Is Sic Bo rigged & cheating gamblers online- Truth at W88indi

Is Sic Bo rigged? Does online casino Sic Bo cheat its customers? Learn the truth about it all from W88indi experts with smart tips to avoid fake Sic Bo casinos.

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Sic Bo is one of the easy-going games that you can play on online betting sites like W88 as this game brings out an equal amount of thrills and fun to whoever plays it. However, before you play this game, it is important for you to know the truth about whether is sic bo rigged online and does sic bo cheats on its customers. In this article, we will explore the truth as well as give you information on how to

Is Sic Bo rigged in online casinos?

Getting straight to the point, let us address whether is Sic Bo rigged in online casinos. Sic Bo is a casino game played with three dice where the game requires you to wager to predict the outcome of the sum of the three dice. But there are other betting options that require you to predict the different outcomes of the dice. Since the outcomes could be many, there are many betting options to select from just like roulette games.

w88indi is sic bo rigged does sic bo cheat online learn truth

Another important aspect is that the betting rooms for sic bo games have special equipment that rolls the dice in the game room. That being said because there are many betting options and the outcomes could literally be very random, it is essential to note that winning here would require you to apply additional sic bo betting tricks and tips.

With all the given details about the sic bo game and game room, we can easily conclude that Sic Bo is not rigged online. In fact, thanks to there being special equipment that rolls the dice, and not the dealer themselves, it is easily given that you cannot really rig a Sic Bo game online. Join online betting sites like the W88 Register to game at authentic and risk-free sic bo game rooms online.

Why do gamblers feel like Sic Bo games cheat them?

If the answer to whether is Sic Bo rigged online is no, then why do gamblers feel like Sic Bo cheats them? Well, the answer to this can be summed up in four main reasons. Believe it or not, these reasons are extremely common not only in sic bo rooms but any online casino game that makes people feel they are being cheated on.

is sic bo rigged online find out at W88indi

  • Lack of Betting Tricks: Firstly, as mentioned above, the online betting game Sic Bo has many betting options and outcomes. Using no betting tricks at all can make you lose rounds easily and this is the reason many people claim that the game room is rigged.
  • High House Edge: Another reason that makes people feel that Sic Bo is rigged is the high house edge. Sic house edges or commission usually range from 2.78% to 18.98%, which is pretty high even though it is used for casino and site maintenance, making feel like it all to be rigged.
  • Low RTP Rates: Low RTP or return-to-player rates are something that also makes people think that sic bo games are rigged online. This can be related to the first reason because if you lose more rounds, and get low RTP rates for whatever round you win, you may feel cheated.
  • Losses are Remembered: Last but not least, the brain is designed to remember negative events more than positive ones. Thus, when you lose more rounds, you may remember them more vividly than all the times you won the game unless you hit some big jackpot.

5 ways on how to avoid rigged Sic Bo casinos online

Now that you know the answer to whether is Sic Bo rigged and the reason why people think Sic Bo cheats them, let us help you understand how you can avoid fake sic bo game rooms online. Yes, although Sic Bo cannot be rigged, there are Live Casino sites that can still cheat you using different methods. Being careful is extremely important and follow the five tips below.

is sic bo rigged does sic bo cheat online learn truth

1. Make use of legal online casinos:

The most important way of avoiding fake sic bo rooms is to look for the online betting site’s license. Since in India, online betting is not really allowed, you should look for an online betting site with a foreign license. For instance, the W88 Online Casino site is certified and licensed by the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers.

2. Observe the game room for a while

Next, it is important to observe the game room before you start betting as this can help you in many ways. Sic Bo games require you to win more rounds as losing the rounds can make you think that the game room is rigged. So, observing the game room before betting can help you spot any fraudulent activities and also learn about the most winning betting option to win more rounds.

3. Use game rooms from top well-known providers

Another best way to avoid rigged sic bo rooms is to just use the online betting game rooms from top room providers on the site. Top game room providers run a reputed business of providing customers with quality game rooms online. So, if they rig their game rooms, then they would ruin their business altogether. So, using well-known providers’ game rooms for sic bo adds to the legitness of the game.

is sic bo rigged does sic bo cheat online learn truth at W88indi

4. Read real customer reviews of the casino

The best way to know more about the online betting site without making an account is to just look for customer reviews online. Customer reviews help you with getting insights on the betting site and the game rooms without even having to make an account on them. You can also know more about the bonus offers and whether they give out what they claim to the customers or not.

5. Make use of Virtual Sic Bo game rooms

The last way to be safe from Sic Bo game rooms is to just use the virtual sic bo game rooms instead. Live dealer game rooms can help you game online well but virtual dealer game rooms are considered to be much safer as they offer you an RNG system that determines the winner of the betting round. This system is difficult to hack or rig making players feel even more safe.

Top 3 betting sites to play legal & safe Sic Bo games online in India

Now that you have learned about everything related to questions like Is sic bo rigged, does sic bo cheat, etc. in this final section, let us introduce you to the top 3 betting sites to play legal and safe sic bo games online in India. These three sites are extremely good to use which also lets you claim bonus offers like the W88 Promotion bonuses for new member accounts.

is sic bo rigged does sic bo cheat online find out at W88indi

  1. M88: M88 is one of the best sites that many pro gamblers use to play online casino sic bo games as these are backed by legal licenses provided by the Interactive Gaming License company from the Republic of Vanuatu.
  2. W88: W88 is another fun online betting site that caters to both beginners and pros, as this site is backed with BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International foreign licenses.
  3. Fun88: Lastly, Fun88 is a good online betting site that is great for beginners to play online. Here you get legal sic bo rooms that have an Offshore Gaming License.


So, Is Sic Bo Rigged in online casinos and does Sic Bo cheat its players? Absolutely not! However, it is important for you to go ahead and pick the best of the best game room for you to play online responsibly. These game rooms should come from a top game room provider in a legal online casino. Read the reviews of other players on the internet to know more about these casinos, or just use W88indi the no.1 online betting guide to get detailed reviews on online gaming platforms.