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Ever Wondered Why Roulette is called as the Devil’s Game? It is because 0-36 adds up to 666 and 666 is the Devil’s wheel game. Know 5 Roulette facts at W88indi.

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Playing online Roulette at sites like W88 is fun because it has many betting options but how much do you know about the game besides how it is played and its betting options? Well, since seeming smart is one of the best casino strategies, it is important that you enter roulette game rooms online backed with some fun trivia like why Roulette is called as the Devil’s Game. So, here is a background of Roulette’s most famous nickname with additional 5 roulette facts you should know about.

The Origin of the Devil’s Game: Roulette

Before we understand why Roulette is called as the Devil’s Game or Devil’s Wheel game, let us first take a look at the background of Roulette. The game is said to have no exact origin however many people believed that Blaise Pascal invented the first roulette wheel type as an invention to creating a machine that worked without any forced and one that went on and on. However, the tables and numbers used to place bets is very similar to the Italian Game Biribi but the reason behind Roulette’s famous nickname does not lie in its origin!


At online casinos, there are many types of Roulette game rooms that you can choose from to play the game online. However, the W88 Roulette game rooms offer different variations of Roulette online. The most famous Roulette variation is the European one where there are numbers from 0 to 36 on the Roulette table. However, in the American variation, the number 00 is added to the wheel as well creating another number betting option in Roulette.

Why is Roulette called the Devil’s game?

If it doe not lie in Roulette’s origin, then why is Roulette called the Devil’s game? Well, this answer comes from the numbers that are the betting options on the Roulette table. When the numbers 0 to 36 or 00 to 36 are added up together, you get the number 666, which is the Number of the Beast according to the Revelation 13th Chapter in the Bible.


What makes 666 a demonic number? 

The answer to this lies in Christianity’s Holy Book, the Bible. In the Revelations chapter which is the last chapter of the book John of Patmos described two creatures, one of them being a demon-like beast with the number 666 on its head using the words “Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six”.

  • Because of this, many people have regarded 666 to be the Devil’s number and in fact, there are even horror movies made about this like The Omen.
  • Regardless, the 666 number is also said to be a call to Satan himself and also a curse.
  • The beast in the Bible also was also considered to be a metaphor for the coming of the Anti-Christ making the given nickname for Roulette and its numbers even more credible since Casinos were considered one of the things taking people away from the Church.

However, in the end, it depends on your beliefs but what matters the most is abiding by the law and selecting a good and legal Roulette betting site. We recommend playing Roulette at W88 because it is not only legal and safe but also would give you a W88 Promotion offer on new accounts that you can claim.

Roulette’s Addictive Nature ‘Possessed’ Many Gamblers

Interestingly, Roulette also gets the name of being the Devil’s game because of its fast-paced nature and this is what made many people get addicted to this fun online casino game to the point where they behaved almost as if possessed. As crazy as this sounds this is absolutely true considering that many casino gamblers often accompany the thrill with the use of alcohol or drugs.


  • In the past when casinos were trendy many rich people played famous games like Roulette and accompanied this by celebrating wins with alcohol and drugs.
  • Additionally, since Roulette is a fast paced game, many gamblers were hooked on it to the point where they could not stop betting even if they were losing.
  • In fact, according to a legend, a famous casino operator and entrepreneur François Blanc made a bargain with the devil to obtain the secrets to win Roulette. Luckily, you have W88indi, your friendly online betting site, for some Roulette Tips and Tricks to Win that you can try for free without bargaining anything to any devil.

5 Other Interesting Facts about the Devil’s Game You Should Know!

Now that you know the major reason behind why roulette is called as the Devil’s game, you can sound a little bit smarter in the Roulette chat rooms at online casinos but if you want to sound even more smart, memorize these random yet fascinating roulette facts that you definitely should know about!


  1. The first Roulette form was introduced by Blaise Pascal: Most online casino games are created as ways to pass time, however, many people believe that the Roulette game was invented by the French Mathematician Blaise Pascal when working on the perpetual motion machine as he created a wheel similar to the roulette wheel. However, many people also believe that the roulette game was born out of the Italian game Biribi. Regardless it is a fun game that you should play and to place bets on Roulette games create an account in the W88 Register today!
  2. There are magic numbers that win more: Yes, betting on certain numbers in roulette can guarantee your wins and this is because of the position of these numbers on the roulette wheel. A study conducted by some gamblers has proven that 17 is the most lucky and top magic number on the roulette table that you should bet on. The numbers 7, 23, and 24 are also a part of the magic number. To know more see Best Roulette Numbers to Play.
  3. Roulette can be played with cards as well: Yes, Roulette can also be played with cards and this is called the California Roulette game. Here, you place bets on a colored number table like traditional roulette but instead of spinning a wheel, the croupier pulls out a card that have numbers identical to the roulette wheel to determine the winning of the betting round.
  4. You can win every round but not earn more: Next, Roulette fact  that can also be a great betting tip is that you can win every roulette round but that would not guarantee that you earn money with your win. Roulette has many betting options that you can choose from and so, you can place multiple bets covering almost the entire table, however the payout you will receive would only be limited to the winning bets which would be less than the betting stake.
  5. The wheel and ball do not spin in the same direction: Lastly and surprisingly, many people tend to miss this fact that the wheel and the ball do not spin in the same direction on the roulette table. This is again related to the fast-pace nature of the game and so many people tend to miss it making it a surprising roulette fact.


This was the reason behind Why Roulette is called as the Devil’s Game but again, these were considered to be tales from the past, however, this is definitely something interesting to ponder upon because is it a coincidence or maybe the Numbered Beast showed up years later as Roulette betting options? Nobody would really know, but what we can be sure of is W88’s exclusive new member bonus that you can claim for online casinos which can give you up to ₹12,000 with additional ₹250 free credit for account verification.