Double Chance Betting Explained: Place 2 bets under 1 Option!

Double Chance Betting Explained in simple words with examples. Learn how to place Double Chance bets at W88 & earn more using the 2-in-1 betting option in soccer.

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Placing bets on sports is trendy these days as it is the most entertaining way in which sports fans can spend a minimum amount of their income to only double it up, however, this can get boring if you only had to place bets on any one of the team or whether the match would be a draw, etc. This is why the sportsbook at W88 has one of the most entertaining betting options that you definitely should check out and that is the Double Chance betting option. To read more on the double chance betting explained, you should stick around to the very end, as there are examples of how you can use this 2-in-1 betting option.

Double Chance Betting Explained in Simple Words

The double chance betting option is one of the most underrated betting option from all the football betting options. This is because using this betting option, you can place bets on 2 possible outcomes rather than one, and is thus, an advanced variation of the 1X2 betting option in football, let’s take a look at how.


  • The Double chance betting option in W88 sports books first requires you to understand the 1X2 betting option is because the former is like a bet based on the latter.
  • In the 1X2 betting option, 1 stands for the home team, X the draw, and 2 for the away team, so here you basically are placing bets on any of the teams winning or whether there is a going to be a draw between them
  • With the Double Chance betting explained, you can get to pair any of the two, 1, X, or 2 betting option and place a single bet on it, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Note: The Double Chance bet is a betting option which is only found under soccer or football sports betting matches, which means that this double chance bets can only be placed on football matches online.

Double Chance Betting Option Combos

Before we show you how you can place bets on the double chance bet option using W88, let us first take a look at the double chance betting option combos which you can use to place bets on to create more accuracy in the stakes you place online. There are mainly three combos that come out of the double chance betting option:

  1. Home or Draw: Here you can bet on the home or draw betting option, so, you will win the bet if the home team wins OR if there is a draw.
  2. Home or Away: Considered the best betting option, here, you get to place a bet on the Home and Away team, so all you must do is sit back and wait for one of them to win!
  3. Away or Draw: Lastly, you can bet on the away or draw betting option, and you will win the bet if the away team wins or if there is a draw.

As you saw, the double chance bet option is something you should definitely try as a beginner, because although the betting stake of this option is usually higher than the others, this is the best way to lock your chance of winning by increasing the probability of it.

How to place Double Chance bets online? A W88 Tutorial

Now, getting to the most exciting part of the article, let us give you a simple tutorial on how you can place a Double Chance bet on one of the best sportsbook in the betting world online at W88. Follow these three steps thoroughly and you will get access to make easy money online in no time.

Step 1: Join W88 and log in to access sportsbook

  • Firstly, to access any sportsbook in the online betting site, you must make an account. And so, it is important that you visit W88’s official betting site and create an account in the W88 register by clicking on ‘Join‘.
  • This will open a tab for you where you will get access to the W88 registration form which you must fill out with precision.


  • Once done, you must use your newly created log in credentials to sign in at W88 by clicking on ‘Login‘ and this should successfully complete the registration process at W88.
  • Next, you must drag your mouse cursor over the ‘Sports‘ section and you will get to choose from top sportsbook providers as a pop-up drawer will open. Here, as an example, we have selected the a-Sports Sportsbook at W88 to play double chance betting explained. Once you click on a sportsbook a new W88 tab will open up.

Note: It is important that you make a minimum W88 deposit of ₹500 so that you can claim the W88 promotion on sportsbook of up to ₹15,000 and play sports betting online with ease!

Step 2: Select a soccer match and enter the betting domain

  • Once you enter the W88 sportsbook, regardless of which one you pick, you will see all the available sports and their matches as well as the betting options you can place bets on.
  • However, since you want to use the Double Chance betting option, you must select ‘Soccer‘ as Double chance is only available on soccer betting online.


  • After this, you will see all the ongoing soccer matches as well as the upcoming ones. Additionally, you can filter soccer matches and pick a soccer match according to your preferred event.
  • Here, we have decided to select a match between Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur under the English Premier League event. So, to access the double chance betting option, you must click on the tiny arrow as shown in the image above.

Step 3: Pick a combo to place Double Chance bets

  • In the last step, all that is left to do is place a bet on the Double chance betting options. To do this, you must scroll down to find the Double chance betting option.
  • Once you find the option, you must click on your preferred odds or sub betting option which are namely Home or Draw, Home or Away, and Away or Draw.


  • This will open up a pop-up bet slip, so, fill out the betting stake in the bet slip and then click on ‘Bet‘ to lock your bets.
  • Here we decided to bet on the Away or Draw option, meaning that we would win the bet if Tottenham Hotspur wins or if there is a draw between the playing teams. Thus, our chances of winning has increased thanks to the regardless outcome of the bet we selected.

Now that you have learnt what is double chance in football betting, let us leave you with an important tip on how you can make even more money whenever you place a double chance in soccer betting and that is not to place a bet on the home and away sub betting option but instead to place bets on the highest betting odds available.

Winning Double Chance Outcomes based on Odds

It is mentioned above that to win more you must make use of the available betting odds especially if you use trusted sites like W88. So, here is an example based on three main outcomes of each betting option and how much you can win by placing bets on each of the individually.

Home or Draw
(Fulham or Draw Wins)
Home or Away
(Fulham or Tottenham Wins)
Away or Draw
(Tottenham or Draw Wins)
Betting Odds: 1.76Betting Odds: 1.29Betting Odds: 1.38
Betting Stake: 5Betting Stake: 5Betting Stake: 5
Payout Received: 8.80Payout Received: 6.45Payout Received: 6.90
  • To understand how the payout is distributed, you should make use of the formula betting stake x betting odds = total payout.
  • As the table shows, it is clearly evident that the higher the odds are the more payout you will receive even if the betting stake is constant for all the three options.
  • So, betting on higher odds could give you a chance to place accurate bets and receive higher payouts, so in this situation, you could place bets on the Home or Draw option.

That being said, it is important that you place bets based on your gut instinct but strategically, bets placed on higher odds or bets placed on the Home or Away betting option is the best you could go for in the double chance betting option as most of the time, these are the accurate bets that tend to win!


This was the easiest Double Chance betting explained tutorial you can find in the betting world online, now all that is left to do is for you to go ahead and create an account in the W88 register today to place bets on soccer matches using one of the best betting options ever created! The benefits of joining W88 doesn’t stop here as you can go ahead and grab the sports welcome bonus of 150% up to ₹15,000 with an additional ₹250 on new account verification!