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Apply 20 Blackjack Strategies to Win Wholesome Payouts at W88 Casino. Learn to Place accurate bets for 99% Guaranteed Winning Probability at Blackjack Online.

20 Blackjack Strategies  Blackjack Online  Blackjack Betting Tips

Playing blackjack games online is easy and fun when using an online casino site like W88. But if you want to play, have fun and also win more cash when playing blackjack online, then you should definitely check out the 20 blackjack strategies to win which will boost your blackjack winning probability and betting account wallet with a 99% guaranteed winning rate. Follow these best betting strategies for blackjack precisely to keep learning and winning more blackjack rounds online.


1. Pick a good online betting site to play Blackjack

The first few blackjack betting strategies would help you select a good playground for you to play and carry out the other blackjack strategies to win. Before playing any online casino game, it is important that you pick a good online betting site which will help you boost your winnings by letting you access top classy blackjack game rooms with ease. This means that there are certain criteria that a betting site should follow to be deemed as a good online betting site for you.

  1. Legal and Safe: Firstly, the online betting site you pick for yourself should be completely safe to use and beginner friendly. It is important that you select a legal one as well to avoid you from getting indulged in any fraudulent activities. Additionally, it is important to remember that in India online casinos are only allowed to operate legally if they own a license from a foreign company that also has its own license of validity.
  2. Beginner Friendly: Next, your online casino should be completely beginner friendly, meaning that it should not misguide you with anything and should also offer you game rooms that are beginner friendly with in-built game rules options. The latter is specifically important when it comes to games like Blackjack because it has many variants, so when you enter the game room, you should be able to go through the rules with ease.
  3. Extra Cashback Bonus: Lastly, best betting system for blackjack is to make sure your online betting site should offer welcome bonuses which you can claim upon making an account register. But what is more important with this is that they should have a reasonable minimum deposit limit, as well as the rollover requirement, to completely claim the bonus amount in your account. Sites like W88 Online Casino offer welcome bonuses of up to ₹12,000 on their casino products, which is considered to be one of the highest promotional deals in the betting world.

2. Find a trustworthy blackjack game room

The next thing that you must do as a best betting strategy for blackjack is something that is looked at by many people. And this is to find a trustworthy online blackjack game room which helps you win more cash than you give. To do this, you should first look for a good online betting site where you can not only play blackjack games online but also make transactions securely.

  • Blackjack is an online casino game played against a live dealer and thus it is important to select an online blackjack game room with skilled and trustworthy live dealers.
  • Not only this but they should operate under legal terms by owning a license from a legal company as well.
  • Lastly, they should offer you a live dealer video cam with multiple-angle views so that you can watch the blackjack live dealer deal cards and observe the gameplay.
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3. Learn all the basic terms of the blackjack game

The second thing you gotta do as a best blackjack betting strategy and when learning how to play blackjack online to keep winning at blackjack game rounds is something that you must do before even playing game rounds is to understand the basic terms of the blackjack game in online casino game rooms.

  • Blackjack is a classic casino game with consists of more than one betting round this means that there are some terms specifically meant for blackjack games.
  • This is something that you should memorize and know by heart because Blackjack is also a game with quick betting rounds, so you need to make quick decisions.
  • Some of these words include Hit, Push, Double Up, etc. which you can learn more about from our how to play blackjack online tutorial to win in the easiest way possible.

4. Observe the game flow before placing bets online

Next on the best betting strategies for blackjack list, before placing your bets, you have to observe the game and watch how the game flows for many reasons, but doing so would give you an idea of two main things. One is whether the casino game room is suitable for you and two whether the live dealer is trustworthy or not.

  • Observing the game is a very crucial step for many players when it comes to casino gaming online as it helps them make accurate bets on the betting options.
  • But since Blackjack is a game with hardly any bets that can be observed, it is important to note that you should observe the dealer’s cards well and more.
  • Additionally, if your observations are done right you can even end up predicting what card will be pulled out next. To know how you can get to this level stick around as now we will be talking about how observation can help you predict your next card.


5. Always use the minimum betting rate on the table

As another best betting system for blackjack, when learning how to win with blackjack games online, we have already mentioned that you pick the best online betting site as well as game room to play the best blackjack casino game online, so it is important to use sites like W88 which gives you many cool products and much more to choose from. However, there are other ways in which you can pick a good blackjack game room and one important way is to always check the minimum betting rate.

  • Blackjack is an online casino game which as many betting rounds within one entire round, and based on which blackjack variation you pick, these betting rounds take differ.
  • So, regardless of this, it is important to pick an online casino game room which has a low minimum betting rate which you can use to wager, hit, and even double up without harming your wallet too much.
  • Doing so would help you maintain the money you already have even though the payouts you will receive would be in small amounts as well, in the end, using our Blackjack tricks, you can go home with more cash in your pocket than you came with.

