What is Double Chance in soccer betting? Excellent strategy!

Double Chance is an excellent Strategy for 1X2 soccer betting. Aims to balance out the losses & make profits. Bet on either 1X, 12, or X2 to earn your loss back.

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What is double chance in football betting?

Double Chance is a strategy created by expert players which are applied to 1X2 football betting, in which players can bet on 3 alternative possibilities: 1X, 2X, or 12. For those who do not know, 1X2 is one of the 3 most popular types of football bets, in which, players can bet on 3 possible bet options based on the result of the match:

  • Home team win: 1
  • Draw: X
  • Away team win: 2

In double chance, punters get two outcomes to bet on out of three. It increases your chances of winning up to 66%, while without double betting your chances of winning will stay up to 33% only.


Hence, not all online betting platforms want such atrocities and therefore only some of them offer a double chance for the punters. One of them is the W88 online sportsbook.

The working concept of double chance strategy

The objective of double chance in soccer betting is to reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning up to 66%. Punters bet on two outcomes of the same sports event to win the bet. The idea is to nullify the loss of one bet by the win of another bet.

  • The working of double chance is simple, there are three outcomes of a football match between two teams. Betting option 1X2 indicated three outcomes. 1 means the home wins, X means draws, and 2 means away wins.
  • Punters bet on 2 outcomes out of three, they can bet on 1 or X making the bet 1X, or 12, 2X. Suppose the punter decides to bet on 1X and 1 wins the match in reality. then the punter wins the return on 1 and loses the bet in X, making the loss nearly zero.
  • Double chance betting is profitable in the longer term, calculating the profit of every single win through double chance can lead to great profits. In starting, it’s a strong strategy to always win your money back. Isn’t it better than losing all of it?


Note: Double chance betting increases the chances of winning, not the amount of money you will win. The winning amount will depend on the odds of both the team. The main aim of double chance in soccer betting is to balance out the losses. Know more football betting tips that will increase your profits.

Advantages & disadvantages of double chance

After researching and trying out the double chance betting on our own, we made some valuable and some harsh conclusions. We landed upon 4 advantages and 2 disadvantages of double chance in football betting. Since 4 advantages take over 2 disadvantages, we strongly recommend a double chance.

4 Advantages to double chance in soccer betting

  1. Increased winning chances: What do you think will happen when you can bet on two results in the match out of three? Well, you are in the right direction. Double chance gives you an opportunity to bet on two outcomes in one match and increase your winning probability to 66%.
  2. Less risky strategy: There’s no question about agreeing with the fact that a double chance lowers the risk of losing money for the punters. By betting on two outcomes instead of one, you decrease your chances of losing your money by 33% and balance out the winnings.
  3. High-value underdog betting: Never rule out the weak team, professional football players will never rule out the underdogs. They are the ones that often surprise with their performances. Do your research thoroughly before placing your bets, look into underdog performances deeply.
  4. Profits if teams are equal: If two teams have nearly the same strength it’s difficult to pick a winner. In such a case, a double chance betting strategy comes as a blessing in disguise. If you are sure that the soccer match between two teams will not end in a draw, bet on 12 bet options.

2 Disadvantages in double chance betting

  1. Low betting odds: Since payout depends mostly on the odds on the teams and double chance has slightly lower odds. Double chance betting tends to pay less return than usual options.
  2. Lack of probable bets: Online sportsbooks often tend to remove the outcomes with highly probable bets from the line. Not all online betting brands allow double chance betting.

How to use Double Chance in football betting

Now that you know what double chance is, an excellent betting strategy that can be used in a football match. One must wonder how to use double chance effectively in football betting to increase your chances. There are some ways to use the double chance to your advantage in football odds. The odds for a double chance betting strategy are low and it gives lower payouts but it increases your chances of winning.


There is quite a competition between double chance in football betting & handicap football betting. Read the descriptive article to find out the difference yourself and choose the one which suits you better.

3 Possible markets for the Double chance strategy

There are three possible situations in a football match where you can apply the double chance strategy. 1X2 betting option in soccer provides three outcomes to bet on, 1 refers to a home win, X means a draw, and 2 stands for away win. Double chance allows the punters to bet on either of the two outcomes out of three, 1X2. Hence, three possible markets in soccer matches to bet on are:

  • 1X – Bet either the home team will win or the match result is drawn.
  • 12 – Bet either the home team will win or the away team will win.
  • 2X – Bet either the away team will win or the match results in a draw.

In these three different betting possibilities, you cover 66% of your winning chances easily. We’ll let you in on a secret, choose two betting platforms. Do double chance betting on one of them, and bet on the remained match outcome in the second betting platform. Hence, you made yourself a triple chance strategy for football betting.

4 Bonus tips to use a double chance betting strategy


  1. Follow professional tipsters: It’s hard for beginners to predict the result of the match, but professionals do it on regular basis. Therefore, follow an expert when it comes to predicting the match-winner. Read 3-4 sports forecasts and look into head-to-head performances before.
  2. Find the right bookmakers: As said before, not all betting providers allow double chance bets for the punters. Do your research before joining the online sportsbook. We did the research for you, one leading website that offers double chance betting in India is W88 sportsbook.
  3. Best served with underdog: Double chance betting strategy in a football match is best for underdogs. Most suspect them as a weak and less valued team. They can show wonders in the final stages of championships. Put some faith in underdogs and see the results yourself.
  4. Claim free bets & bonuses: Use free bets and first deposit bonuses to your best advantage. These are the perks of joining an online betting site. Grab a 150% welcome cash deal up to ₹15,000 through W88 promotions & even a free credit of ₹250 without making any deposit.


Who doesn’t want to increase their chances of winning without losing a single penny? That’s exactly what we taught you while telling you what is double chance in soccer betting. Make your way up to the top bettors by starting with the best football betting trick to decrease your losses and increase your winnings. W88 India is a trustworthy website for Indian punters to bet double chance of a football match. Join & grab a 150% bonus up to a ₹15,000 cash deal.

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