How to Win Dragon Tiger Game: 15 tricks to earn ₹7,000 daily

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Since there are fewer betting possibilities and straightforward gameplay, playing online casino games like Dragon Tiger is simple and uncomplicated. But, it’s crucial to add a few tips to your bet placement in Dragon Tiger game rooms if you want to improve your gaming at the Dragon Tiger casino. When it comes to gaming rooms, it’s crucial to choose the greatest one from online bookmakers like W88 login as doing so will increase your chances of winning more Dragon Tiger rounds online.


#1 To Play More, Use the Minimum Betting Amount

As previously noted, when playing Dragon Tiger online, it’s critical to pick an online bookmaker that offers a wide variety of thrilling game rooms. But the minimum betting rate a game room offers is one of the most important things to consider.

  • You will inevitably make mistakes as a novice, which is okay because you are still learning. But if you take preventative measures in advance, this can be easily avoided.
  • Using the lowest minimum betting rate offered in the game room is one such safety measure to ensure that you lose as little as possible when you lose.
  • Nevertheless, as the RTP is based on the betting amount and odds, utilizing the minimum betting limit won’t reward you handsomely, but it’s the ideal option if you want to experiment.

#2 Examine the Dragon Tiger Game’s Betting Options’ Odds

When learning how to play Dragon Tiger online, the next piece of advice is to do something very crucial when placing your bets in Dragon Tiger game rooms. This is to utilize all of the betting options and odds that are accessible there.

  • Which betting option has a larger chance of winning is determined by the betting odds under those alternatives, which also aid in determining the late RTP.
  • While there are various side betting options that give varied betting chances, the majority of online casinos for Dragon Tiger feature comparable betting odds.
  • Because you will be paid out based on the betting odds, it is crucial that you use them while placing bets online. Having said that, it is crucial to keep in mind that choosing the greater odds will result in larger payouts.


#3 Discover How to Play Less Rounds to Win More

You’ll want to play additional betting rounds since Dragon Tiger is one of the most enjoyable casino games. But you have to pay less if you want to win Dragon Tiger and return home with healthy winnings!

  • Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a good likelihood that you made your best earnings of the day during the first few rounds.
  • But there’s also a danger that the more you play, the more money you lose—both your pocket money and the money you earn.
  • It is crucial that you follow this discipline and play fewer games by limiting the number of rounds you play each day.


#4 Watch How the Dragon Tiger Game Is Played

A crucial tip for playing Dragon Tiger is to wait and watch a few betting rounds before deciding which betting choice is winning more. This is one of the most critical dragon tiger strategies for winning the game.

  • Dragon Tiger is a popular online casino game with widely available betting possibilities that draws in a lot of players. Thus, betting right away could lead to the demise of your strategy.
  • Rather, you need to exercise patience and simply watch which of these wagering possibilities has a higher winning percentage and which has a lower winning percentage.
  • In addition, you should observe which primary bet and side bet wins more rounds in addition to taking advantage of the statistics that most gaming clubs provide from prior betting rounds.

#5 Avoid Betting on a New Deck of Cards Right Away

Knowing when to place your bets is crucial while playing any online casino game since it could mean the difference between winning and losing. You might be wondering how this is feasible, but as the title implies, it’s crucial that you hold off on placing bets in a brand-new deck of cards right away.

  • It is advisable that you miss some betting rounds when a new deck of cards is withdrawn, just as you watch the Dragon Tiger game by skipping a few betting rounds.
  • This is due to the fact that it might be challenging to forecast which cards will be pulled out of a brand-new deck.
  • This implies that if you need a higher-ranking card to win, betting online would also become more challenging.

#6 Put Money Down on the Final Few Cards

In keeping with the last point, you might wonder just when to place a wager. Just place your bets before the new deck is withdrawn if you are unable to do so during the first few betting rounds.

  • This means that when there are still a few cards in the old deck and before a new one is released, it is advisable to put your bets online.
  • This is due to the fact that, should you remain vigilant throughout the entire game, guessing the final few cards becomes rather simple.
  • Therefore, you can wait to place bets on the betting alternatives until the majority of the cards have been utilized, even if a brand-new deck of cards is drawn out.


#7 Utilize the Dragon Tiger Game Room’s Side Bets

Using the available side betting options to place bets is another profitable strategy recommended by Dragon Tiger tips. You can do this with or without betting on the two primary betting options, Tiger and Dragon. In this manner, your chances of winning in online betting are increased.

  • There are four side betting possibilities available in Dragon Tiger: Tiger Odd, Tiger Even, Dragon Odd, and Dragon Even.
  • The goal of dragon odd and dragon even bets is to guess which number, odd or even, will be drawn on the dragon side.
  • The purpose of Tiger Odd and Tiger Even bets is to guess whether the card that is drawn on the Tiger side will be an Odd or an Even number.

#8 Discover How to Use the Formula to Calculate Payouts

The odds of the betting selections are the most important factor, as was already discussed because they determine the RTP or payments you will receive should you win a betting round. Therefore, to ensure that you are receiving the exact amount, it is crucial to learn how to calculate the payout yourself.

  • The quantity of money you stake and the odds of the betting choice you choose to employ to place your wager are the two key components of earning large winnings.
  • You can therefore quickly determine how much payout you will receive by using the formula Betting Stake X Betting Odds = Total Payout.
  • This method will help you determine your own payouts, make the right wager to increase your winnings, and avoid any fraudulent activity, therefore it’s crucial to keep it in mind when playing any online casino game.

