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Blackjack is a well-known card game that is often played in casinos. It is primarily a fair game since it gives the highest odds of winning for players. Let’s find out more about blackjack its odds, house edge & optimal strategy odds to win more!

Introduction to Blackjack odds

Among all live casino games, W88 India blackjack boasts some of the best odds of winning. When a person plays blackjack for a long period, the chances of winning grow because one can apply techniques other than the fundamental one. In addition, the diversity decreases, driving the odds to finally equalize.

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As a result, blackjack is not only a fun game to play but also one that pays you in the long run.

  • The likelihood of an overall victory in any round of blackjack is around 42.22%.
  • A defeat has a 49.10% probability of occurring, while a draw has an 8.48% chance of happening.
  • However, the chances of winning a single round of blackjack are highly variable.

What is the house edge in online blackjack?

In W88 blackjack, the house edge is the statistical advantage of live casino over the player. The dealer represents the house at the table throughout any round of a blackjack game.

Because the dealer is the only player in a hand, who can see the other players’ cards and predict what actions they will do or what blunders they will make. They gain an advantage over other players in this manner.

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In comparison to other casino games, blackjack has a lower house edge of just 0.5%. When players use the blackjack optimal strategy odds, the percentage is correct. Visit tips & tricks to discover incredible hacks that can turn your tables in minutes.

Blackjack Game

House Edge

American Blackjack


European Blackjack


Vegas Downtown Blackjack


Vegas Strip Blackjack

0.48 – 0.72%

  • The house edge can even go down to 0 for pro players who adopt and execute more complex blackjack methods.
  • Similarly, if the player is unable to execute a plan or make the appropriate decision at the appropriate moment, the house edge can climb to 2%.
  • Beginners can learn how to play W88 blackjack & master the basics in no time.

6 Blackjack optimal strategy odds for punters

Using these 6 Blackjack optimal strategy odds can help you lower the house edge and increase your chances of winning. Regardless of whether you’re employing a basic or complex blackjack strategy, knowing what the proper decision is at the right moment will help you win more often!

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#1. Basic blackjack strategy

Basic Blackjack strategy is a collection of principles that tell you whether to hit, stand, split, or double down in order to increase your chances of winning.

Dealer’s hand

Player stands on (hard)


≥ 12


≥ 13


≥ 17

Below is that table describing the various scenarios of general blackjack game for punters with a soft hand.

Dealer’s hand

Player stands on (soft)


≥ 19


≥ 18

First, the player should proceed as shown in the table above, ignoring the possibility of splitting pairs or doubling down. You may also implement top 4 blackjack tricks and tips to improve your gameplay.

#2. Doubling down

You can “double down” your stake in blackjack if you feel your hand has a decent chance of defeating the dealer. You boost your bet by 100% when you double down.

Dealer’s hand

Player doubles down on (hard)

2 ≤ D ≤ 6

2 ≤ D ≤ 9


2 ≤ D ≤ 10


Below is that table describing the various scenarios of doubling down for punters with a soft hand.

Dealer’s hand

Player doubles down on (soft)









  • Once you’ve done that, you can only take one more card to try to construct a winning hand.
  • Do check out the scenarios in the table above that you might encounter while doubling down your hand.

#3. Splitting pairs

If a player is dealt a pair of identically ranking beginning cards, known as a pair, they can divide them into 2 hands in blackjack. Below is the table that better describes the right time to split your hands.

Dealer’s hand

Player splits on pair of


Aces or 8’s

2 ≤ D ≤ 6,8,9


2 ≤ D ≤ 8


2 ≤ D ≤ 7

2’s, 3’s, or 6’s

D = 5


  • If you split, you’ll be handed two additional cards, one for each new hand, and you’ll have to double your stake on each hand.

#4. Super hard 16

A hard 16 is a hand that separates blackjack players, with many advising you to stand regardless of the situation.

  • If the dealer is presenting a 7 or 8, you should hit using a simple strategy.
  • If a 9 or a 10 appears, though, you should consider surrendering.
  • Although the likelihood of busting is significant, it is less likely than the dealer ending up with 17 or more.

#5. Opt 3:2 over 6:5 payout

Different casinos have various payout rules, and not all of them are advantageous to you. Check out the latest 2-1-2 blackjack strategy to win more.

  • Before you play a hand of real money blackjack, make sure you check the payoff table and stick to games with the regular 3:2 payout.
  • When compared to the 6:5 blackjack games found with a 3:2 payout are a considerably better alternative.

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#6. Build a budget & commit to it

Before the first hand is dealt, experienced W88 blackjack players know that they must set a losing and winning limit.

  • As soon as you strike one of them, you must stop playing.
  • Take a break and terminate your session if you lose and reach your lower limit.
  • If you win and you’ve reached your maximum bet, take your earnings and leave the table.
  • If you wish to keep playing, you’ll need to create a new bankroll and set new limits again.


Now that you know what the greatest blackjack optimal strategy odds are, all you have to do is play a few games at W88 India to see which one suits you best. A well-thought-out strategy may go a long way toward reducing the house edge. W88 is the best place to start blackjack online & we assure you to make around ₹5,000 daily with ease!

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