Top 4 Fish Prawn Crab strategies – Claim free ₹ 300 bonus

W88 India is here to teach you the top 4 Fish Prawn Crab strategies, so you could enjoy your gaming. Thus, win better! Claim free ₹300 bonus if you read on now!

Fish Prawn Crab strategies for higher payouts

Fish Prawn Crab, a three-dice-operated casino game involves symbols like Fish, Prawn, Crab, Gourd, Rooster, and Stag in its game. Though it looks overwhelming, the Fish Prawn Crab goal is just actually simple. And so very fun to play!

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Fish Prawn Crab players only need to predict the correct symbol or signs that will come out in the dice roll and that is it, you win already! Yes, it is just a fast-paced, easy, fun game.

However, if you want more cashback and higher payouts, this article is right for you! With these mentioned Fish Prawn Crab strategies below, you could win double to triple or 10x more than your usual Fish Prawn Crab gaming. Scroll now to learn the best fish prawn crab strategies!

Top 4 Fish Prawn Crab strategies - Claim free ₹ 300 bonus

1. Know the Fish Prawn Crab strategy payouts

Fish Prawn Crab game treats every correct bet as a win for players. So, let us say the rolled dice appeared to have one Stag and two Gourd symbols. And you bet on Stag. Then you are paid 1 because 1 is to 1. While if you bet on Gourd, you get 2.

Yes, in events where the symbols appeared once, you get paid 1x. As per twice, then you are paid 2 to 1. If you have perfect three symbols appeared, then 3 to 1 payout! And in case you get the triple? You get a 30 to 1 payout ratio!

Knowing the payouts is one way to determine your Fish Prawn Crab strategies. Through this, you must think about what your best bet symbols would be. It is up to you if you want the main bets or risk the side but bigger cashback bets.

Top 4 Fish Prawn Crab strategies - Claim free ₹ 300 bonus

2. Learning the secret behind the Fish Prawn Crab triples bets

Knowing the first Fish Prawn Crab strategy on its payouts, it is now time to learn about the house edges of the bets or symbols in the game. This would make or break your Fish Prawn Crab strategy forming.

As said in the first bullet, each symbol has a 1 is to 1 ratio, but for exact three or triples, 30 is to 1. This might sound like good news for newbies and beginners alike. However, the triples’ house edge is actually 13.9% which is not enticing when it comes to house edge statistics.

Yes, you could win a big jackpot here in triples for sure. But also know that scoring triples are rare. Though these kinds of results show in W88 Fish Prawn Crab games, in general Fish Prawn Crab gaming, triples’ odds are very slim to happen.

Top 4 Fish Prawn Crab strategies - Claim free ₹ 300 bonus

When thinking about Fish Prawn Crab strategies, think twice when betting for triples. W88 encourages you to try betting on triples for higher wins. However, if you have low money and want the stable but goodie kind of wins, go for symbol-for-symbol betting.

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3. Play in the top Fish Prawn Crab websites only

One of the Fish Prawn Crab strategies you should not take for granted would be this. You must know that playing on the top Fish Prawn Crab websites would give you better Fish Prawn Crab strategies when it comes to winning. 

Aside from knowing the payouts and triples’ house edge, choosing the best website is actually one of the best Fish Prawn Crab strategies you can apply in your gaming. This is a few of the secret tips and tricks revealed by W88 Asia! Because imagine, if you play on small websites, small money is also claimed.

Top 4 Fish Prawn Crab strategies - Claim free ₹ 300 bonus

But with the top websites like W88? You could enjoy your gaming 24/7 anytime and anywhere with high cashback! Plus, you know that you are on a legitimate and respectable website, so your private information and banking details are for sure safe and secured! W88 is the website to go, so W88 register now!

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What makes playing in the top websites much better? The W88 promotions! Like here in W88, we share free and non-taxable ₹ 300 free bets! Yes, you can claim those ₹ 300 if you just deposit at least ₹ 900 and verify your profile data. Perfect for beginners, you should not miss this easy peasy reward!

Claiming promotions like these are part of the Fish Prawn Crab strategies you must remember. Through this, you could have a strong capital in your Fish Prawn Crab gaming. Whether you lose the bet, it’s okay because it’s free anyway. But if you win, lucky you because those gain additional cashback!

Top 4 Fish Prawn Crab strategies - Claim free ₹ 300 bonus

Fish Prawn Crab is a simple game. Therefore, there are just a few strategies to be found here. But knowing these four Fish Prawn Crab strategies from W88—especially this W88 promotion? Trust us, you could level up your FPC gaming better because of this!

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