6. Hit only when you feel confident in your hand

Coming to one of the important blackjack gambling tips and most crucial blackjack gambling strategy, it is important to learn when to hit and not just ask for another card blindly. This one small act on the blackjack table can have a major impact on your wallet, good or bad. So, knowing when to hit on the blackjack rounds is important.

  • If you need 21 to win but your first two hands already sum up to 18 or 19, then hitting might be something you should not consider.
  • But if your cards are low and you think and are confident that you can get a number closer to 21 if you hit for another card, then you should go for it. When you have this confidence you can even double up your betting amount to get doubly paid out when you win!
  • As you go further down the article, you will find a good and best betting strategy for blackjack to recognize which hand is the best or whether you still have a good chance of getting a good card.


7. Place bets on the side bets too to win double

Although the main betting options in most online casino games are fun to play because of the odds and payouts, sometimes it is the side bets that can get you to increase your bankroll and so it is important that you choose to place bets on the side betting options too as a best blackjack betting strategy.

  • In the Blackjack game, it is important to note that there are some game rooms which offer side bets you can use a backup bet and wager on to receive at least some amount of payout if you think your online casino games
  • The most common bet in Blackjack is called the ‘Insurance’ bet where you can place a wager if the Dealer’s revealed card is an ace.
  • Just like the name suggests, doing so is literally like insurance you are placing on the betting round, to give you an edge with an increased probability of winning the betting round.

8. Learn about the betting charts and memorize them

One of the important things about playing Blackjack online using a blackjack basic strategy is understanding that you can be dealt with any combination of ranks and so it is slightly impossible to predict which card will be given to you next. But what can be predicted is when you should hit and when you should surrender your hand.

  • You can do this thanks to the availability of blackjack betting charts which you must memorize to win almost every game round.
  • The betting charts in the blackjack game tell you when you should hit, double up, or surrender your cards based on your first two cards.
  • Using this is very helpful with making the correct moves that could help you win the round or at least save some wagering amount. However, it is important that you remember these blackjack chat rules, so from here on, we will introduce you to some of them.


9. Surrendering your hand against the dealer is a wise choice

No matter which casino game you decide to play, it is given that there are some betting rounds which you are bound to lose and this is because most online casino games are indeed based on luck. So, these blackjack strategies are created to help you boost your blackjack winning probability and save as much as you can without spending too much on wagering.

  • Luckily though, there are some blackjack game rooms which offer you a ‘Surrender’ option after you have the first two cards in your hand but this is where it gets tricky because when you get the third card you will either win or lose all your bet, so you do not know if you should surrender or not.
  • One of the best ways to know when to surrender your cards is by looking at the cards on the dealer’s end and comparing your cards. So if the dealer has cards which range from 9 to Ace and if you have 15 or cards with fewer values, then you should surrender your cards.
  • Surrendering your cards is sometimes the best choice you can make because when you surrender, you at least get back half of the betting amount you placed for the round rather than losing it all.

10. Stand by your Blackjack card hand at 16 or 17

Since we have told you when to surrender your card as one of the tricks for Blackjack, we will also give you a good tip on when you should stand with the cards dealt to you and not hit for a third card. This is also one of the Blackjack strategies to win where you can also learn when to double up your betting stake for a high-winning payout.

  • Most pro bettors in the online blackjack game rooms would find it either helpful or risky when the hands dealt to them are summed up to 16 or 17.
  • This is because these cards are where you must make the important decision of hitting or standing, and usually, they choose to go with the latter option. But when they are confident in this hand, they hit for a third card which does come with its own set of risks.
  • So, when you are a beginner and just learning how to play blackjack, you must stand if your hand sums up to 16 or 17, but again, it is important to see which card the dealer has because getting a 16 and 17 hand can also help you in doubling up the betting stake if the dealer’s hand sums up to a low number.


11. Always Use Your Ace Card Wisely with Soft Totals

Another way to understand when you should hit or double up your wager to win more is with the help of the ace cards and by using this one blackjack trick called the soft totals. However, to use this card it is necessary to have an ace card as any of one card of the two cards in your hand. And so, this blackjack best betting strategy applies only when you have an ace card as one of your first two cards.

  • Another important thing when using the soft totals is to count the ace cards as 11 and observe your and the dealer’s cards as well.
  • So, if you get an Ace and 9 as your first two cards, then you have to stand. If you get an Ace and 6, which makes 17, and if the dealer gets a lower card, then you can either hit or double up the betting stake.
  • There are many ways to get the perfect soft totals and win almost every blackjack round online based on various ace hand combinations you get and by comparing them with your dealer’s hand. So it is important to memorize them well using the soft total betting charts available on the internet.

