbook for top basketball matches as you can easily compare and make predictions using the basketball betting tricks here.

6. Bet on lower odds to win more bets accurately

  • In continuation with the aforementioned basketball betting tricks, to make more bets accurately as a beginner it is important to bet on the sub-betting options that have lower odds.
  • This is because higher odds are given to the team with low chances of winning, and since the risk of wagering on them is high as you have to defy the odds, you get paid out more. That being said, lower odds mean that the team is more likely to win and has less risk on them.
  • Thus, wagering on the sub-bets with lower odds makes up not only one of the best basketball betting tricks but also one of the easy basketball tricks for beginners to win. Make use of the W88 Free Credit of ₹250 on account verification to boost your account wallet while wagering on lower odds.

12 w88indi basketball betting tricks for beginners to win

7. Make use of the sportsbook streaming services to observe the match

  • When it comes to betting on sports matches in sportsbooks, there are different types of basketball matches you can choose from which are early or live. Thus, as one of the basketball betting tricks for live matches is to make use of the live streaming service in the sportsbook.
  • The best part about basketball games is that it comes in different quarters, so you can observe one quarter and wager on the second quarter accordingly.
  • Using live streaming services in the sportsbook is good for making in-play match observations if the betting odds make it difficult to make predictions.

8. Do not always wager on your favorite teams

  • Most people join online betting sites to wager on their favourite teams as a way to support them, but as one of the most important basketball betting tricks to win big, we recommend to not always wager on your favorite team.
  • It is always important to acknowledge that in basketball games, there are many forms of strength differences between the teams, so your favorite team may be strong in one match but the underdog in the other match.
  • With this, it is important to remember to wager based on lower odds and statistical data of previous matches, along with live match observations in the sportsbook. So, as one of the Tips on Basketball Betting, if your favourite team is the underdog team of the match, then we recommend wagering on the other team.

12 online basketball betting tricks for beginners to win daily

9. Avoid Parley betting options as a beginner

  • One of the betting options that you can choose when playing Basketball Betting Online to get instant huge payouts is the Parley bet, which basically accumulates many bets into one single bet, to get more payout returns.
  • Since if any one of the accumulated bets loses, your entire bet is lost, we recommend avoiding placing parley bets in the sportsbooks.
  • If you want to wager on more than one betting option then you can do so separately, since this is safer because, unlike the parley bet, here if one bet loses and the other bet wins, you still can receive payout returns.

10. Use a good sportsbook to maintain your online payouts

  • Goes without saying, but to get the maximum benefits of wagering using these basketball betting tricks, we recommend that you wager online using a good betting sportsbook, and so we recommend using the W88 website.
  • The W88 sportsbook comes with huge benefits that you can claim as a member and applying these easy basketball tricks for beginners can take place efficiently thanks to the simple user interface.
  • Thus, it is easier to learn How to Win Basketball Betting online using the W88 sportsbook, as you can get a chance to use the statistical charts, live streaming services, updates on odds and top matches, and also extravagant member bonuses on sportsbook products.

12 online basketball betting tricks for beginners to win

11. Apply for online sportsbook bonuses on your first deposit

  • The next easy basketball tricks for beginners is to boost your account bankroll by making use of online bonuses that you usually get on your first deposit from your online betting site.
  • For instance, at W88 you can claim a W88 Promotion bonus on your first deposit which gives you an offer of 150% bonus up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook products.
  • These bonuses are good to boost your online betting account wallet with huge cashback offers so that you enjoy basketball betting online without spending a lot of cash from your own pockets.

12. Learn to bet by maintaining your bankroll earnings

  • For the final basketball betting tricks strategies we recommend maintaining your online bankroll well whether you use the online bonus cash or cash from your own pockets.
  • One of the most important things you can do is separate your earnings from your existing bankroll on the betting site, so that you make profits while also enjoying wagering on favourite basketball matches online.
  • Using budgeting systems, setting a losing limit, playing betting on limited number of matches, etc. are all ways in which you can maintain your bankroll earning well.

12 w88indi basketball betting tricks for beginners


These were the 12 winning online Basketball Betting Tricks that you can use to win big online. Using the online sportsbook betting sites like W88 India can help you boost your online bankroll immediately thanks to their extravagant new member bonuses. That being said, it is important to remember to follow these easy basketball tricks for beginners and also enhance them based on your gameplay and bankroll. For more such simple yet pro insights for playing sports betting online, keep visiting W88indi.