How to Win Dragon Tiger Game: 15 tricks to Win ₹7,000 Daily!

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Playing online casino games like Dragon Tiger is easy since there are fewer betting options with simple gameplay. However, if you want to up your Dragon Tiger casino skills then it is important that you add some tricks to how you place your bets in Dragon Tiger game rooms. Speaking of game rooms, it is also important to select the best one from online betting sites like W88 since it would give you a headstart to winning more Dragon Tiger rounds online.


#1 Use the Minimum Betting Amount to Play More

As mentioned above, it is important to select an online betting site with amazing game rooms you can choose from to play Dragon Tiger online. However, one main aspect you should look for when picking a game room is the minimum betting rate they offer.

  • As a beginner, you are bound to make mistakes, which is completely fine since you are at the learning stage. However, this can be prevented easily if you take precautions beforehand.
  • One such precaution is that you use the least minimum betting rate available in the game room so that when you lose you do not lose much.
  • That being said, using the minimum betting limit won’t give you a wholesome payout since the RTP depends upon the betting stake and odds, but it is the best bet to use when you want to try different things out.

#2 Analyze the Odds of all the Betting Options in Dragon Tiger Game

The next tip on the list is to use something very important to place your bets in Dragon Tiger game rooms and it is to make complete use of the given betting options and their odds available at Dragon Tiger game rooms when learning how to play Dragon Tiger online.

  • Betting odds under the betting options determine which betting option has a higher chance of winning and also helps in calculating the RTP late.
  • Most online casinos for Dragon Tiger have similar betting odds however, there are some side betting options which offer different betting odds.
  • So, placing bets online by using the betting odds is important as you will receive payouts based on them. That being said, it is important to remember to go for the higher odds since it gives out more payouts.


#3 Learn the Art of Playing Fewer Rounds to Win More

Since Dragon Tiger is a game which is one of the most fun casino games to play, you will want to play more betting rounds. However, if you want to win Dragon Tiger and go back home with wholesome payouts then you must pay less!

  • Yes, you read that correctly because most of the time there are chances that you have made your highest earning in the first few initial rounds for the day.
  • However, there are also chances that the more you play the more you lose, not only the money you earned but also the money from your pockets.
  • Thus, it is important that you play fewer games by setting limits to how many rounds you will play per day and adhering to this discipline.


#4 Observe the Gameplay of the Dragon Tiger Game

One of the important Dragon Tiger tricks is to note that when playing the Dragon Tiger game, you should not immediately hop in to place your bets online but instead, you should wait and observe some betting rounds to analyze which betting option is winning more.

  • Dragon Tiger is a game with common betting options you can find in the casino world online which appeals to many players. So, placing bets immediately can result in ruining your game plan.
  • Instead, you must be patient and sit back and observe which of these betting options win more and which ones have low chances of winning.
  • Not only this but most game rooms offer statistics of previous betting rounds which you should take into consideration along with observing which main bet, as well as side bets, wins more rounds.

#5 Do Not Place Bets on a Fresh Deck of Cards Immediately 

When playing any online casino game, knowing when to place your bets is very important because this could determine whether you will win or lose. How is this possible you may wonder, but as the title suggests, it is important that you do not place bets in a fresh deck of cards immediately.

  • Just like you observe the Dragon Tiger game by skipping a few betting rounds, it is recommended that when a fresh deck of cards is removed, you must skip some betting rounds.
  • This is because with a fresh deck of cards, predicting which cards will be pulled out can be difficult.
  • This means that placing bets online would also become difficult since you need a higher-ranking card for your bet to win.

#6 Place Bets on the Last Few Remaining Cards

in continuation with the previous point, the question of when exactly should you place bets arises but don’t worry we have an answer for that as well. If you cannot place your bets on the first few betting rounds when a new deck is removed, then simply do so before it.

  • This means that it is best to place your bets online before a new deck is introduced and that is when there are a few cards remaining in the previous deck.
  • This is because predicting the last few cards becomes very easy as long as you are observant during the entire gameplay.
  • So, even when a fresh deck of cards is pulled out, you can wait till most of the cards have been used before placing bets on the betting options.


#7 Make Use of the Side Bets in the Dragon Tiger Game Room

Another one of Dragon Tiger tips for winning is by placing bets on the side betting options available. This is something you can do with or without placing bets on the main betting options Dragon or Tiger. This way you can have more chances of winning the bets you place online.

  • In Dragon Tiger, there are 4 side betting options you can choose from and they are Dragon Odd, Dragon Even, Tiger Odd and Tiger Even.
  • Dragon Odd and Dragon Even bets are made to predict that the card drawn on the Dragon side would be an Odd or Even number, respectively.
  • Tiger Odd and Tiger Even bets are made to predict that the card drawn on the Tiger side would be an Odd or Even number respectively.

#8 Learn How to Calculate Payouts using the Formula

It is mentioned above that the odds of the betting options matter the most and this is because they influence how much RTP or payouts you will be receiving if you win a betting round. Thus, it is important to learn how to calculate the payout yourself in order to make sure you are receiving the correct amount.

  • The two important factors of receiving high payouts are the amount of money you stake and the odds of the betting option you used to bet.
  • Thus, with the formula Betting Stake X Betting Odds = Total Payout, you can easily calculate how much payout you will be receiving.
  • It is important to keep this formula in mind when playing any online casino game as it will help you calculate your own payouts, place the correct bet to win more, and keep away from any fraudulent activities.

