How to Bet on Tennis online Ultimate guide with 3 free tips

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Playing tennis betting online is one of the newest ways to spend leisure time and earn big returns on popular betting platforms like W88 in India. So, if you wish to jump on the bandwagon then read our simple betting explanation on how to bet on tennis online with examples from the W88 Sportsbooks. Using the W88 sportsbook to play online tennis betting is the most fun and beneficial way for rookies to kick off their betting journey as here you can claim a welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook products – Hurry!

how to bet on tennis online with betting tips and tricks from experts

Learn how to bet on Tennis online in 3 simple steps!

Jumping straight into it, let us show you how to bet on Tennis online with 3 simple steps with betting stakes starting at just ₹100 in the W88 Sportsbook. The W88 website is one of the most beneficial platforms for betting in India which not only provides extravagant W88 promotion offers but also some of the best online equipment that helps in successful betting on any sports matches online for both beginners and pros!

Step 1: Log in at W88 and select the sportsbook of your choice

  • The first thing you must do is log into the W88 account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and enter your login credentials with accuracy but if you do not own an account in the W88 Register then click on the ‘Join‘ button to create one in under 2 minutes.

how to bet on tennis online with betting tutorial guide for beginners step 1

  • Once done, click on the ‘Sports‘ option from the homepage menubar, and from under it click on your preferred W88 Sportsbook to move on to the next how to bet on tennis online tutorial step.
  • At W88, you get 6 different W88 Sportsbook products catering to the different styles of many bettors but regardless of which one you pick entertainment is guaranteed.

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook and pick a Tennis match to bet on

  • In the next how to bet on Tennis online tutorial, you must filter the W88 sportsbook by clicking on the ‘Tennis‘ option from the left-side menu panel and then under it set your preferred match timing from the Live, Today, Early, or for Outright betting options.

how to bet on tennis online with betting tutorial guide for beginners step 2

  • Next, you will get your preferred online tennis betting matches on one page in the W88 Sportsbook wherein you must click on your preferred match to access the betting options and bet slip to lock your bets in for the match as shown in the next how to bet on Tennis online step.

Step 3: Bet on a sub-betting to lock your bets in the sportsbook

  • In the final how to bet on Tennis online tutorial step, you will find yourself on the page with all the betting options available for the selected match, so from here locate your preferred betting option and then click on your preferred sub-bet from under it.

how to bet on tennis online with betting tutorial guide for beginners step 3

  • Doing so would open a bet slip on the left side of your screen where you must enter the betting stake and based on the stakes and betting odds for the selected betting option, you will be shown the potential payout returns if your bet wins.
  • Lastly, to lock your bets in the W88 sportsbook, click on the ‘Place Bets‘ button and now all that is left to do is enjoy the match in the W88 sportsbook by accessing the live stream service you can benefit from as a W88 member!

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Know the 5 must-try online Tennis betting options

Now that you know how to bet on tennis online let us introduce you to what you can bet on when playing online tennis betting. Understanding the betting options when learning how to bet on tennis matches online is one of the most crucial steps as this can help you win easily. Although when learning how to play Tennis betting for in-play matches, you may get additional betting markets, the below 5 online tennis betting options are something you must try!

how to bet on tennis online with betting market options explained by experts

  1. Moneyline: Moneyline bets are the normal match-winner bets wherein you bet on Player 1 or Player 2 winning as a draw is almost not possible in Tennis matches. Moneyline bets are the most popular bets played for online tennis betting and are a must-try!
  2. Handicap: Handicap or HDP bets provide the underdog player with headstart scores while the top dog gets handicap scores which are then calculated with the real match results to alter the results in the sportsbook and determine a bet winner.
  3. Over/Under: Over/Under or O/U bets require you to predict the total outcome of both Players which means that you must add both the Players’ scores to determine whether it will be Over a margin or Under the margin.
  4. Set Winner: Tennis matches take place in the form of sets so you can also get to wager on Set 1 or Set 2 winner which focuses on the scores of the respective sets. For those who like in-play betting, observing set 1 and wagering on set 2 is a great online tennis betting strategy.
  5. Outright: One of the best aspects you will note when learning how to play Tennis betting online is that there are many leagues. But if you do not have the time to wager on individual matches then you can bet outright to predict the winner of an entire league!

Online Tennis betting odds explained with simple examples

When learning how to bet on tennis matches online it is important to learn everything about the sportsbook related to online Tennis betting including the betting odds. So, in this how to play tennis betting tutorial, we will mainly focus on how the betting odds work for online tennis betting with respect to the match example from the given how to bet on Tennis online tutorial guide above.

Wagered on Player 1 @ 2.04Wagered on Player 2 @ 1.71
how to bet on tennis online with betting odds explained with outcome 1how to bet on tennis online with betting odds explained with outcome 2
Betting odds: 2.04Betting odds: 1.71
Betting stake: ₹100Betting stake: ₹100
If the bet wins: Payout of ₹204 is receivedIf the bet wins: Payout of ₹171 is received
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet loses: Betting stake is lost

Along with an explanation of how online Tennis betting odds work, the table above also provides you with a simple match-end outcome preview. Here you can see that if your bet wins then the betting stakes are multiplied with the betting odds to provide payouts, but if you lose your betting stake is lost. Moreover, you can see the difference between high and low betting odds wherein the former pays more thanks to the risk it comes with while the latter pays less since there are fewer odds to defy!

Bet on Tennis matches with these 3 expert tricks to win big!

In the final section of this how to bet on Tennis online guide, let us leave you with the 3 most helpful tips and tricks to ace your online Tennis betting game! These 3 tricks work like charms for beginners when learning how to play Tennis betting online so be sure to use them to your advantage as these are derived from advice by pro bettors.

  1. Make use of statistical charts in the sportsbook: The first online Tennis betting trick is to make use of the statistical charts given in the sportsbook. The statistical charts in the sportsbook provide you with data on the player’s previous match results, stats, and more that altogether help in making good betting decisions.
  2. Bet on the options with lower betting odds: As stated above, wagering on the betting options with lower odds is a good trick to win on online tennis betting because lower odds mean fewer odds to defy. So, even if higher odds pay more it is bet to wager on lower betting odds to win most of the bets you place easily.
  3. Avoid tying bets together in a parley system: One of the popular betting methods pros use is the Parley system where they tie more than one betting option together to increase the odds and thus their payouts. But for the Parley bet to win all the bets tied together must win in their individual category which is something you should avoid as a rookie bettor.


This was all about How to Bet on Tennis Online with simple online tennis betting explanations and examples from the W88 sportsbook. To learn how to play Tennis Betting online the W88 sportsbook is the best place to start as here you can claim extravagant promotion offers as a new member which go up to ₹15,000. For more how to bet on tennis matches information, tips, tricks, betting option guides, and strategies from experts keep visiting our website!