Meaning of Asian handicap 0 in sports with W88 betting guide

Know the meaning of Asian handicap 0 in betting & learn what happens when handicap + & – goal is 0. Use W88 to bet at HDP 0 & get a 150% bonus of up to ₹15,000.

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The Asian Handicap betting option is one of the most beneficial betting options to play as it is a main bet in most sports matches and thus has good odds. However, this is also a betting option that beginners should play with the help of a betting guide. So, to help you understand how you can play the Asian Handicap betting option we will take a look at what is the meaning of Asian Handicap 0 and also a quick W88 3-step tutorial on how to place bets in sportsbooks.

What is Asian handicap 0 meaning in betting?

To understand the meaning of Asian Handicap 0, let us first give you a quick overview of the purpose of the Asian Handicap betting options in sports betting. The purpose of the Handicap betting option is given for the matches played between a strong team and an underdog team in sports. This is given to even out the matches where the stronger team gets a handicap disadvantage while the underdog team gets a headstart advantage.

meaning of asian handicap 0 in sports betting 1

The Handicap Betting in Football goal disadvantages and advantages are given based on the strength difference between both teams and so, the greater the strength difference the more goal difference they would get. So, the meaning of Asian Handicap 0 is when there is no strength difference at all between the teams playing. This means that the teams are equally matched and so you can place bets on any of the teams as the end results of the real match will be the final results of the sportsbook.

Note: You may be wondering – what makes this different from the 1X2 betting option then? Well, in the 1X2 betting option the X or Draw is a sub-betting option whereas here, the Draw is a condition upon which you can have your betting stakes refunded. This makes the Asian Handicap 0 bet more beneficial than the 1X2 bet.

3 outcomes of playing the Asian handicap 0 bets in football

So far we know that the handicap condition given to both teams under Asian Handicap 0 is literally 0, which means that the end results of the real match will determine the final score of the bet you place. To get accurate results on football matches, join sites like W88 where you can also claim a W88 Free Credit on account verification.

meaning of asian handicap 0 in football betting

So, if team A scores 1 goal with a handicap of 0 and team B scores 2 goals with a handicap of 0 then the bets placed on team B will win the bet in the sportsbook as no goals are deducted or added for either team with a handicap 0 condition. From this, we can derive 3 case scenarios:

  • Case 1 – Team Wins: The bets on your team can win only if the team manages to win the real match. If they lose the real match then the betting stake will be lost.
  • Case 2 – Match Draws: If the teams draw the match by scoring the same score, then your betting stake will be refunded regardless of which team you placed a bet on.
  • Case 3 – Team Loses: The bets on your team will lose if the team you wagered on loses the real match. Here, you lose all of your betting stake with your bets.

Bet on Handicap 0 using the W88 sportsbooks & these 3 quick steps!

Now that you know what the meaning of Asian Handicap 0 is with the explanation and example above, let us move on to the second part of this article where we introduce you to one of the easiest online betting tutorials for placing Asian Handicap 0 bets. For this, we will use W88, one of Asia’s top online betting sites, as it can give you a W88 Promotion bonus of up to ₹15,000 on just registering an account!

Step 1: Create an account at W88 to pick a sportsbook

  • The first thing you must do is click on ‘Join‘ to access the registration form which you must fill out with precision for security purposes.
  • Then, ensure that you have logged into the newly created account by entering your login credentials in the pop-up box you will get after clicking on ‘Login‘.

W88 register asian handicap 0 bet in football

  • Once you have completed creating an account in the W88 Register on the official site, you must click on or hover your mouse cursor over the ‘Sports‘ option to access a sportsbook.
  • From the available sportsbooks, you must click on your preferred sportsbook to move on to step 2. Here, we decided to go with the e-Sports European sportsbook as the minimum betting rate is ₹100 only which is very pocket-friendly compared to other online betting sites.

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook and pick an Asian Handicap 0 match

  • In step number 2, you will find yourself on the page with all the betting options and odds for all the sports matches in the sportsbook you selected. So, now you must filter out the sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘ from the option available on the left side of any sportsbook.
  • If you select the e-Sports European sportsbook, then you will get to further filter out the sportsbook by selecting a country, league, or even by selecting the betting option you want from the drop-down menu. Since we wanted the handicap 0 betting option we selected the Full Time Handicap or FT HDP betting option.

W88 asian handicap 0 bet explained in sports

  • Once you have done as instructed above, you will find all the matches with the Handicap betting option in the W88 Sports book of your choice. Here, you must scroll down to locate a match with the handicap 0 betting option. Once, done you must click on the match to proceed with step number 3.
  • Here, we found a match played between Wigan and Hull City in the England Development League Under 21 where both teams have an Asian Handicap 0 condition.

Step 3: Fill out the bet slip to lock your bets in the sportsbook

  • In the final step of this tutorial, you should find yourself on the page with all the available betting op[tions for the match you selected, so you must find the Full Time Asian Handicap or FT Asian Handicap bet option to place your bets.
  • When you click on your preferred sub-betting option you will find a bet slip open on the right side of your screen.

W88 asian handicap 0 meaning in sports betting

  • In the bet slip, you will see the handicap condition for the team you selected and also the betting odds. So, now you must enter the betting stake in the given slot and then click on ‘Place Bets‘ to lock your bets in for the match.
  • We decided to place a ₹100 bet on the Hull City handicap 0 option with betting odds of 1.97, and if this bet wins we will receive a payout of ₹197. Now all that is left to do is sit back and watch the match in the sportsbook itself in anticipation of the results.

Betting with odds: Learn how handicap conditions affect odds

If the handicap condition has no effect on the end results of the real match, then one of the best Football Betting Tips to use here is to place bets using the given betting odds as this could affect your payouts. Since the meaning of Asian Handicap 0 is that there is no condition for either team, the betting odds will not be affected to a great extent and as a result, would be around the same number for the entire match.

Wagered on Wigan U21 0 @ 1.83Wagered on Hull City U21 0 @ 1.97
W88 asian handicap 0 meaning in footballW88 asian handicap 0 meaning in sports
Betting odds: 1.83Betting odds: 1.97
Betting stake: ₹100Betting stake: ₹100
If the team wins: ₹183.00If the team wins: ₹197.00
If match draws: The stake is refundedIf match draws: The stake is refunded
If the team loses: The stake is lostIf the team loses: The stake is lost

As you can see, the higher the betting odds the more payout you will receive even if the betting stake you use is the minimum amount in the sportsbook. So, in the image example, we used under step 3 if we win the bet, the payout we would receive would be ₹197 which is a better outcome than betting on the first team.

It is usually advised to look at the conditions for the teams under other handicap betting options along with the betting odds but since the meaning of Asian Handicap 0 means no handicap condition at all, you can go ahead and use the betting odds as a way to place bets in the sportsbook and win more payouts.


This was the Meaning of Asian Handicap 0 using examples from the sportsbook of W88, one of Asia’s top online betting sites. If you want to keep playing and winning in the most efficient way then you definitely must try the W88 sports betting site as it will help you place bets online for many betting options using easy tutorials like the ones mentioned above. If you want to learn more about sports betting online then be sure to use W88indi, India’s top online betting guide.