#9 Establish Betting Limits to Keep Your Bankroll Stable

People who play at online casinos occasionally find that they have more money when they leave the table than when they arrive. This is an unforeseen phenomenon that can happen to anyone. Because of this, it’s crucial that you establish personal betting limits when using online casino game rooms.

  • Playing entertaining games like Dragon Tiger may persuade you to wager more than you had planned. Even while it seems like fun, this can be expensive.
  • Furthermore, playing casino games for an extended period of time can frequently have harmful impacts. To be disciplined with how much you play, it is crucial that you set betting limits for yourself.
  • This betting cap, where you set aside money, especially for playing online casino games, can be established as weekly or daily limitations.


#10 Utilise the D’Alembert Strategy to Continue Using Your Bankroll

As was already discussed, setting and sticking to an online betting limit can enable you to win more and save money. Professional players take this action to keep a healthy balance between their personal and gaming life. Nonetheless, there are pre-made betting techniques that you may use to place your bets online and maintain the excitement of gambling.

  • The D’Alembert Strategy is one such Dragon Tiger betting tactic that aids novices in striking a balance between their winnings and expenses.
  • When you use this approach and lose, you have to increase your bet by one unit so that you may make up the difference when you win.
  • To resume betting with the default betting amount, you must, however, reduce your wager by one unit after winning.

#11 Go over the game room’s rules before choosing

While it’s vital to learn the rules when it comes to casino games, it’s even more crucial to abide by the terms and conditions when playing Dragon Tiger in online game rooms. Even if you know the rules, you still have to do this each time you enter a game room to play Dragon Tiger.

  • While the majority of online gaming rooms follow the same rules for Dragon Tiger games, others offer slightly varied regulations in order to create variations.
  • Because of this, the regulations of the online casino gaming room for Dragon Tiger should be among your first priorities when you enter.
  • These guidelines are available in the Dragon Tiger gaming room’s setup choices, along with details on betting possibilities, payouts, and other features.

#12 Make Proper Use of the Live Dealer Video in the Game Room

There are many instances where people tend to claim online casino game rooms to commit many fraudulent acts against the players and this is something that prevents many people from experiencing the thrills of gambling online.

  • However, you can avoid this from happening to you by simply making use of one important equipment in your game room online and that is the live dealer cam or video.
  • To do this you should find an online casino site that offers you all the required equipment in their game rooms to do so. With the Live Dealer Video on, you can monitor them and watch the way they deal with the cards closely.
  • Furthermore, fantastic online casinos like W88 Online Casino include game rooms with multiple-angle view live dealer videos that you can flip between to see your live dealer deal cards. This allows you to keep an eye out for any indications of fraudulent activity and promptly exit the game area.


#13 Chat with Professional Gamers in Dragon Tiger Online Forums

Speaking of gaming rooms, the live chat feature is another helpful tool that the majority of well-known game rooms provide to their patrons. Many gamers can communicate with one another online by using this.

  • But, you might be surprised to learn how helpful the gaming room’s live chat feature is as you can meet a lot of experienced players and learn about several Dragon Tiger online forums using it.
  • By using them, you may socialize and communicate with experts to understand their approach to gambling and gain firsthand knowledge of expert online betting tactics.
  • As you steadily improve your gambling skills, you can play this simple online casino game in Dragon Tiger game rooms and meet new people.

#14 Utilise Promotional Offers on Your Online Sportsbook

Claiming the promotional offers made by their online betting side is another crucial expert tip that many high rollers employ to gain extra money instead of playing Dragon Tiger online. After meeting a few easy requirements, you can claim the greatest method for earning extra money.

  • It’s crucial that you form the habit of taking advantage of promotions as a new player, beginning with the welcome bonus offer that becomes available to you as soon as you deposit the required amount into the casino wallet on your website.
  • With this bonus, you may easily withdraw all of the money you’ve earned while playing Dragon Tiger games online by rolling over the funds.
  • One of the best websites in India, W88 Promotion, is giving new Indian members a 150% Welcome Bonus of up to ₹12,000, which they can claim after making a minimum deposit of ₹500 into their W88 online casino wallet.

#15 Recognize When to Give Up Playing for the Day to Prevent Expenditure

The most crucial thing to remember is to know when to give up playing online casino games like Dragon Tiger. It’s much more crucial than you may imagine to know this one step because it can save you a tonne of money when you bet online.

  • Indeed, this is a strategy that will assist you avoid losing your money when playing Dragon Tiger online rather than helping you win more money.
  • One of the greatest games to play online is Dragon Tiger, an online casino game that has the potential to become addictive. This can lead to you spending more money than you had planned to, which can be really troublesome.
  • Therefore, it’s crucial to set aside certain gaming time that you just use to play Dragon Tiger and other online casino games in order to save the money you brought with you. Even if you were winning every time, you have to quit playing for the day when this time runs out.


In Conclusion

This entire article focused on 15 expert methods for winning the Dragon Tiger game online. To improve your online betting abilities quickly, keep in mind that you are a beginner and that this is your learning phase. Practice with these 15 recommendations and have patience with yourself. To increase your online betting account, use online casino sites like W88, where you can receive bonus offers of up to ₹12,000 in total. With that, we bid you farewell and wish you luck as you begin your online gambling adventure!