#9 Set Betting Limits to Help Maintain Your Bankroll

When playing at online casinos, sometimes people tend to sit at the table with more money than when they leave and this is something unpredictable and can happen to anyone. This is why it is important to set betting limits for yourself when playing online casino game rooms.

  • Fun games like Dragon Tiger can end up with you playing more betting rounds than you intended. Although this sounds fun it can get heavy on your wallet.
  • Besides, an extended amount of playing casino games can often lead to negative effects. This is why it is important to set betting limits for yourself to be disciplined with how much you play.
  • This betting limit can be set as weekly limits or daily limits where you remove some money aside specifically for casino games online.


#10 Use D’Alembert Strategy to Keep Playing with Your Bankroll

It is mentioned above that it is very important to maintain an online betting limit which will help you save money as well as win more. This is something that pro players do to maintain a balance between their everyday and gambling lives. However, to keep up with the fun of gambling, there are some ready-made bettings strategies which you can use to place your bets online.

  • One such Dragon Tiger betting strategy is the D’Alembert Strategy which helps beginners maintain a balance between how much they spend and how much they win.
  • Using this strategy, you must increase your betting stake by one unit when you experience a loss so that when you win you can get back the money you lost.
  • However, when you win, you must decrease your betting stake by one unit to go back to placing bets with the default betting stake.

#11 Read the Rules of the Game Room You Choose

Learning how to play by the rules when it comes to casino games is important, however, in online game rooms, it is important that you adhere to the terms and conditions for playing Dragon Tiger there. You must do this every time you enter a game room to play Dragon Tiger even if you are familiar with the rules.

  • Most online game rooms have the same rules for Dragon Tiger games, however, there are some game rooms that offer slightly different rules for the games to create a variation.
  • This is why one of the first things you should check when you enter an online casino game room for Dragon Tiger is the rules of the game.
  • You can access these rules under the setting options in the Dragon Tiger game room where you can even find information on the betting options, payouts, and more.

#12 Make Proper Use of the Live Dealer Video in the Game Room

There are many instances where people tend to claim online casino game rooms to commit many fraudulent acts against the players and this is something which prevents many people from experiencing the thrills of gambling online.

  • However, you can avoid this from happening to you by simply making use of one important equipment in your game room online and that is the live dealer cam or video.
  • To do this you should find an online casino site which offers you all the required equipment in their game rooms to do so. With the Live Dealer Video on, you can monitor them and watch the way they deal with the cards closely.
  • Not only this but great online casino like W88 Online Casino have game rooms that often offer these live dealer videos with multiple-angle views which you can switch to monitor your live dealer dealing the cards. Any signs of fraudulent activities can be monitored this way and you can immediately leave the game room.


#13 Talk to Pro Players in Online Dragon Tiger Forums

Speaking of game rooms, there is another useful equipment that most prominent game rooms offer its customers with is the live chat service in the game room. Using this many players can talk to their fellow players online.

  • However, the live chat service in the game room is more useful than you think because, with this, you can meet many pro players and be introduced to different Dragon Tiger online forums.
  • Using these, you can mingle and interact with pros to learn their gambling style and get first-hand experience on pro strategies for betting online.
  • You can indulge in Dragon Tiger game rooms online and make friends as well by playing this easy casino game online as you up your gambling skills gradually.

#14 Make Use of Promotional Deals on Your Betting Site

Another important pro tip which many high-rolling gamblers use to win extra money is not by playing Dragon Tiger online but by claiming the promotional deals offered by their online betting side. This is the best way to make extra money which you can claim after following some simple conditions.

  • As a beginner, it is important that you develop the habit of claiming promotional deals starting with the welcome bonus offer which you can claim upon making the minimum deposit in your online site’s casino wallet.
  • Using this bonus, you can roll over the money in your online game rooms playing Dragon Tiger games and completely withdraw the money you earned with ease.
  • One of India’s top sites, W88 Promotion offers its Indian new joiners with a Welcome Bonus offer of 150% up to ₹12,000 which they can claim upon the minimum deposit of ₹500 in their W88 online casino wallet.

#15 Know When to Stop Playing for the Day to Avoid Overspending

Lastly, and most importantly, it is important to know when you should stop playing online casino games like Dragon Tiger. Knowing this one step is much more important than you think as it can help you in many ways to save money on betting online.

  • Yes, this is a tip which does not necessarily help you win more money by playing Dragon Tiger but instead it is one which will help you prevent losing your money by playing Dragon Tiger online.
  • Dragon Tiger is an online casino game which is one of the best games to play online and this is why it can get addicting. Because of this, you can end up spending more money than you intended to which can be very problematic.
  • Thus, in order to save the money you came with, it is important to set some game time aside which you specifically use to play Dragon Tiger and other casino games online. Once this time is up, you must stop playing for the day even if you were winning continuously.


In Conclusion

This was all about How to Win Dragon Tiger Game online using 15 pro tips. However, it is important to remember that you are a beginner and so this is your  learning stage, so be patient with yourself and keep up with the practice with these 15 tips to hone your online betting skills in no time. Use online casino sites like W88 where you can get bonus offers of up to ₹12,000 to boost your online betting account. With this, we wish you good luck to kickstart your online gambling journey and bid adieu!

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