12. No Ace, No Problem, Win With Hard Totals

Now that we have spoken about soft totals which can be achieved by using ace cards as 11, let us take a look at hard totals which are used for the times when ace cards cannot be considered as 11 but only as 1. Using this and the above blackjack strategies to win would increase your chances of winning whenever you get any of the first two cards as an ace.

  • Hard totals can also be used for the times when you do not have any ace cards in your hand, thus, the perfect example of a hard total would be the above-mentioned example of 16 or 17, where you must stand your cards or double up when you get this summed up the value of 16, 17, or above below 21.
  • But just like you must observe and compare the dealer’s cards with yours, if your hand sums up to the value between 12 to 15, then you must observe what is the sum of the dealer’s card. If they are low then you must hit other you must stand or surrender.
  • If you get a hand which sums up to 8 or below, then you must always hit. Doing so would help you win most rounds and if you decide to stand, hit, surrender, or double up correctly, then you can win almost all the betting rounds.


13. Learn how to carry out the Card Counting technique

Next on the blackjack betting strategies list, we have the card counting technique which is indeed a very difficult technique to follow yet once you master it through a lot of practice then you will be a pro master in predicting the next blackjack card with ease. But as mentioned, this takes a lot of practice and so it is important that you use some cool blackjack tips to help you learn these.

  • The card counting method, a best betting system for blackjack,  is difficult yet a fun and exciting blackjack gambling strategy to master to increase your blackjack winning probability. In fact, most offline casinos have banned card counting because of how accurately it can predict what card will be next.
  • In this method, you must assign all cards with certain values, the most common ones are the high-low values where cards 2-5 are assigned the value +1, cards 6-9 are assigned the value 0, and the face cards and aces are assigned with the values -1.
  • This way, you must observe at least 20 blackjack games, or at least till an entire deck case gets over, and keep counting the value of the cards.
  • So if a 2 is dealt then it will be 1, if there is a 3 dealt, then it will be +1 which makes the card count value 2, if a queen card is dealt, then it will be -1, which makes the card count 2-1 = 1, and if the next card dealt is an 8, then the value is 0, which is ignored.
  • Repeatedly learning and doing this would make card counting a natural process to help you predict which card has the highest probability of being drawn out next.

14. Set a Betting Limit to Play the Blackjack Game

Now that you have learned about the blackjack best betting strategy which you can use on the blackjack table, let us introduce you to the strategies which are important to help you save money as well as make more by playing Blackjack online. Here, it is important to note that these strategies are something that would help you boost your winning rate in a smooth way and thus work as a ground-level strategy of blackjack gambling you should use in Blackjack game rooms.

  • Setting a daily betting limit is very important when playing a fun casino game like blackjack because the above-mentioned strategies, especially the card counting one, can make the entire blackjack game addicting.
  • Yes, winning is good but getting addicted to it is a problem which pro players acknowledge too, so it is important that you keep daily limits to playing blackjack so that you maintain a good and healthy relationship with gambling.
  • These daily limits can be set by keeping a certain amount aside with which you will place wagers, a certain amount of money you wish to win upon certain conditions, or even hourly limits where you decide how much you wish to play without some particular hours. Regardless, you must adhere to these daily limits and thus, below we have mentioned some strategies which can help you do so.


15. Use betting systems which help maintain your money

Another important pro move that you have to look into is the betting system which helps many pro players win back the money they lost as well as maintain the amount they entered the blackjack game room with. Betting systems are ready-made and come in two main forms, progressive betting systems and unprogressive betting systems which can be very helpful in using blackjack optimal strategy odds to win.

  • Progressive Betting System: Progressive betting systems refer to the betting strategies which will help you get back the lost money from the previous betting round by increasing or decreasing your wager on the next rounds based on your wins and losses.
  • Non-progressive Betting System: Non-progressive betting systems refer to betting strategies designed to save as much as you can by placing bets using the same wagering amount for every round. Sometimes, you also have to place the same wager on the same betting option for it to be more effective but since Blackjack does not have betting options, you must stick to the minimum betting rate to place bets.

16. Use the Beginner-Friendly D’Alembert Betting System to Make Profit

Before we get to understand what the guaranteed blackjack strategy D’Alembert betting system is, let us first talk about the most famous betting system in the betting world and that is the Martingale Betting System. The Martingale betting system or strategy is designed to help you to win back the money you lost in the previous round as you need to double up your betting stake when you experience a loss.

