Is online Blackjack rigged or Legit – 5 Secrets are exposed!

Is online Blackjack rigged or is it Legit in India? Know 5 secret clues to find whether online blackjack is fixed or fair by any online casino site with W88indi.

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If you want to play online casino games like Blackjack but are are wondering whether online Blackjack is rigged or not then you have come to the right place. This is because here, you will find a detailed explanation of whether online blackjack is rigged or legit, and also the reasons behind why people feel so. Additionally, you will get 5 tips on how you can make sure your online blackjack game is legit and also 3 ways to know when an online casino is rigged. So, using this article as your guide, pick a good online betting site like W88 to play authentic and legit Blackjack games online.


Is online blackjack rigged?

Getting straight to the point of is online Blackjack rigged then no, the online casino game blackjack is not rigged however, this highly depends on the online casino and the game room you decide to use when playing blackjack game online. When learning How to Play Blackjack game, to understand how blackjack game online is not rigged, you must first learn how the blackjack game works in online casinos.

  • The blackjack game is played between you and the dealer, in some game rooms there are one table, whereas in others there are multiple tables. These dealer’s are usually trained professionally.
  • The blackjack game is played with a standard deck of cards, however, to avoid any sort of cheating from the casino’s end as well as the player’s end, there are multiple card decks mixed together.
  • As mentioned above, the live dealer’s in the game room are professionally trained so, as long as you select a good online betting site, with prominent game rooms and trained dealers, then your the answer to the question is live blackjack rigged is no. As you go down the article, you will learn how to select a good online blackjack game room.

Considering all these, it is not very possible to state that the online casino game of Blackjack is fixed. Besides, fixing online blackjack games would damage the casino’s reputation as any online blackjack rigged game can be easily noticed, which would result in the online casino to lose many customers thus resulting in major loss. So, is live blackjack rigged? No, online Blackjack games are not rigged as long as you choose a legal betting site with the proper game room.

That being said, some online casinos offer game rooms which are Virtual and these game rooms use the RNG, automatic system, which helps shuffle and deal cards online. These game rooms are almost impossible to fix or rig as it will take a lot of expertise and time to crack the RNG system.


Why do people feel blackjack online is rigged?

If the above mentioned points prove that online blackjack is not rigged, and also that you can use some Blackjack Strategies to Win when playing against skilled live dealers. Then why do people still feel that it is rigged? Well, the answer to this question is simple: people tend to lose more than win in online blackjack game rooms, but is this completely true or just something your brain let’s you think?

  • When you play games like Blackjack online, you will notice that you often will win the initial betting rounds, which would make you want to play more.
  • But then, in the middle you will stop winning and notice that you are losing the rounds more. This results in many gambler’s getting angry and thus claiming that the casino game online blackjack is rigged.
  • However, most of the times, you win an equal number of times than you lose but the brain functions in a way where you tend to remember negative emotions or memories more than positive ones, and in this case losing is remembered more.
  • Additionally, since you are playing against skilled live dealers, if you do not use online blackjack winning strategies, then you are most likely to lose.

All this adds up to the reasons many people tend to question is live blackjack rigged. But it is also important to note and be aware of where you play your game. Online casinos are responsible for providing you with legit and legal online game rooms to play the games like online blackjack however, it is your responsibility to find such legal online casinos in the first place based on research. As you go further down the article you will learn the tips and tricks to make sure your online casinos is authentic and also some ways in which you can avoid fake casinos online.


5 Ways to Make Sure Blackjack Online is not Fixed

Now that you know the answer to is online Blackjack rigged or legit, it is important to understand that some responsibilities lies on your shoulders to ensure that you deposit money and play at authentic and legal online casinos. This is why we recommend creating an account in sites like the W88 Register because it provides you with both legal and authentic blackjack game rooms. However, the best way of finding such rooms, is to research thoroughly when picking an online casino for yourself, and to help you with this, here are 5 ways to make sure your online blackjack is not rigged but legit.

1. Pick a legal and secure online betting site

The first thing that you should look for is the legality of the online betting site and security that it offers. Gambling in India is not legal, however, there is no law that prohibits online casinos as long as they are offered by casinos with a legal foreign license.

  • So, it is important that you go ahead and look for online casinos that offer legal and updated license that come from top foreign license providers like Offshore Gaming License by Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation, Curaçao EGaming License, Interactive Gaming License, etc.
  • Another thing that you should make sure for your own safety is the security that the online casinos provide you with. You should click on the lock icon next to the online website’s link and then look for the SSL certificate which claims that the connection is secure.

2. Select game rooms by reputed providers

Next, once you have found a good online betting site, you have to go ahead and pick a reputed online casino game room. But you also need to make sure that the online casino site you select gives you options when it come to the game rooms for playing blackjack online.

