Blackjack optimal Strategy odds for winning upto ₹8,000 daily

What is the best Blackjack optimal Strategy odds to win big? Find out 6 of them – Strategy charts, card counting, D’Alembert, 2-1-2, Martingale, & doubling down

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Online blackjack games on sites like W88 is the best as it can give you huge payouts in just one gaming session thanks to blackjack optimal strategy odds that you can use to win these big payouts. So, to know more about these Blackjack optimal strategies for winning read on!

What are the chances of winning a blackjack game?

In blackjack games online, Luck is an important aspect that can help you win the rounds, but understanding some strategies, and other winning probabilities of this famous casino game can help you get an edge. So, in this first section, let us look into the chance probability of the three outcomes in blackjack games online. Create an account in W88 Register to get access to fun blackjack game rooms.

w88indi winning blackjack optimal strategy odds for beginners

  • Winning odds: The chances of winning blackjack rounds in any game room is about 42.22%.
  • Losing odds: The chances of losing blackjack rounds in any game room is about 49.10%.
  • Tie/Draw odds: The chances of there being a tie between you and the dealer is about 8.48%.

Optimal Blackjack betting strategy chart for guaranteed wins

As you can see, the chances of winning the rounds are slightly lesser than the chances of winning the rounds in game rooms. So, you can use the optimal blackjack betting strategy chart for top results and guaranteed wins. But to boost your account as a beginner, you can use online betting sites like W88 and claim the casino W88 Promotion offer of up to ₹12,000 on your first deposit. That being said, let us look at what these betting charts are based on 3 outcomes and learn what moves you must make based on your first hand.

  • H stands for Hit
  • ST stands for Stand
  • D stands for Double Up
  • SP stands for Split
  • SU stands for Surrender

w88indi blackjack optimal strategy odds for winning online

1. Soft Total hand strategy

Soft totals are those hands where you have an ace card as any one of the two cards in your very first hand in a blackjack game. Since, Aces can be 1 or 11, based on your second card, you can assign a given value to it accordingly. The table below is the blackjack optimal strategy odds to boost your wins when you have a soft hand total.

Dealer’s First Card
Your Hand Total2345678910Ace

2. Hard Total hand strategy

Next up is the Hard hand total strategy which is the opposite of the soft total hands. Thus, on this hand, you do not get an ace card and have to work with the number cards well. These hands can be difficult to win but thanks to W88 Live Casino simple blackjack game rooms and the table below, you can know which move to make based on your and your dealer’s cards in the first round.

Dealer’s First Card
Your Hand Total2345678910Ace

3. Pair hand strategy

Lastly, the last outcome is the possibility of you getting pair cards which basically means cards with the same numbers on them. So, based on those follow the moves made in the table below to win big. Additionally, check out some Blackjack winning tips and tricks from the W88indi pros to boost your win rate further when learning How to Play Blackjack Game.

Dealer’s First Card
Your Hand Total2345678910Ace
2 + 2
3 + 3

Additional 5 optimal Blackjack betting strategies for winning big daily

In this section, let us look into the additional 5 optimal blackjack betting strategies that can help you win big daily. For this, it is important to note that you can use these 5 Blackjack Strategies to Win with the betting chart technique as these help you maintain your bankroll are well as win more by the end of your gaming sessions.

w88indi blackjack optimal strategy odds for winning big

1. Card Counting technique

  • First is the card counting technique which is only the second to the betting chart which can get the blackjack optimal strategy odds in your favor. The card counting technique is, however, time-consuming and requires practice which is all worth it.
  • The card-counting technique requires you to assign 3 different values to all the cards in a deck. This means that you have to assign the value 1 to the cards 2 to 6, 0 to the cards 7 to  9, and lastly the 10s with the face cards the value of -1.
  • This way, you must observe the dealer dealing cards in the gameplay adding and subtracting the cards based on the value till you eventually get a hang of understanding whether a low card, high card, or face card will be pulled out next.