  • This Martingale betting system’s pattern is designed for high rollers as you need to be properly loaded with a good amount of cash before entering the blackjack game rooms.
  • But with the D’Alembert method, when you experience a loss, you must increase your betting stake only by one unit for the next betting rounds.
  • However, when you win and get back your previously lost money, you must decrease the betting stake by one unit. This D’Alembert betting pattern must be followed throughout the time you decide to play blackjack and also make more money while saving the already existing amount.


17. Place bets with the Labouchere Betting System to play limited rounds

In the Labouchere betting system, it is important that you place bets in such a way that will either give you the opportunity to win a good amount for the day or would help you step down and save the money you already own. Thus, with this betting system as your blackjack gambling strategy, the most important thing that you must do is set a winning goal and the number of betting rounds you wish to play.

  • Suppose you want to win about ₹100 in the next 5 betting rounds, so now, you must divide this 100 into 5 smaller units like 20, 30, 20, 10, 20. Now the first amount of betting stake you will place is the sum of the first and last unit in the sequence, here you will get a 20 + 20 = ₹40 betting stake.
  • If you lose, then you must place the same amount of betting stake for the next round. But if you win the betting round, then you must move on to the sum of the next first and last digits in the sequence and cancel the numbers from the sequence which were previously used.
  • So, if you win more, then you can play more than 5 betting rounds but if you lose 5 rounds continuously, then you must stop playing the game for the day. Or you can continue the game till all the numbers in your sequence are over.

18. Try the Manhattan 2-1-2 Betting Strategy for a Risky Thrill 

The Labouchere betting system does limit the number of betting rounds you get to play in the sequence, but it is important to note that these limiting betting systems are designed in a way to make placing wagers a part of the game to help you at least enjoy your time playing. Thus, another way you can place bets in a fun way which is also somehow risky is the Manhattan or 2-1-2 blackjack strategy betting system.

  • In the 2-1-2 betting system, you must create a pattern which would allow you to place progressive bets as well as non-progressive bets, where you can either continue playing or have to force yourself to leave the game room, both of which are beneficial.
  • Firstly, you have to decide what amount you want to keep as one betting unit, we recommend it to be the minimum betting rate available in the blackjack game room. So, you must start with a double unit bet, and if you win that bet, you must decrease it to one unit. If you win again, then you must increase the betting stake by 1 unit.
  • So, if 1 was the unit you selected, 2 would be the bet you start with, if you win this betting round, then 1 would be your next bet, if you win again, then you must increase the previous betting stake with 1 unit, making it 2 units again. However, if you lose continuously, then you must stop placing bets and accept the fact that you just are not lucky for the day and come back again.


19. Make use of the casino bonus offered by your online betting site

For our next blackjack gambling strategy, we have to remember the criteria for selecting a good online betting site and one of them is that they should offer you one of the most important welcome bonus offers and additional cashback bonus deals which you can claim with ease to boost your online casino account and so it is important that you make complete use of these promotional deals.

  • This is also another reason we urge you to make an account in the W88 register because here you will get access to one of the best bonus deals in the betting world online with an additional cashback offer for just verifying your account details.
  • With W88 Promotion offers, you can get a cashback bonus deal of up to ₹12,000 which you can claim by making the minimum deposit of ₹500 only and completing the required rollover requirements.
  • Additionally, when you complete your account registration on the W88 website, and you immediately verify all your account, bank, and contact details, then you can claim a free cashback bonus of ₹250!

20. Test your luck in Blackjack, but not always

With this, we come to our last strategy of Blackjack gambling which does not require you to do much except for trusting in your luck but doing so wisely. This means that as long as you master at least 5 to 7 of the above-mentioned betting blackjack tricks, you would be good to go ahead and place bets with ease by trusting your luck.

  • Online casino games are made for testing your luck online in many ways and it is important that you should enjoy this thrill by taking a few risks here and there.
  • However, since winning most rounds should also be the goal in mind and so it is important to take the risks you take calculated and wisely. For instance, if your first two cards sum up to 19, then do not hit just to “test your luck”. It would be something epic if you won but that is not really considered a pro move.
  • So, you can either use all or must find the best strategy that works for you and is friendly to your bankroll along with your luck to some extent to play the blackjack games online


In Conclusion

This was all about our blackjack strategies to win which you can use to boost your blackjack winning probability to 99%! Remember to use a good online betting site like W88 to help you boost your account wallet with even more cool cashback payout offers. Additionally, remember to be patient with yourself and learn the tricks slowly every day to become a pro master blackjack player and dominate the game rooms with ease! With this, we wish you all the very best for your journey of being a pro blackjack player online.