3 blackjack gambling strategy – Works for 93% winning odds

W88 India shares three of the best blackjack betting strategies for your gaming! Read this to know blackjack gambling strategy that works for 93% effectiveness!

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Top 3 blackjack strategies to win – Best blackjack betting strategies

If you are curious to learn a blackjack gambling strategy, this article is perfect for you! Proven and tested to beat at least 93% winning odds, these blackjack betting strategies below would for sure level up your gaming! Without further ado, scroll through the blackjack strategies to win better now!

1. 2-1-2 Betting System – Unpredictably great blackjack strategy betting

The Martingale System and Card-Counting technique are two of the most basic blackjack betting strategies—the reason why sometimes, casinos already predict that players use these strategies.

Good thing though! Professionals and experts alike developed another blackjack gambling strategy in case the basic ones won’t work. This is part of the best tips and tricks prepared for you by W88 India!

3 blackjack gambling strategy - Works for 93% winning odds

2-1-2 Betting System is the most favorable blackjack strategy betting right now because it is new. Not everyone knows about this yet, so your moves would not be predicted by the dealer or the casino.

This is an amazing blackjack gambling strategy to play the minds of your opponents. So if you wanna know how 2-1-2 Betting System, scroll a bit more!

Perfect for those who are in hot streaks, this is a blackjack gambling strategy you must apply! How? Instead of increasing your bet after a win like the usual blackjack betting strategies, you reduce your bet first! After reducing the bet, and yet you are still winning, should that be the time to increase a bet.

The blackjack strategy betting called 2-1-2 Betting System, also called the or Manhattan strategy, is simple and easy to use.

The clue here is to bet two units, then reduce into one, then jump to three units. You gotta use three to equalize the bet you reduced. Doing that is one of the most effective blackjack strategies to win!

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2. The D’Alembert Betting Strategy – Amazing blackjack gambling strategy

3 blackjack gambling strategy - Works for 93% winning odds

Another blackjack gambling strategy you must know is the The D’Alembert Betting Strategy. This amazing blackjack strategy betting is simple. For sure, players and gamers alike would add this as one of the best blackjack betting strategies in their list!

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Compared to the first blackjack strategy betting above, here in The D’Alembert, it strategizes you to to raise your wagers in one unit after losing.

Then, once you win a game, you would lower your wager then. Based on law of equilibrium, this blackjack gambling strategy balances the failures and successes of the game.

Though The D’Alembert Betting Strategy is much familiar to roulette and baccarat because of its progressive and pyramid betting, this is a blackjack gambling strategy too!

Like the first blackjack strategy betting, not everyone knows this amazing blackjack gambling strategy, so you could play better than others if you use this technique.

3. Reading charts & advice from pros – Legit blackjack betting strategies

3 blackjack gambling strategy - Works for 93% winning odds

Aside from these two awesome blackjack betting strategies, looking at Blackjack charts are also blackjack strategies to win! There are lots of analyses by pros and experts about blackjack gaming, so you can use those pieces of advice as your blackjack strategies to win!

One blackjack strategy betting in the chart includes standing on hard 16 against a dealer’s 10 upcard, especially if your multi-card is 16 of value.

Yes, having a hard 16 competing to the 10 upcard of the dealer, this blackjack gambling strategy states to hit the card. Accuracy of this is helpful as analyzed for years, so take note of this.

Much specific compared to the blackjack betting strategies above, you can also take note about these hits and stands. Proven to work at least 93% winning odds, you could think of using such blackjack strategies to win by using the blackjack strategic charts online!

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Great blackjack betting strategies to apply at W88 Blackjack

These blackjack betting strategies are known to have 93% winning odds, so make sure to apply a blackjack gambling strategy or two—or for best, apply all blackjack strategies to win better! You can also view some exciting W88 promotions & rewards for your Blackjack gaming if you click that See More link above. Yahoo!

What are you waiting for? W88 apply and start your amazing gaming journey with W88 now!

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