10 Best Double chance betting Tips for sure win ₹7,000 daily

Use these 10 best Double chance betting Tips by W88indi experts to win up to ₹7000 daily by making double chance bets with 100% sure predictions at W88 sports!

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Double chance betting in sports is one of the easiest and most fun betting options you can try out today even if you do not know a lot about sports betting. This is because here you can predict 2 out of 3 main outcomes that can help you win easily. But if you use these 10 W88you Double Chance betting tips, then you will surely win more bets on sportsbook betting sites like W88.

w88 double chance betting tips and tricks in sports

1. Select a good sportsbook with all requirements for a bettor

The first and most important double-chance betting tip is to select a good sportsbook to place your bets online. To do this, there are certain requirements that the sportsbook must have. These requirements are also the most basic equipment that a bettor must use to place their bets on any betting option in the sportsbook. Registering an account in the W88 Register can provide you will all three!

  • Legal License: Legal license is extremely important for placing bets in sportsbooks for security purposes as well as for not playing illegally. In India, selecting a betting site that offers sportsbooks with a license from a foreign provider is the best option to go for.
  • Live Match Option: The second most important piece of equipment that the bettor must get from their sportsbook is a live match option where the bettors can get to watch the match live for placing accurate bets in the sportsbook.
  • Team or Player Statistics: Lastly, it is important that the sportsbook you select gives you all the previous match data played between the teams for analysis. This is crucial, especially in betting options like the Double Chance bet in sports.

2. Set a bankroll aside for sports betting in the sportsbook

The second Double Chance betting tip that comes from the W88you experts is to set a betting limit for yourself. This bankroll must be set aside specifically for sports betting online, and must not be used for other things like daily necessities.

  • Setting a bankroll aside can help you gamble responsibly and mindfully, especially on fun betting options like the double chance bet in sportsbooks.
  • To do this you can use saving systems like the 50-30-20 method wherein 30% of your income can go for your wants and sports betting is a want for entertainment.
  • Additionally, you can claim your online casino bonuses for sportsbooks and keep that as your set bankroll to play and double up on your cash. For instance, if you join W88, you can get W88 Promotion bonuses of up to ₹15,000.

w88 double chance betting tips in sportsbooks

3. Decide which sport you want to place a Double Chance bet on

Double chance is a popular betting option in sportsbooks that is seen in many popular sports so if you want to play this easy betting option, then choosing a sport that appeals to you and your tastes is extremely important.

  • The Double Chance or Doubles betting options are available in popular sports like Soccer/Football, Tennis, Basketball, etc. where you can select 2 out of 3 possible outcomes of how the match ends.
  • So, picking a sport that you are familiar with is very important so that predicting how a match ends is much easier, and thus, placing bets would be easy.
  • In the sports betting world, Double Chance bets in Soccer are the most famous among other sports, so, if you do not have any sports betting experience, then check out our details guide on Double Chance in Football Betting.

4. Watch the live match for making accurate observations

One of the important requirements in the sportsbook was the availability of a live match option and this is crucial for predicting correct bets from the 3 options over time. This can be done by simply watching a match and observing which teams are good, bad, or equal.

  • Using the live match option in the sportsbook does not necessarily mean that you must place bets. Instead, you can learn how to observe which team has a better chance of winning or if they both are playing at the same pace.
  • To add to this, you can even place mental bets on any of the three sub-betting options in Double Chance betting to test your observation skills without spending money.
  • Using the live match option for ongoing matches is extremely useful to make in-play bets as well as you must look at how the team is playing to decide a wager on any of the options. To do this smoothly as a beginner, we recommend first understanding the basics of W88 Football.

w88 double chance betting tips and tricks to win

5. Choose a sub-betting option with higher odds for more payouts

Now that you have prepared the basic requirement for placing Double chance bets in sportsbooks it is time for you to place your bets where you must select the best out of the three sub-betting options and to do this you can make full use of the given betting odds in the sportsbook.

  • The betting odds play a huge role in deciding how much payout you will receive for a bet in the sportsbook as the betting stake is multiplied by the odds to derive the total payout.
  • Thus, the higher the betting odds, the more payout you will receive even if you use the minimum betting stake in the sportsbook.
  • Out of the three give the sub-betting options, if you want to receive higher payouts, then you can place bets on the one with the highest odds. But for this, you should find a good sportsbook that provides you with accurate betting odds like W88 Sports.

