How to play Blackjack online for beginners – Starts ₹58 bet

Wanna learn how to play Blackjack online? Read this article because W88 India would share with you the 21 cards/Blackjack tutorial!

3 Easy Steps To Play Casino Blackjack (21 Cards) – W88 2020

Wanna try some W88 Live Casino: Blackjack betting? Yes, Blackjack real money where you can win big jackpots! If your answer is yes, follow these three easy steps to access Blackjack/21 Cards gaming at W88!

Play Blackjack Online Here

Step 1: Go to the W88 website

The very first thing you must learn in an online Blackjack tutorial is to find an amazing Blackjack or 21 Cards website like W88! So then, go to the W88 website if you want to access Blackjack betting with real and good money!

Step 2: Enter the Live Casino – Club W Grand

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

This second step is essential to get closer to Blackjack betting. So! Once you arrived on the W88 homepage, go to the Live Casino tab and choose Play Now at Club W Grand.

Step 3: Play Blackjack Online at W88 Live Casino

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

Once you clicked the Play Now button from Step 2, you must be redirected to the homepage of Club W Grand. There, you can choose the Live Casino tables like Blackjack and you are free to enter any of them. Thus, begin your Blackjack betting, woohoo!

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

Blackjack Tutorial – Basics You Need To Know About Casino Blackjack

If you want to know the basic grounds on how to play Blackjack—online or actual, do not worry because W88 India would help you with that! This Blackjack tutorial consists of everything you need to know about the Casino Blackjack. So without further ado…

What is Casino Blackjack? Casino 21 Cards?

Most people ask what is the difference between Casino Blackjack to the 21 Cards. The answer? They are actually the same! Yes, Blackjack has another name and it is called 21 Cards by some gamblers, too!

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

No one has yet to verify how peeps came out with Twenty-One or 21 as another moniker for Blackjack. But we are sure, this evolved because of its gaming objective.

What is that gaming objective? Scroll a little, please.

Casino Blackjack’s Main Objectives

To play Blackjack online, of course, you need to learn the game’s main objectives first! So for Casino Blackjack, there are two goals a player could aim for—to beat the dealer by having a higher hand than him or her or having the highest number of 21 or closest to it against all players.

You read the game objectives right! If you get 21, then great game, yay! But at times that this does not happen, your only goal is to get a higher value of cards against your opponents, especially the dealer! 

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

But take down this note that you should not go beyond 21 because if you do, you got a “Bust”—and a Bust means automatic lose in the game.

A little tip for you from W88 India: Make sure to play your cards safely. It is better to be short than being busted in the game. By that, you still have a chance to win Blackjack real money than none. So if you may, make your best not to receive busted games.

Casino Blackjack Card Values

Part of this Blackjack tutorial is its cards values. Of course! Knowing the objectives in the Casino Blackjack, you must know how the cards work.

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

It is just plain easy though. Just remember that cards 2 to 10 is valued according to their real value. 2 for 2, 3 for 3, 4 for 4, and so on. As for Jacks, Queens, and Kings, their value is 10.

And the Aces? Well, Aces could be blessings for you because As could be counted as 1 or 11—depending on how you would want to use it in Blackjack betting. For some, Aces give good strategies, so make sure to use them well.

W88 Blackjack Tutorial – Casino Blackjack Real Money

Gaming objectives, check! Cards values, check! Indeed, Blackjack is just easy if you would know its elements. So now, let us head on to the W88 Blackjack tutorial!

W88 Casino Blackjack – Minimum Bet of ₹58

If you followed the said steps above, about how to access Blackjack W88 via Club W Grand, you would see that you would be asked of your minimum to the maximum range before you enter the Casino Blackjack room.

The minimum bet for Casino Blackjack W88 is ₹58 (or 25 THB). It is true! For just as low as 58 INR, you can do some Blackjack betting and win real money back for more than a double, even more than a triple, or quadruple, or more! Wow, right!

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

W88 Casino Blackjack Tutorial – How to Play Blackjack Online 

Once you clicked your preferred minimum bet to the maximum range, you would then be headed to the main Casino Blackjack table. And the first step on Blackjack betting? Of course, placing your bets with Blackjack real money!

The Casino Blackjack game would then commence by giving cards to all players. If you are facing the monitor screen, the dealer would distribute to the player on the right first, to the left, then for him or her.

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

Afterward, the second card would be distributed again. As for the third card, the dealer would ask the first player if he/she is already contented with his/her cards. A player could give a yes or a no. 

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

If a player says yes, there could be four cards in his/her hand. But if he/she is contented with the three cards, it is fine, too. This decision-making would happen to all players from right to left.

How to play Blackjack (21 cards) at W88 - Minimum bet of ₹58

Yes, this Blackjack betting is all about trusting your instincts, taking risks, and making the right decisions! So… When all players are done with the cards, the dealer would ask the players if they would want to beat the dealer. 

If the dealer’s cards are higher than the players, the players lose. However, if a player has a higher number than the dealer, he/she then wins the pot! Woohoo!

W88 Blackjack Tutorial at Club W Grand – Easy to Win

W88 India has already shown you the Blackjack tutorial via Club W Grand! W88 Blackjack is that easy, right? All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the basics. Just that and you could start Blackjack betting! 

Playing Blackjack real money might seem costly at first, but if you are good with your guts, this game is totally for you!

So what are you waiting for, gamer? Game on now and go to W88!

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