4 Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks + Bonus Tips to Win W88

You must be drawn to the Dragon Tiger game that you are looking for tips already, huh? No worries, W88 India would give Dragon Tiger winning tricks to help you!

How to Win Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger is a casino game where players need to predict the card with a higher value. There are just three results in the common Dragon Tiger game. And yes, the only objective here is to get the higher card. Once you foresee the card by the dealer, you win the game! Easy, right?

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To know more about the ways on how to win the Dragon Tiger game in W88 live casino, read this article because the W88 India team would love to share four Dragon Tiger winning tricks and tips with you all!

4 Dragon Tiger Game Tricks to Win the Game

Listed below are four Dragon Tiger game tricks of W88 that could help you in your game. Follow these tips and tricks and you would surely level up your Dragon Tiger gaming!

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#1 Dragon Tiger Tricks: Bet on Dragon or Tiger

Right! This first of the four Dragon Tiger tricks is common sense. This is a Dragon Tiger game anyway. But, for those who forgot, there are actually three results in the game—not just Dragon card and Tiger value. There is also a Tie. And based on calculations, betting on Tie is the worst.

4 Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks That Gamers Must Remember

Tie bets have the lowest house edge calculations. This is why sticking to either Dragon or Tiger would be the best option rather than the other. Wagering on Dragon and/or Tiger has a 3% house edge, so better payouts are obvious when choosing these two bets.

Take this dragon tiger tricks in your mind because this is just one of the best tips you must ever apply to win Dragon Tiger!

#2 Dragon Tiger Tricks: Trust Your Guts

Trusting your guts is yes, one of the best dragon tiger game winning tricks that you must develop! For real? Yes, for truth! Because most research says that Dragon Tiger is more on luck, instincts, and chances, rather than making betting systems.

4 Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks That Gamers Must Remember

Betting systems do not usually work on W88 Dragon Tiger—that is one of the hidden dragon tiger game tricks you must know. Just use some strategies maybe, but betting systems? 

The game is so simple, so you do not need any betting system just to produce gains and profit and that is a fact. Just play and believe in your instincts and strategies!

#3 Dragon Tiger Tricks: Use Suit-Based Strategy

While W88 India said that betting systems do not work on how to win Dragon Tiger game, it is suggested that gamers must use a suit-based strategy to make every Dragon Tiger game exciting. Thus, to win higher pays!

Yes, Dragon Tiger is a game of luck. But another Dragon Tiger game tricks W88 includes tracking suits with the most dealings history. Meaning, you also have to observe how the game usually works and calculate suits care in play. Plus, even the decks used.

4 Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks That Gamers Must Remember

If you see the cards drawn since the start of the game and you take note of the remaining ones in the deck, you could predict the cards better. What a dragon tiger tricks, right! Having estimations and observations combined, you must probably checkout bigger jackpots then!

#4 Dragon Tiger Tricks: Play at W88!

Last but never least: the best Dragon Tiger game winning tricks you should do is to play at W88! You would not just get great cash, but also see beautiful dealers officiating the game! Playing at W88 makes you play like the actual casino, but done online. How sick is that, right?

4 Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks That Gamers Must Remember

To access Dragon Tiger, just go to the W88 Live Casino tab and choose Dragon Tiger on that page! From then, you would be redirected to the game and start betting. Thus, begin winning! Yay!

Dragon Tiger Tricks Bonus: W88 Promotions for Dragon Tiger

Apply these dragon tiger game winning tricks if you want to win in Dragon Tiger. But you do you how to win dragon tiger game even more? By claiming W88 promotions!

4 W88 Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks + Bonus Tips To Win

W88 promotions offer a ₹ 5,000 Welcome Bonus for Live Casino if you placed your first deposit with at least ₹ 1,000! Yes, just follow that and you have five thousand Indian rupees!

Imagine how many games you can play with those? And how much you can make just by claiming this reward? Amazing, right!

Claiming promotions like this is one of the greatest ways on how to win dragon tiger game. So if you are new to W88, go and W88 register now! Then, claim this freely after. Woohoo!

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4 W88 Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks + Bonus Tips To Win

Easy-to-Try Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks

How to win Dragon Tiger game? It is that easy! Follow these Dragon Tiger game tricks that W88 India gave you and you would surely win loads and loads of money! You can even get promos and bonuses if you play at W88, too. Woohoo!

What are you waiting for? W88 gambling and work the Dragon Tiger game tricks you learned now!

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