6. Selecting the 12 sub-betting options is safer most of the time

If you do not want to go for the odds, or if you do want to sit and observe the match in the sportsbook, then the safest betting option to go for out of the three sub-betting options in the Double Chance bet is the 12 or Home or Away bet option.

  • The Home or Away bet option is the last sub-betting option of the three under the Double Chance main bet, and placing bets on this is considered to be one of the most helpful Double Chance betting tips in sports betting.
  • Placing bets on the 12 or Home or Away betting option would mean that you are placing bets to predict that either the home team or away team will win, which is the most possible outcome of any match.
  • Thus, the 12/Home or Away bet under Double Chance is the one many people go for even if the odds are slightly lower as this outcome is very much likely to take place since either team can win.

w88 double chance betting tips in betting online

7. Use sportsbook statistics to see the outcomes of previous matches

Another important requirement for Soccer Betting that your sportsbook must offer is the availability of previous match statistics. This is very important to understand which Double Chance sub-betting option has a higher chance of winning in the sportsbook.

  • The previous match statistics give you data on more than 5-7 or even more years of games played between both teams.
  • This data is given through graphs and percentage which tells you which side has a better chance of winning.
  • Analyzing this data well and making use of the given information to predict which sub-betting option could win, is even more beneficial than placing bets using the betting odds.

8. Use betting systems to maximize profit in your bankroll

Above we have mentioned how important it is to set a betting limit before you even start placing your bets in the sportsbook. But it is equally important to maintain this betting bankroll limit for as long as you can and using betting systems is a great way to do so.

  • Betting systems are of two types progressive betting systems where you must increase your wager whenever you lose a round to get the lost money as the payout with extra cash, and non-progressive betting systems where you must maintain the same betting stake whether you win or lose.
  • Progressive betting systems are a better option if you want to increase your bankroll amount by the end of the day but it is important to be mindful of some progressive betting systems made for high rollers.
  • However, the D’Alembert or 1324 betting system is created to cater to pros and beginners, so be sure to select a progressive betting system wisely to maximize profits.

w88 double chance betting tips in sports

9. Keep up with the sports news and the teams or players

If you want to play sports betting on the Double Chance Bet or any betting option, then it is important to understand the sports you are betting on. This means it is important to know which teams are stronger than the others and which ones are equal.

  • Knowing this makes betting on Double Chance bets easier because if you follow the sports thoroughly without any biased views, then your reasoning skills would always help you win.
  • Understanding which team is stronger than the other and which teams are equal can help you place bets on the perfect sub-betting option to receive the maximum payout.
  • Additionally, knowing the game and keeping up with its news would give you updates on hot matches where sportsbooks usually offer higher betting odds, and in such matches, placing bets on the Home or Away sub-betting option is very beneficial.

10. Be aware of the Gambler’s fallacy and bet rationally

Last but not least, although the Double Chance betting option doubles your chances of winning the bets, it is important that you place your bets rationally. It is also important that you be aware of the Gambler’s Fallacy as this could hinder your rationality.

  • The Gambler’s fallacy occurs when a gambler thinks that just because a betting option won most of the time, it is unlikely to win again. This thinking or wrong intuition has made many pro bettors lose a huge amount of money in one go.
  • If you notice via observing the game or statistical charts that the most winning team could win again, then that is a rational decision, and you can either bet on the Home or Away sub-betting option or the one which includes the most winning team.
  • Additionally, placing bets on your favorite team when the observation clearly states that the odds are not in the said team’s favor is another irrational move you should be aware of and keep away from.

w88 double chance betting tips in betting


This was all about the 10 Double Chance Betting Tips in sports betting online. Using these would help you boost your winning rate by 98% and most of them are basic skills you can learn to develop to bet on other betting options in amazing sportsbooks like the ones offered at W88. However, if you want more betting tips, tricks, or strategies to keep boosting your winnings, then you can check out all the tips and tricks articles at W88indi, one of India’s most trusted betting guides.

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