Legit Reel Slots: Understanding the Basic Designs of Slot Reels

Wondering the real score of reel slots in online slot games? Hop on to this information-packed article to understand slot reels and slot gaming better!

It may be true: you can find various gaming websites around the internet. However, they are nothing alike to W88! Because W88 owns at least 300 slot games with different reel slot machines that players can play for free or for professional means!

Reel Slot Machine Game Objectives

Yes, you can play slot games for leisure at W88. Feel free to choose among gaming providers like Microgaming, Gaming Interactive, Play’N Go, Qtech, PlayTech, Isoftbet, Pragmatic Play, Netent, Skywind, Toptrend Gaming, Booongo, Genesis, Solid Gaming, and Yggdrasil.

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But, take note that you can level up your reel slot games if you want to turn these easy plays to real, serious gaming. And if you are planning to do so, you are on the right track because W88 India is here to help you understand how slot reels work in W88 Slots!

Reel slot machines—whether it is a 3-reel slot, 5-reel slot, or progressive-reel slot—have only one objective: to get the perfect winning combination of symbols on the slot pay line that the gamer is playing! Yes, that easy, bro!

3 Kinds of Online Slot Reels

W88 offers hundreds and hundreds of slots with different reels and designs. Its common slot reel design varies from 3-reel slot games, 5-reel slot games, and progressive-reel slots.

Legit Reel Slots: Understanding Slot Reels Basic Designs
3-reel slot games: Panda
Legit Reel Slots: Understanding Slot Reels Basic Designs
5-reel slot games: Ariana
Legit Reel Slots: Understanding Slot Reels Basic Designs
Progressive slot reel: Gemix

Traditional or virtual slot gaming it may be, it is understood that the rule of thumb in slots is finding the reel slot machine that fits your personality. By this, you are not just appealed with what you are playing, you would also bring out the best luck that you have!

Reel slot machines have different pay lines and payout from one another. To know more about the reel slot games’ mechanics and rules, here is all the information that you must remember.

3-Reel Slot Games

Here are the facts that you need to know when playing 3-Reel Slot Games in W88:

  • 3-reel slots are also called as classic slots
  • Simple game format: 3 columns with 3 rows
  • Has distinct spin-and-nudge features
  • Allows players to play more than one coin per spin
  • Targets gamers who are looking for leisure time and relaxation

Legit Reel Slots: Understanding Slot Reels Basic Designs

The 3-reel slot games are the most basic slot reels of all. With its three by three gaming, it gives the player an option to have more than one pay line per spin.

3-reel slots have higher chances of winning among any reels else because of its increasing value in payouts. Yes, when it comes to scoring jackpots on higher-numbered pay lines, 3-reel slot games tend to payout higher-winning chances.

Note that most rewards are given for players who play better. Those with slot reels history are closer to getting the jackpot (applicable to a maximum number of coins bet), so you may like to play more and more to get free bonuses. Thus, the golden jackpot!

5-Reel Slot Games

Here are the facts that you need to know when playing 5-Reel Slot Games in W88:

  • 5-reel slots are the most played reel slot machines online (thus, in W88.com!)
  • Simple game format: 5 columns with at least 3 rows
  • Offers a variety of distinct pay lines
  • Triggers bonus features
  • Targets serious slot gamers

Legit Reel Slots: Understanding Slot Reels Basic Designs

Unlike the 3-reel slots, the 5-reel slot games are the preferred slot reels of professional slot players since it offers a huge variety of distinct pay lines. Slot gamers like it better as 5-reel slot pay lines range from 5 to 1,000 on each spin in motion.

Moreover, the continuous playing of 5-reel slot games leads to wonders! Aside from the jackpots that you could bring home, there are bonuses and rewards incorporated with it!

Every 100 to 150 base game spins usually proceed to bonus game features and free spins. Yes, legit free spins, pick-to-win, or pick-and-match type of bonus games are much triggered in 5-reel slots which helps gamers garner bigger wins.

Progressive-Reel Slot Games

Here are the facts that you need to know when playing Progressive Slot Reel Games in W88:

  • Looks complicated, but provides competitive payouts
  • Game format: at least 5 columns with more than 3 rows
  • The bigger dashboard is to bigger bonuses
  • Has random-sequence features
  • Slot reels for leisure and pro gamers

Legit Reel Slots: Understanding Slot Reels Basic Designs

We all know that a progressive jackpot is a grand prize that goes up and up every time the game is played—and usually rises whenever the jackpot is not won in the previous game.

Same with progressive slot reels, it provides bigger and bigger payouts when you play and play until you win! When more players try to continue progressive slot reel games, the payout value then increases again and again.

Gamers enjoy these kinds of slot reels because money gets better when you consistently guard your slot reels. It grows to a prompting jackpot that goes to the central jackpot pool, and when you get the jackpot, it automatically resets back to its seed value.

Slot-Reels is as important as Slot Gaming

Before you seriously play slots, of course, you must know its basics and fundamentals—like its slot reels—first to be able to win!

Slot reels have a high determiner on how big you would win, so you must make sure to choose your reel slot machines wisely. Follow this slot-reel basic guide and you would surely win the golden jackpot in W88!

Play now and register a W88 account! Happy gaming, y’all!