12 best Online casino tips and tricks to win ₹1000 everyday!

Learn the 12 best Online casino tips and tricks from W88indi to gain pro insights on live casino tricks to win ₹1,000 daily with an increase in win rate of 98%!

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Online betting is getting increasingly popular day by day thanks to the sites like W88 that provide legal and safe services online that even Indian gamers can access. Here, you get to game on some of the classic casino games available on the internet that allows you to experience the best of the best gaming online. However, to win these games, you will need more than just luck. So, to help you with this W88indi experts have provided the 12 best online casino tips and tricks that can help you win big!

online casino tips and tricks to win every day

1. Set aside a betting bankroll that you can use to play

  • The most important of all online casino tips and tricks on this list is to understand how much money you will be needing to play online casino games as it is the most important way to win big online.
  • This means that you must first understand and set a fixed bankroll to only game at casino games online so that you do not overspend or use the cash meant for your daily expenses.
  • That being said, this bankroll should be reasonable enough to let you game at classic casino games sot hat you end up winning even more at the end of the gaming session.

2. Select a legal online betting site that caters to your bankroll

  • Selecting a good online betting site is perhaps the most crucial and important part of playing online casino games and this makes it one of the crucial live casino tricks that you must use.
  • It is very important to find a foreign online betting site that is backed by a legal license from top license providers. These sites should also have the INR option so that Indian gamblers can game online.
  • For instance, we recommend creating an account in the W88 Register, where you can not only get legal online gaming products but those that are extremely budget-friendly with additional welcome bonuses.

3. Create a verified account and apply for a casino bonus

  • As mentioned above, it is important to choose a legal online betting site to game as these sites often make you feel much more secure. However, it is important to acknowledge that some responsibilities come from your end as well.
  • For instance, it is extremely important to play online betting games with an account created on the site with accurate details. Moreover, these account details must be verified.
  • If you end up creating an account in the W88 register, then it is important to note that you can get a W88 Free Credit of ₹250 upon verifying all the important account details.

online casino tips and tricks to win live casino tricks

4. Try the games out in the free game rooms before wagering

  • One of the most helpful online casino tips and tricks that beginners can use is to not immediately wager on the game you decide to play. This is because most of the time people end up losing more than they intend to as they do not understand the game.
  • So, if the online casino site you select offers you some free betting game rooms, then you should definitely try wagering and play in the free game rooms first.
  • This can help you get a proper understanding of the game rules as well as how the live dealer carries out the game for ease of betting with real money.

5. Observe some betting rounds before wagering on the games

  • In continuation with the aforementioned point, if your online casino site does not provide you with a free game room to test the game, then the next best thing you can do is skip some betting rounds to observe the gameplay.
  • Observation is one of the important live casino tricks that you should learn regardless as this can help you in many ways, for instance, to know the most winning betting option to wager on.
  • Once you have observed some rounds in the online casino room, then you can begin wagering on the betting options in small amounts.

6. Learn to apply a betting system to your bankroll

  • Next, it is important that you use some betting systems in your gameplay when you are wagering. There are two kinds of betting systems in the casino world online.
  • The first one is the progressive betting system that requires you to keep changing your wagering amount based on your wins and losses throughout your gaming session.
  • The second one is the non-progressive betting system that requires you to maintain the same wagering amount regardless of your wins and losses throughout the gaming session.

online casino tips and tricks to win live casino tricks to win daily

7. Wager using the D’Alembert progressive system

  • If you decide to use progressive betting systems in your gameplay then it is important to note that these betting systems are often risky. So using the lowest-risk D’Alembert method is the best strategy you should go with.
  • The D’Alembert method requires you to increase your betting stake by one unit every time you lose a betting round so that when you eventually win, you get the lost money back as a payout.
  • However, when you eventually win a round, you should decrease your wagering amount back by one unit to maintain the backroll set for gaming.

8. Try the Flat betting non-progressive system

  • If you wish to go for the non-progressive system, then using the flat betting system is a good trick you could apply as non-progressive systems usually do not give the desired results always.
  • The idea behind the flat betting system is that you must wager using one betting stake for a long period of time. For instance, you should use 3% of your daily bankroll for a long time.
  • This would not show instant results but when you look at your bankroll after a long time, you will see a significant amount of progress. Once you get the new bankroll, use 3% of that as your new wager for a long time to keep the cycle going.

9. Find out which casino game helps you win more with ease

  • Another one of the important online casino tips and tricks that you should be aware of is to track which casino games help you win more than the others.
  • Although it is more fun to try out and play on all the classic casino games, you should understand that gaming at one game during your gaming session can guarantee more wins than playing on multiple games.
  • To check out all the cool online casino games you can first try them all out till you grasp which game helps you add more to the bag. We recommend using the W88 Online Casino for this.

online casino tips and tricks to win every time

10. Set a betting time limit to play casino games online

  • Above we have mentioned how to play online casino games using a limited bankroll however, here we recommend also setting a betting time limit to help you go easy on the gambling.
  • Setting a betting time limit is another one of the crucial online casino tips and tricks that you can use in your online games as this can help you also maintain your bankroll.
  • That being said, setting a betting limit does not only have to be related to daily limits as you can set them based on particular days you wish to game online. To make up for the loss, you can also apply for your online casino promotion like the W88 Promotion offers to boost your account wallet by ₹12,000.

11. Never go all-in with your bets on any casino games

  • With the aforementioned 10 online casino tips and tricks, you will notice a significant amount of change in the way you played before as your winning rate is bound to increase.
  • When this happens, gamblers often feel confident and go all in with their stakes. This means they bet their entire bankroll on a single round to test their luck.
  • This must absolutely be avoided by you especially if you are a beginner since you could end up losing it all in a single gambling round as many pros have also lost before.

12. Understand when it is time to stop betting for the day

  • Lastly, it is extremely important to know when you must stop betting for the day, this is because the best way you can boost your bankroll is by saving the money in it as much as you can.
  • Regardless of pro online casino tips and tricks to win, sometimes, you just might not have luck on your side. As a result, you would lose most of the rounds.
  • This is a big sign to stop gaming to avoid spending unnecessarily and come back to win more the next day.

live casino tricks online casino tips and tricks to win


These were the 12 Online Casino Tips and Tricks that could help you win big in any casino game. What is cool is that no matter what gambling game you decide to play, you can smoothly apply these tricks and alter them to your needs. For such more pro insights on online betting games, keep visiting W88indi as we constantly put out articles on how you can ace your wins online efficiently!