Top 4 progressive slot machines – Up to 97% RTP – Try at W88

W88 India would share the top 4 progressive slot machines online! The slots’ RTPs are high—as high as 98%! Try and play these games at W88 now!

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What are progressive slot machines?

A progressive slot is a game where the jackpot rises whenever the player puts money on the machine by spinning wins. Progressive slots provide higher and higher jackpots the longer you play with them.

Top 4 progressive slot machines - Up to 97% RTP - Try at W88

Let us face it, slots really are high-paying. However, if you want more money, then progressive slots should be perfect for you! Jackpots that are not fixed here unlike in the other slots. Take a look at the 10 best ways on how to win jackpot on online slots at W88.

Progressive slots, like the name itself, progresses per game. Thus, progresses the jackpots you could earn!

How to play progressive slots free – W88 Slots

W88 is home to the online top games! So if you wanna learn how to play the slots, this is the website to go to! Plus, you can get exclusive rewards and bonuses!

Step 1: Go to W88

The first step to access free progressive slot machines? Of course, you need to go to a great slots website which is!

Top 4 progressive slot machines - Up to 97% RTP - Try at W88

Step 2: Redirect to W88 Slots

Then, go to the Slots menu. There are lots of progressive slots free here. Feel free to choose among Gameplay Interactive, Netent, Playtech, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, and more! 

Top 4 progressive slot machines - Up to 97% RTP - Try at W88

Step 3: Play the progressive slots free!

After selecting a gaming provider, choose the slots you want to play. Click Try Now to access progressive slots free trial gaming and that’s it! So easy to access the W88 progressive slots at W88, right!

Note: If you want to play the real W88 Slots, just apply for an account and do the same steps above except that you must click Play Now instead of Try Now since you are betting for real already. Happy W88 Slots gaming, y’all!

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Try these 4 W88 progressive slots online

Below are the top 4 W88 progressive slots online! We listed them down in case you might want to give progressive slot machines a try. Play these suggested progressive slot machines by W88 India now! 

1: Da Lan Deluxe – 97% RTP

Top 4 progressive slot machines - Up to 97% RTP - Try at W88

Da Lan Deluxe is one of the best progressive slot machines at W88! This 5 x 5-reel is a fun, mysterious progressive slot as it is situated in the aquatic adventure of a cute big whale! 

Ruling the depths of the ocean, explore the hidden world of Da Lan Deluxe, and start betting from .20 to 50! Managed by a reputable slot game brand, this progressive slot can be played for free. Plus, it has surprises waiting for its players!

2. Jackpot Raiders – 96.3% RTP

Whenever someone asks which progressive slot free would be good for beginners? The answer must be Jackpot Raiders! 

Top 4 progressive slot machines - Up to 97% RTP - Try at W88

Jackpot Raider is one of the progressive slots free at W88. And what is great here with W88 Slot free trials, you can access this 5 x 5 while experiencing free spins, as if you are in real gaming! Amazing, indeed!

3. Age of the Gods – 96% RTP

Oh. My. God. Age of the God? Yes, the Age of the God series by Playtech is a great progressive slots online!

Top 4 progressive slot machines - Up to 97% RTP - Try at W88

Its maximum bet is 800 while its minimum is 40, so this progressive slot is pretty inexpensive, but with big chances of winning! Perfect for beginners and newbies alike!

Age of the Gods has this so-called ultimate, super, and extra powers—giving every player many ways to win! The Age of the Gods, Roulette specifically, are fun progressive slot machines because you combine two casino games here—roulette and slots. Moreover, this is a progressive slot free! How fun is that!

4. Pink Panther – 95.4% RTP

If you are already hooked with the three others, such progressive slot machines might be something you like too!

Top 4 progressive slot machines - Up to 97% RTP - Try at W88

Who would have thought that the 90s cartoon icon: Pink Panther would become a slot game? Yes, it just did! Pink Panther is one of the most entertaining progressive slots online that you can encounter! 

For those learning how to play casino slots online, this is indeed a great combo of both gaming and cartoons! Powered by Playtech, the favorite Pink Panther is now on the reels with 5 x 4 and 50 progressive slot pay lines!

Access progressive slots free – Play now at W88

According to statistics, progressive slots with more than 88% are sure wins already. So, having these top 4 progressive slot machines ranging from 95% and up? Plus, all these have wild symbols and engaging gameplay! So surely, everyone would love W88 Slots!

What are you waiting for? W88 register a W88 account and start slots gambling now!

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