Top 6 casino games list – Earn easy real money in India

W88indi gives out the best casino games list that you would definitely play more than once in your life! Plus, we share where you could play live casino online!

Best Casino Games: Revealed by W88 India

If you are looking for casino games you should play at least once (or more than once) in your life, you are in the right place! W88 India has listed six of the best casino games in this article. Plus, where to play these live casino games online India!

Read on now and be ready to become a pro in playing these best casino games! Woohoo!

Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Go to W88 and Play Live Casino Games Online

Before you read the top casino games list, you must be thinking about where you could access these best casino games. Aside from the actual and physical casinos, yes, you can play live casino games online! And, the treat for you here is: W88 offers virtual and live casino online!

Access the best live casino games online by clicking these W88 Live Casino buttons below!

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Best 6 List of Casino Games in W88

With W88’s respectable reputation in casino live gaming, indeed, it must offer a full range of live casino games online within its portal! Being the best gambling website virtually, it also provides the greatest online casino games list as it owns the best live casino online!

This list of casino games below can be played at W88. Except for the Teen Patti. W88 is still working on developing that. Nevertheless… W88 India presents the top 6 casino games list in India:

  1. Slots
  2. Baccarat
  3. Blackjack
  4. Indian Rummy
  5. Teen Patti
  6. Poker

Best Casino Games and Where to Play Casino Games Online

Live Casino Online India Top 1: Slots

The most favorite game in the online casino games list? Slots!

Slots have been a fun and colorful casino game. And now that it got transferred to the virtual world, it has become the best live casino online game in India and the world! Who would not love these live casino games online with easy plays and easy pays anyway? Having fun and big payouts—check at Slots!

Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Slots can be accessed on the best gaming websites like W88. And for real talks only, W88 Slots are the most amazing. There are lots of choices of slots in W88. Imagine, the best gaming operators like Microgaming, Play ‘N Go, Gameplay Interactive, Qtech, Playtech, iSoftBet, Skywind, and more are here!

W88 slots have immersive graphics and environment, so for sure, you would enjoy playing slots here! This live casino online India is trending, so you have to try this now as well!

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Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Live Casino Online India Top 2: Baccarat

Second top in the W88 India list of casino games? Baccarat!

Baccarat is a favorite casino game in W88 and other virtual websites because of its fast-to-understand gameplay. If you play in W88, you would know this gaming website did lots of variations about it! It has the classic Baccarat, but at the same time, the 7-Seater Baccarat where you could play with friends.

There is also a live casino online Baccarat in W88 where you can see live dealers who officiate the game. Yes, the same casino live setup! But via online.

Best Casino Games and Where to Play Casino Games Online

At the same time, there is also a virtual Baccarat where animated characters would officiate the game. It is a one-of-a-kind Baccarat that every player loves! Cute cartoony, anime-y graphics in a casino? Such wow!

Know that the main objective of the Baccarat game is getting a nine or hand closest to nine. And if you are just learning how to play casino games like Baccarat, W88 would definitely help you hone those skills! 

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Best Casino Games and Where to Play Casino Games Online

Live Casino Online India Top 3: Blackjack

One of the most favorite live casino games online India is Blackjack because of its quick play, but high wins! Blackjack is a classic live casino game and any player would surely understand how to game goes. This is also why it deserves in the top casino game list by W88 India.

The only objective of Blackjack is to bet on the card that has the value of 21 or closest to it. If you hear Blackjack being called Twenty One, yes, this is because of its gameplay. Now you know!

Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

W88 Blackjack is available at Club W Casino. There you would see a live dealer officiating the game and you would be joined by other W88 members as if you are in the traditional casino.

Blackjack would always be a live casino online Indian favorite because you can get easy money here, without even the need of thinking about specific strategies. If you are a wager that chooses to gamble based on chances and luck, Blackjack is that casino game, or rather live casino online game for you!

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Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Live Casino Online India Top 4: Indian Rummy

Another one that is on the online casino games list of W88 India is, of course, its own: Indian Rummy!

Rummy, especially Indian Rummy is also one of the live casino games online that you should try and play! It is fun like the other three mentioned. But! At Indian Rummy, this involves a few card strategies and rules to remember, so you could bring home the jackpots.

Indian Rummy might seem complicated at first, but once you know the rules and techniques, you would surely get hooked on it! So basically, its objective only involves correct sets and sequences. Meaning, you have to get three to four cards that are arranged in the correct order or of the same rank, so you could win.

For example, you must have three cards of 4s of spades or four cards of King of hearts. If you have 5, 6, 7, and/or 8 of the same clubs, you also have the chance to win. It is just all about sequencing and the same ranking—that is what you have to remember when playing live casino online Indian Rummy!

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Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Live Casino Online India Top 5: Teen Patti

Including W88 India’s online casino games list would be the casino game: Teen Patti.

Also from India, this Teen Patti casino game can be compared to the game of Poker. Its objective is to present the three best cards before the showdown. Yes, just that! So if you wanna learn how to ace Teen Patti, study the best combination of hand rankings now!

Since there are just three cards presented in Teen Patti (unlike the Poker casino game with five), players must already maximize the pot to win big money. So, go all-in! Raise! Check! The random chance of this is kinda on the medium side, so strategize wisely by picking the best cards in your hands!

Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Live Casino Online India Top 6: Poker 

Another live casino online Indian favorite: Poker!

Poker sounds like a hard game for newbies, but this is actually a classic casino game, so you must learn how to play this top live casino online game, too!

Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Told to be almost the same with Teen Patti and other rummy games, Poker is a type of traditional and live casino online that involves picking the best hands out within a group as well.

Like rummy, Poker is the general form of a game. But actually, there are variants of it like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, All-In, and more! There are terms you should know, as well. Like Raise, Fold, Check, etc. To know those terms deeper, read the article below!

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Here at classic Poker, it is important that you need to strategize your game. We would be honest, pure luck would not work here. This involves brainpower, mathematics, and instincts to be honest.

So! If you wanna learn how to play the Poker that you like, learn the gameplay and memorize the hand rankings of it. Because in classic poker, there are terms like straight flush, royal flush, full house, one pair, two pairs, and more that you should know before you head on to the real game with money.

Top 6 casino games list - Earn easy real money in India

Play Casino Games Online at W88

You must surely miss playing casino games! Now that everyone is still forced to stay at home due to the global health crisis, no worries because W88 got your gambling desires online! Playing these top 6 casino games would not just remove your longing for casino games, but would practice your skills at home too! 

So, go ahead, bro! Play and register an account at W88 now!


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