2. D’Alembert betting system

  • The D’Alembert betting system is the next optimal blackjack strategy odds which can help you save a good amount of money in your bankroll throughout your gaming session.
  • This strategy is a progressive betting system that requires you to increase your wager by one unit when you win a blackjack round so that when you eventually win you get back some of the money lost in the losing rounds.
  • However, when you win a round, you must then decrease the stake by one unit again so that you keep playing with the same bankroll throughout your gaming session. This is one of the low-risk progressive betting systems that can let you play moderately as well as gain profits by the end of your gaming sessions.

3. 2-1-2 betting strategy

  • The next optimal blackjack strategy is the 2-1-2 Blackjack Strategy which is again a progressive betting system as is a low-risk strategy like the D’Alembert method. This betting system tells you how much you need to bet based on your wins and losses.
  • You must begin playing the blackjack game by keeping your wager which can be considered as 2 units such as ₹2, ₹20, ₹40, etc. So, when you win a round, you must increase your betting stake by 1 unit which gives you more payout. So, if your stake was ₹20, make it ₹30.
  • Now, if you lose, you must go back to your initial betting stake of the 2 units, but if you win, you must increase the betting stake twice which makes the ₹30 ₹60. This way, if you manage to win 3 times consistently, then you will be playing with the 2-1-2 betting system which will give you profits at the end of your gaming session.

w88indi blackjack optimal strategy odds for beginners

4. Martingale Strategy

  • The D’Alembert betting system is a low-risk version of the Martingale strategy, the latter of which is one of the most popular betting strategies used by many pro-high-rolling gamers.
  • Just like the methods above, this is a progressive betting system where you must double up your stake and increase it every time you lose a betting round, as this would ensure that you get back the lost money as part of the payout.
  • Once you have won the round, you must go back to the initial wagering amount, or else you can continue playing with the final amount before winning. Thus, this optimal blackjack strategy with a guaranteed increase in your bankroll by the end of your gaming session requires an initial higher bankroll to play.

5. Doubling Down

  • The next most effective system to get huge payouts and almost turn the betting round in your favor is the doubling-down system where you must double up the stakes in the middle of the game.
  • This means that here you must use the Double Up betting option when playing blackjack, however, this must only be done when you are confident in the first two cards in your hand.
  • As mentioned above, the optimal blackjack betting strategy charts can help you learn when exactly you must use the double down strategy based on your first two cards.

w88indi blackjack optimal strategy odds for beginners to win

3 Takeaways for Blackjack optimal strategy odds and wins

In this final section of this Blackjack optimal strategy odds article, let us look into the 3 takeaways of what is said above. These 3 can be used as Blackjack betting tips that can complete this ultimate guide to blackjack optimal strategy odds. So, go ahead and create an account in the W88 register today to get the best blackjack gaming experience including huge wins.

  1. Maintain a reasonable bankroll: Firstly, the aforementioned optimal blackjack strategy odds are only possible to use when you have a reasonable bankroll. This means that you must understand that it is important to have a reasonable bankroll when you are playing blackjack games online as these games contain more than one betting round and the strategies would require you to double the stake amounts accordingly.
  2. Apply a blackjack betting strategy based on your bankroll: It is then important that you select and apply a blackjack optimal strategy odds trick based on your bankroll. This means that if your bankroll allows high-risk and high-rolling strategies like the Martingale strategy, then you can go ahead with it. Otherwise always opt for low-risk strategies like the D’Alembert method.
  3. Use betting charts till you learn to make pro moves: As stated above, betting charts are literally charts that tell you which move you must make based on your first two cards and the dealer’s first two cards. This means that for every combination of the first two cards, you are given an optimal winning move that you will have to memorize eventually for smooth gameplay. However, till you are a beginner, we recommend using the betting charts which are available online and in physical copies.

w88indi blackjack optimal strategy odds charts to win


These were the Blackjack Optimal Strategy Odds explained by W88indi experts that can land you ₹8,000 daily wins on fun blackjack games. Use the online betting site W88 to boost your account wallet more with the exclusive new members first deposit bonus of up to ₹12,000. Lastly, for more such strategies to win, keep visiting W88indi, India’s no.1 online betting guide.