  • Blackjack game rooms either come with one table or multiple tables, if you want to go for a more secure game room, we recommend the multi-tabled blackjack game rooms as offered by W88 Online Casino where there are other online players playing the blackjack game too.
  • Additionally, another way of finding a good online game room is to look for those offered by well-known and reputed game room providers in the casino world online. Some of the top online casino game room providers for playing blackjack are Gameplay Interactive, MG Live, Playtech, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, etc.


3. Read reviews and watch videos of Blackjack online

Online blackjack games are played by many people across the globe and so the best way to know if is online blackjack rigged or legit is by talking, interacting, or reading the reviews given by other players of a particular online betting site or game room.

  • The best people to get reviews from when it comes to questions like is online blackjack rigged, are the pro players. Pro player’s know how to play and win blackjack online and so, it is best to use online casinos and game rooms they recommend.
  • One of the best things you can do is access such reviews on social media platforms like YouTube where there are many pro gamblers playing blackjack games online while given reviews. Since you are a beginner, find the recommended site with lower betting rates and build your way to the top from there playing authentic blackjack online.

4. Understand the universal Blackjack rules thoroughly

You wouldn’t really know if you are being cheated, if you do not know the rules of the game thoroughly, and this applies to all the games you play whether online or offline. So, we recommend that you first get familiar with the blackjack game rules and also some Blackjack Tricks and Tips in the first place before jumping in to play the game.

  • Having a better understanding of the blackjack rules is something that you can do to immediately notice any shift or changes in the way the game is played online. This is one of the best ways pros immediately know when a game is not authentic.
  • Additionally, to make the game interesting, some blackjack game room providers offer some additional rules to the standard rules. So, it is important that you check the rules of the game room as well before playing blackjack online. That being said, if the rules added are somewhat fishy or would result in your loss, then you should go for a game room with no extra rules or reasonable rules.

5. Monitor the live dealer via the live video

Last but not least, many gamblers are so into gaming online that they forget to use the live dealer camera, which is understandable. But it is also important to note that the live dealer camera is the most important aspect that game rooms have as it can immediately help you identify a real blackjack game room from a fake one online.

  • It is important to have your online live dealer camera on at all times when you play online blackjack but it is equally important to skip some betting rounds and observe the dealer dealing the card for a couple of betting rounds.
  • The live dealer camera should also have multiple views so you can monitor the live dealer from multiple angles when they are dealing the cards or when you are observing the initial few rounds of the game room.

These 5 things may seem small aspects of playing the blackjack online game however, keeping these small things in mind would give you the chance to play Blackjack without any fraudulent activities. That being said, using site’s like W88 would provide you with almost all of the above points at one place. You can find many Blackjack game rooms from top casino providers and also get a W88 Promotion of up to RM600 as a new member casino bonus!

Choose sites with multiple blackjack game rooms.

3 Ways to know that Blackjack is rigged by an Online Casino

Using the above mentioned points, you can easily understand is online blackjack rigged or legit when you go to play the game at casinos online. However, before we leave you, here are 3 Blackjack Pro Tips to keep in mind that will help you know that an online blackjack game could be rigged.

  1. They have only one blackjack game room: Most online casinos that are considered to be legit, offer you with multiple game rooms given by different game room providers. So, if you pick an online casino site that has only one blackjack game room, then that can be fishy and so we recommend that you avoid such online betting sites. Having multiple game room would mean having different live dealers from different game room providers who do not work together which means that they offer different and authentic customer service on blackjack games and the chances of them all being rigged is almost impossible.
  2. They do not switch live dealers: In most online casino games, you will notice that the professionally trained live dealer in live casino game rooms are switched from one dealer to the other after intervals. This means that the blackjack game in game rooms are played against different live dealers. Thus, it decreases the chances of your live dealer cheating in the game as it would require a lot of practice to go unnoticed when cheating in the same way. So, we highly recommend that you pick online casino game rooms that give you dealers that often switch places throughout the game.
  3. The cards are not dealt on camera: Lastly, when cards are not dealt on the camera but behind it, the entire game could feel fishy and rigged. Thus, it is important to notice the way they shuffle cards too. Most authentic casinos know that shuffling cards on screen is a healthy way to gain trust of the customers. That being said, if they do not shuffle their cards well, then the player who know the card counting method would be in advantage. In fact, the use of multiple decks in blackjack games prevent the players from cheating via the powerful card counting method. So, shuffling the cards on camera is equally important to the live casino and the players.



This was all about Is Online Blackjack Rigged or legit at live casinos and their game rooms. With this you have learnt that the games are indeed not rigged because if they were the online casinos would end up with a huge loss. Additionally, this article has also provided you with insights on how you can select an online casino game room for blackjack that is authentic and legit and 3 ways in which you can avoid fake and rigged blackjack game rooms. Lastly, using online blackjack game strategies would also help you win more against skilled dealers and so, you should stick to W88indi for such tips and tricks articles.